Couples Yoga Challenge

Couples Yoga Challenge

– Hi, everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley,
and today I am here with, who are you? (laughs) – I’m Jared. I’m a personal trainer at
Equinox West Hollywood. – Cool. (laughs) Jared works at Equinox where
I work out and trains me. I’m your dream client, aren’t I? – Such a dream. – So every week, we work out
at the West Hollywood location at Equinox, but we are
here at Equinox Hollywood because I wanted to film a little special something with Jared. Thank you, Equinox, for
sponsoring this video, I love you. So, Jared, what kind of
workouts do we usually do? – Well.
(Tyler laughs) We like to break up the workouts, Chest day, back day, leg day. – I hate leg day. It’s not because I don’t think I need it. It’s just, like, what’s the point? One workout that we have
never done together is yoga. Do you yoga? – I dabble. – Oh, she dabbles. I’ve never really tried it. So, for today’s video, I found a bunch of different poses that
people do as partners. So, I need, not just my
own strength, I need you to really bring something
to the table today. – I’ll give it my best. – Okay! Jared, I don’t think we look the part quite yet for our little workout video. Are you ready for a new look? – Ready. – Oh! Look at us! – Feelin’ myself. – Oh, is she? She’s giving me 80s workout instructor– – (snaps finger) Realness. (Tyler chuckles) – If you’re watching at home, do not try any of this without your parent or guardian’s permission
’cause we’re grown adults and we can injure ourselves
because it’s our own choice. Okay, this seems easy. This feels introductory. – Yes, I think we can tackle this one. – But who is who? – I mean, you are on the bottom. – Bitch. (Tyler and Jared laugh)
I’m nervous. – Put your legs up first. Oh (laughs) God bless. – (laughs) Am I strong enough? How much do you weigh? – This is why we’re doing it, Tyler. – Oh, she’s got abs. Okay, let’s go. – Three, two, one. – You know what, we did it. – Should we switch? – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. These hooves.
(Jared laughs) Okay, okay, okay, ready? – Three–
– Hey, baby. (Tyler and Jared laughing) – Oh! That was good! (ding)
That was good. We nailed it. – Okay!
– Okay. – This is intimate. – And three–
– I didn’t know I was taller than you. – Girl, you have taller hair.
– I didn’t. I think you wear.
– Let’s not go there. So, take a deep breath.
– This is easy. – Inhale.
– I’ll see you later. Cool. (laughs) Nailed it! (Tyler and Jared groan) (Tyler laughs) – Can you scissor your legs? – Oh, baby doll, these gams? Okay, yeah, I think I can. Oh, oh my god, this is
already a stretch for me. Okay, she’s going, okay. – Go, go, go Scissor those legs. – I think I’m good, I
think I did it. (laughs) – Were you good? – I was good. – I think I was good, too. Oh, this is easy.
– Okay. – Watch us not be able to do this. – Lean back. Lean, sit, lean. (Tyler laughs)
(ding) – I think we nailed it.
– Okay. (Tyler gasps)
Okay. – This is glamorous. It’s beautiful. – Praying Mantis.
– If we can pull this off– – Baby. (Tyler laughs) – This is easy, actually. – Your arms are coming underneath. Three, two. (Tyler laughs) – Babe, we were so good. (laughs) – Oh, that seems, okay. (Tyler laughs) – You know what, if we were able to do the beautiful praying
mantis, the world is our oyster. – Deep inhale and fold. (Tyler laughs) Let’s walk our hands in.
– Oh my god. It’s like this is your job. Oh, wait. Oh, god.
– Raise your left. – Oh my left, okay. – And we’re going to make them touch. – We are? (laughs) It says the ground was slippery. – You know I couldn’t see
it, but I think we were just about, like an inch or two away. – And an inch, who can ever feel that? Oh, I like this one. I feel like it’s kind of giving
me Jack and Rose Titanic, she’s king of the world
or whatever the hell– – Queen of the world
– Yes. How do I mount you backwards, like? Oh my god, babe, this is
not safe, I don’t think. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I’m nervous.
– Just be ready to dismount, quickly.
– (laughs) What do you mean? – Your ass is in my face so we need to (Tyler and Jared laugh)
hurry this up. – Three, two, one. (buzzer) – Okay, okay, I’m so nervous. My heart is kind of racing. Hi!
– Hey, girl! – (chuckles) Three, two, one. (buzzer) – Three, two, one. (buzzer) – (laughs) Where was I going? (laughs) – Three, two, one. (buzzer) – I think I’m going to
like crush your knees. – I think honestly, it’s the legwarmers. – Well, that must be– – It’s the tights.
– why we can’t do it. We were–
– Slippery surface. – Fucked from the start. What? (laughs) What? Oh my god, this is not even doable. (laughs)
(buzzer) I feel like this is the end. (Jared laughs)
Three. – One. (Tyler gasps) – (laughs) Not even close. Hi, though. Wait, wait, oh my god. – What is this?
– Maybe from here. I don’t, this is–
– A lot. (Tyler laughs)
This is something. – And then, it’s kind of like that? (buzzer)
(Tyler laughs) Wait, I think that was– – We were at dinner first. (Tyler gasps) – (laughs) This is called
the Trust fall, I feel, – Yes.
– You know. And I’m going to just kind
of lay back. (chuckles) Good luck! (buzzer) (laughs) I trusted you. Here’s my tip, just be
a little bit stronger. – Got it!
– Got it (laughs) What, this? No! (laughs) What are you doing? (buzzer) – One. (Tyler shrieks) (Tyler laughs)
(buzzer) – Wait, I think we kind of were you, if we took a screenshot, a
still, there was a moment, Did you hurt yourself? I think we got it. (Tyler and Jared laugh) That’s cute.
– Yeah. – It’s like an intimate moment. – It’s a couple’s thing. – Yeah, it’s us. This is the first time I’m on the ground. Usually, I’m like flung in the air. (ding)
Oh, this is kind of nice. (laughs) ‘Sup, bro. (laughs) Oh! (Tyler and Jared laugh) This is doable. – Yes, no
– It’s like a little. – (mumbles) One for sure. – We call this, the peekabo. – We call this Friday night in Reno. Forward fold, reach through.
– Hello! – And pull.
– What? – Pull! – Pull what? – Like, you pull me, I pull you. – Is this it? (ding)
And we got it. Good job! Okay, their bodies are normal. We can do that. Hey! Okay, what are we doing? – Now, keeping going.
– Oh my god, Jared. Okay, okay, you’re good, right? – Put your hands on the
floor if you need to. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! Oh my god! Are we doing this? (Tyler and Jared laugh) – Oh, this is easy, we can do this. – It’s a square. – Yes. – Got it? – More of an “L.”
– Press out, press out. – Hello!
– Hi. – I need help.
– Hey there. – Hi. (laughs)
(ding) (Tyler and Jared groan) – Oh, shit! – The ol’ reach to the death trap– – Criss cross.
– Yes! The death trap criss cross.
– Let’s do it! – What is this about? Oh, that’s for my back. (Jared laughs) I’m going to throw my damn
back out, y’all. (laughs) I was so scared.
(buzzer) I got a glimpse of your face and you looked like you were going to die. – Ready, three, two. (Tyler shrieks) – I think we got it.
(ding) That’s close enough.
(Jared laughs) That’s close enough, did
you hear my back crack? Okay, are you ready for the final one? – Let’s do it.
– I think we should do the most challenging one possible. Let’s try. Oh, she’s got a seat. Can I be the sitter?
– Of course. – I want to sit on it.
– Your natural environment. – Thank you. Oh baby, we’re going to die. I have to sit on you. Okay, oh my god. It’s not bad, is it? Okay, okay, okay, now Okay, you’re good? – Hand on your knees, hands on your knees! Ah, bitch! – Bitch! This is nice. Are you feeling comfortable? – Yes, this is amazing. – I’m just your average girl. (Tyler and Jared laugh) (Tyler hums) – (laughs) Oh, shit. – Okay, you’re good? I could really just kill you right now. Well, Jared, that was fun. How do you think we did? – Amazing. – I think we have a
new career ahead of us. – A couple of Yogis. – Yogis. – Yes ma’am.
– Yogi bears. – I don’t see any bears around here. – In all seriousness though,
I have so much love, working out at Equinox and I would
say, working out with you. It’s like giggles and
gossip every single time, but I’m also able to, like,
actually witness myself feeling better about who
I am and feeling more like I’m reaching my goals and
I feel like my mental health after I work out is just
like, I feel active and good. That’s all good things. I just love that it’s now
such a part of my routine and I feel like I approach
each day feeling better and I can say that you’re a
big part of that so thank you. – Thank you for being an amazing client. – Oh my god. You can tell them the truth. Am I like the worse? – She is what we like
to call, a chatty Cathy. – Not, me. – But, it makes our
sessions very enjoyable. It makes the time go by and
we get a lot of work done, so. – And tea is spilt. – Oh, all the tea is spilt, honey. – Honey.
(Jared laughs) Okay so, if you like this
video, what can they do? – Give this video a thumbs up. (Tyler and Jared laugh) – And what else can they do? – Subscribe. – Oh my god, that rolled
right off your tongue. And if you want to really
harass Jared, you can go to his instagram and follow him. – It’s at J– – Oh. (laughs) – I’m going to put Jared’s instagram in the description below. I would like all of you to
go comment something thirsty on one of his pictures and make all of his other trainer friends
jealous that you all love him. – Thank you. – If you want to learn more about Equinox, you can check the description below. Thanks, Jared, for being here. – Thank you. – Bye, everyone.

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  1. Audrée Gareau-Léonard Post author

    Half of the poses you did were actually acroyoga. The person who is in the air is called the «flyer» and the one on the ground is the «base» 🙂 …and usually we have a «spotter» to prevent fall, but I'm glad you did not hurt yourself !

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    What is the background music at 9:56 I tried Shazam but it didn't quite catch it. Jared though 😍😍

  3. Lana Klein Post author

    You can't mention your mysterious boyfriend repeatedly in the last video and then have the next COUPLES video be with your hot trainer, Tyler!!! ….unless there is something you're not telling us…

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    I was concerned about Tyler's legs at first until I realized they were leggings XD Whoops…I thought it was a really bad spray tan at first hahaha My bad.

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    Welp, now I get how/why Tyler is actually a jock now. Someone started going to the gym more for the cute instructor 😏

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