she’s looking at the hairs in her nose!
well you should look at my hairs in my nose! -Let me see let me see! they are picking out! They are picking out! you are so dumb! okay guys welcome back to our channel today. -It’s way too bright -Toll..
-After I was editing the last video for three days straight.. -I helped you dude. -She helped me but I didn’t move at all for three days so I really wanted to move
this week so we are going to do the yoga challeng…- We are going to do something that you guys have been requesting for a while and is the Couples Yoga Challenge y’all so I’ve never done yoga before. -I have
-Because we decided to take it to the next level we’re not gonna do this at the
house but we’re gonna do this on a lake on a paddle board. – I’ve never been on a
paddle board before, -me neither -so I think i’m gonna fail but it’s gonna be fun. -Yeah it’s gonna be fun we hope you have fun too so let’s go vamonos! luckily we realized in time that we
can’t record this without someone else helping us. -Na toll. -You know we cannot
just put the tripod in the middle of the lake but I know the perfect person that
can help us today and we’re gonna go pick her up – Good morning sunshine, how are you? I’m outside of your house okay -it totally feels like carpool karaoke, hey! Guys this is Yuri Monroy, she is also mexican and she has super cool videos on YouTube so go subscribe
to her! yeah check out her channel the link is in the description down below
alright you have NAVI, GPS? okay let’s go we’re abour to rent a paddle board and
electric boat the girls are super slow there’s somewhere in the back I guess I have to do everything today. With the boat we drove near the place where we were going to rent the paddle board. the plan is, Janik has to swim there to get the paddleboard
and he’s gonna bring the money inside of that bottle he put the money inside of
that bottle and now it’s stuck it’s totally not gonna work! What!? so easy! -How did you do that? Are you kidding me? that’s magic he has the money here I hope I’m not gonna lose it Its gonna take 3 years dude.. there he goes. She’s dying! haha And I told Janik “no, don’t give me your hat…” do you think you will do better or Janik
will do better? I think I will do better oh really? yeah. Guys Yuri is so good at
Instagram! check your Instagram is very cool
there he comes my lanchero, look at him work those muscles babe, is it
difficult?- How do I look? -very good By the way this is the first time on a paddle board. -He thinks he’s so cool! I look pretty good I would say.. Ok here is some change Did it work? -It was hard to pedal with this thing okay now should we go to the middle? yeah. -You look like a like a sugar mommy guys so we’re going to
the middle of the lake and I had to stop because Janik is very far, probably too
tired already look at him go! we’re gonna do a race, we’re gonna race because Janik thinks he is better than me -I’m so much faster! look at me relaxing while Janik is going
crazy so that’s the first time that Joss… oh my
god and of course she has to make poses again for fotos. How does it feel? -Bad. -Really? -It’s scary dude we’re gonna start now we have eight poses that we’re gonna do and we’re
gonna start with easy ones and then is gonna get harder and harder. -That’s what she said… The rule is we have to stay in the position for 3 seconds Then is a success, what’s the first pose?. Wait how did it look? No, come closer, they are super close! Your legs are huge dude.. Yeah and now your hands. How do you want to reach the hands? because your legs are too long! Hands first Ok hands first yeah. I thinks this pose is too difficult. -No…we can do it but stop throwing me okay with one more try Oh My god is not gonna work. -I’m not strong enough dude.. oh my god I’m gonna drown wait let me go back. No because I come… always closer to you, it’s good it’s good
it’s good Auch you are stepping on my hand! we can do it! I cannot even do it by myself! That was good! kind of… eh guys…. the boat.. we did it! It was 3 seconds! that’s an easy one! I thought that was easy! Wait she has a cool angle? I need to see you from the side guys… oh
wait just hold on a second I’m scared I will hit you! Ahh no! I’m gonna hit you! wait okay they do it, I proved it I proved
it! you can you relax! so guys are going too close to the shore
that’s why we are moving away That’s not gonna work out Put your legs on my shoulders yeah!! Just kiss me already! Yeah! you did it! so guys our time with the paddle board
and the boat is over so I’m gonna bring it back and then we’re gonna see you at
the shore, Yuri is gone guys, sadly. -Don’t forget to check her
channel out we didn’t do that bad I think I had so much fun! I want to do
part 2, already. I really hope you guys love it because I I just wanna have an
excuse to do it again yeah it was a lot of fun I think we failed half of the
time because you kept freaking pushing me to the water! -better falling into the
water then on top of the paddle board or on top of me okay okay so thank you
so much for watching guys if you like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe
to our channel if you’re not already let us know if you want part 2 of this
challenge or what other fun challenge you have for us! See you next week guys! Tschuus Adios muchachos! guys we want to dedicate
our videos to you guys so this video is dedicated to Tania M. she’s one of
our first subscribers and she has been supporting us from the beginning and
every time we see a comment from her we get super happy so this goes out to you
Tania we hope you’re watching this and send us messages write comments and then maybe one day we’re gonna dedicate a video to you


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