Crazy HIIT CARDIO + ABS Workout // No Equipment

Crazy HIIT CARDIO + ABS Workout // No Equipment

what’s up guys welcome to today’s hiit
cardio and ab workouts this one is gonna be crazy guys we have four different
circuits this is how it’s going to be broken down
we have circuit number one we’re gonna be doing a cardio burst circuit number
two we’re going to target those ABS. Circuit number three we’re going
right back to cardio and then we’re gonna finish off circuit number four
with more ABS okay so two cardio circuits and two ab circuits each
circuit contains six different moves and we’re going to be getting through the
whole circuit two times before moving on to the next don’t worry all you have to
do is follow along you don’t need any equipment for this one so you can do it
from anywhere it’s a totally body weighted hiit workout
okay so clear some space and get ready we are starting right now well you did it guys you survived a
crazy hiit cardio and ab workout well done make
sure you take some time to cool down and drink lots of water I’m sure it got
pretty sweaty during that one today comment below let me know how it went
for you let me know what kind of workout you want to see next and if you haven’t
already guys don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss any
of my free weekly workouts alright guys go rest up enjoy the rest
of your day and I will see you at the next workout

100 comments on “Crazy HIIT CARDIO + ABS Workout // No Equipment

  1. 안효영 Post author

    Thanka a lot for your workout !! Fantastic workout i don't need any other workout♡♡

  2. Nicole Polano Post author

    Would love to see this workout again but maybe a booty or arm section I love this type of cardio and target!

  3. Colette Moran Post author

    Literally I have never done any workouts that guarantee extreme sweatiness every time as yours do!!! I love your workouts and basically do them as soon as you post them!!! Keep up the awesome work!

    Also a workout with a step +weights would be a cool combo:)

  4. Nicole Grange Post author

    Thank you Heather for your awesome videos I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist in a month since I started your workouts!

  5. The Nth Life Post author

    Another great HIIT workout! I love them all but these are definitely my favorite. They're perfect and help me stay in shape while traveling! Thank you and keep it up! 🙂

  6. Sassy cat Post author

    I love your exercises and thank you. Burpess and high knees are the
    😈. Love the cheerleader, took me back to high school😁

  7. Aga G Post author

    Thank you, Heather, I was looking for some cardio and ABS on your channel this morning and BAM! You have added that mix! 🙂 This was very very good, I can't remember when I was so tired and happy at the end 🙂 More than 400kc burned. Thanks again, Heather!

  8. madison felipe Post author

    HO. LY. COW!!!! That was killer! I swear I thought you were trying to kill us with those star jumps lol! Love your videos. The workouts/reps/moves/and editing is all perfect!!! Thank you for doing these and I’m always saving vids when new ones come out!

  9. Asherlynn252 Post author

    I love that you called what is normally referred to as "Superman", SUPERWOMAN #girlpower

  10. Emilye Lin Post author

    So convenient that you divide your workouts into circuits; this way i can do half one day and finish it another day, and still get in a great workout 🙂

  11. Alison milligan Post author

    FABULOUS ! 👏
    Such a fan of your workouts … wasn’t initially sure I would like this one , but now hot & sweaty & satisfied I completed it … I WILL be doing it again 👍 Thank You
    … now for yoga stretch 😀

  12. Alexys Becerra Post author

    Smashed it again, Heather! I love the cardio/ab combo. Be great to see more combo's like this with legs/bums, arms + cardio. Thanks again! x

  13. Brandy Phillips Post author

    Great workout – I love HIIT and abs combined, I literally left puddles on my workout mat LOL thank you! 🙂

  14. Alina Boyar Post author

    the workout is absolutely fantastic. sweat is dripping though managed to do all the exercises without pauses (it's rare). futhermore I get not only physical satisfaction from your workouts but also aesthetic! love you for that💋

  15. Michelle MacDonald Post author

    For someone who is not crazy about cardio you have made this workout attainable! My 49 year young heart thanks you!

  16. Anna Aleskandar Post author

    Wow! Great! it is just what I wanted))) I take it with me in my trip to stay slim)))

  17. Gisselle Coyt Post author

    Hi I really like this video the only thing is that it does not include warm up or cool down

  18. Abbi M Post author

    I am so thankful my friend recommended this channel to me! Your workouts kick butt and make me feel so good after. Thank you for making these! You're helping a lot of people

  19. Nakidim75 Post author

    My wife (well… she was already) and I are fit again. Thanks 🙏🏾 to you dear Heather.

  20. Asante Chiko Post author

    Plz add a short warmup .it's motivating because mostly trainers fill the need to motivate in that warmup period….. besides doing the same warmup everyday gets, old

  21. Erin Gum Post author

    Request- kettle Bell workout. I am new so you may have one I haven't seen. Although I have a gym membership…I love to do your workouts more!

  22. Marta Dybal Post author

    This is one of the best ! After pregnancy my belly still need a lot of work. I excersize with you since March and the results are amaZing ! I feel a lot better , my husband saw me being really into it and started excersizing too ! He’s dropped two sizes! It’s a shame i can’t post a before and after picture , because the results are visible ! Thank you for doing such a great job , as a new mom i would never have a chance or energy to go to the gym, thanks to you i can feel like im alive again 😘😘😘❤️

  23. Giorgia Corazza Post author

    Can you explain me why you're still beautiful from 00:00 to 40:05 while I become like a red tomato after 15 minutes? Fortunately I workout at home and no one can see me 😀
    Thank you for this!

  24. TLSt0ner Post author

    This ⬆️ is the HR type of workout I love! Full length and worth the time! I really liked that abs were built in and not at the end. 🅰️➕!! And yes, a sweaty mess at the end.

  25. Alejandra Proano Post author

    Hi Heather!!! thank you so much for your videos… Love your no equipment workouts, even though could you might try a HIIT with jump rope… and other video of streching… like 30 min for example… 🙂

  26. Victoria A Harte Post author

    This is a fantastic work out, I have just discovered your channel and I love lots of your other workouts too. The no equipment work outs are great for flexibility and the all important cardio!

  27. Ann Cole Post author

    I fiercely HATE floor abs exercises. I just can't enjoy them no matter what. But I managed to get through the first ab circuit and half of the second ab circuit. Thanks for another great workout, Heather. I'm also putting in a request for standing abs workout 🙂

  28. Shooting Star Post author

    I did this workout today and I was dripping with sweat top to bottom. It was tough but so good. I kept thinking what is this girl lol. I tried my best to keep up. Thank you so much for the upload and look forward to doing more workouts with you.

  29. Nancy Hoy Post author

    Hola Heather🙋‍♀️🌸.. Rutina matadora😱pero buenísima🤗.. Será mi cardio de maňana! Gracias🙌🏻

  30. Krystle Hall Post author

    Love this one!!! Good combo. I'm spent, abs are cactus. Job done. Thaaankyou from Australia 🇦🇺👍

  31. Kathy Butler Post author

    This was awesome! I love your workouts! We just got back from Hawaii and my daughter and I would do your workouts on days we weren't hiking. We did them at the gym or in our room. Amazing and so portable! And….a butt kicking! Thank you!

  32. Claribel Corona Post author

    I know I’ve said before but you have the best music (makes a huge difference for my workouts)🙌🙌thanks for another amazing 🏋️‍♀️ workout!

  33. Bree Rose Post author

    Many MANY thanks for this effective and challenging longer length workout, Heather! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  34. me00valentina Post author

    I love love love your workouts, especially the longer ones! Thank you soooo much! ❤🙂

  35. Maria Angelone Post author

    Another fantastic workout. It has just the right amount of difficulty, repetition, and variation, leaving me feeling tired but strong. Thank you for your creativity and awesomeness, Heather.

  36. Magdalena Borys Post author

    Love it, so long and so many variations, different from anywhere else. Challenging also. Thank U so much, great job, again 👌💪💋

  37. sithembile ximba Post author

    I really enjoy your workouts!!! The only thing is that after the break, when it counts down to 3,2,1….. it doesn’t say the next workout till I have to start and I lose a few seconds trying to figure it out.

  38. Donna Attanasio Post author

    Loved it! Where do you get your music ? I loved it very motivating ! Thxs 💪🏼

  39. Gladys O'Dowd Post author

    Looks easy, but is a killer!!, my fit bit said I burn 449 calories, thanks for this exercise, I love it!

  40. Nikki J _23 Post author

    Great HIIT workout love how the abs were added. Would love a killer back/leg workout! Thanks for sharing.

  41. Ornella Post author

    Another amazing workout Heather!! I really enjoyed the Cardio Abs Combination. Keep up the good work.

  42. samantha wagman Post author

    Love your workouts and I always add in weights where I can to get a bigger cal burn and more toning! Love your workouts, never stop Love your content so much!

  43. Liliana Rodriguez Post author

    Muy buenos ejercicios gracias los practicare mas hoy no pude hacerlos todos pero muy buena la clase gracias saludos

  44. Kazeem Badrudeen Post author

    This workout was absolute madness in a good way. There were times when I was worried if I will see the end, but I did. Thanks for such amazing workout.

  45. Fernanda C. Post author

    This just become one of my favorites workout ever, you know the feeling when you find a killer workout and you are exciting and not scary to do it? THIS IS ONE OF THAT KILLER FANTASTIC WORKOUT, love it !

  46. Pete Buck Post author

    Evil woman! Absolutely brutal. That was 484 calories burnt of hell I thought it would never end. Excellent in a weird way

  47. Caroline Myers Post author

    WOW!!! After 2 weeks of no workouts 🙄 I was back at it today….choose this one…amazing…this will be my go to workout…incorporated so many of my favorite moves….frog crunch, prayer crunch, the hip twists…list goes on and on. Thank you Heather for your fantastic workouts….keep them coming💪💪

  48. Gemma Díaz Cosgaya Post author

    WoW! I thought I couldn't… but I did it!! Awesome workout, tons of thanks for sharing 😀

  49. jeanette palmer Post author

    Beast, Heather! You rock! This workout was Insane, felt great when I was done but I was thinking when will it be over!!

  50. minyoong미뇽 Post author

    Ok this one is one of my fav workouts out of yours many many, and every single time I do this, it just kills me. Adore you heather, and thanks a lot always ❤

  51. Judith Ann Aliermo Post author

    Hi, I love your workout but can you please make another one but with only one circuit 😘😘😘


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