Core Power Wake Up | Yoga With Adriene

Core Power Wake Up  |  Yoga With Adriene

– ‘Sup party people? And welcome to
Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene, this is Benji and today we have a
mindful core power wake-up. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get to it. (upbeat music) Alright my friends,
let’s begin on all fours today. Take your time
getting there of course. And we’re gonna sync up with
the breath today right away. Stretching through the front
body and the back body so as you’re ready find
your beautiful foundation, press away from it. Find integrity throughout not
just that which is touching the earth but
through the whole body. So length through the spine,
tug the shoulders away, and here we go. Tug the shoulders
away from the ears. Don’t tug your
shoulders away. (laughs) And here we go,
drop the belly nice and slow. Take a big sip of air in. And then exhale,
round through the spine. Empty it out.
Nice long exhalation. Welcome guys.
Inhale, drop your belly. Let’s make the most of this
time here on the mat together. Exhale, round through. One more time really
relish deep in the breath here. Feel that stretch, press away
from your yoga mat and then exhale, chin to chest,
naval to spine. Stretch it out.
Awesome. Inhale, come back
to Tabletop Position. If you’re starting to feel
pressure in your wrists here, claw through the fingertips. Connect to your core,
your center. That which
we’re targeting today. Alright, curl the left toes
under, send it back. Lift front body
up to meet back body. So if the belly’s
drawing down here, see if you can draw the
naval up towards the spine. You kind of defy gravity here and start to find
that core power. Here we go, you’re gonna
slowly draw a line with the left toes all the way out. Feel that connection in
the left side, left abdominals. Turn the left toes in,
now check it out, press away from your yoga mat. Should feel nice big stretch
here and again resist the tendency to collapse here. So you’re really starting to
connect to your core already. Then from here draw big circle,
press into both palms evenly. Left toes are gonna draw a
big circle all the way around. You’re gonna bend and then we’re
gonna squeeze in towards the back of the right knee here. Pressing into both palms evenly. Feel nice stretch
through the glute. Keep pressing into the top of
the right foot for stability. Now just back the way you came. Here you go,
left toes come around. Semicircle I should say,
not full circle. All the way around. Press away from your yoga mat. Nice, slow, steady movement. Exhale, all the
way back around and in. Naval draws in and up. Stay connected to your core
as you continue this movement. Once you feel like you have it,
you can take your eyes off the video and bring
your gaze straight down. So you can play with
nice long beautiful neck. Press into the palms. And beautiful, right. Bring the left knee
all the way back underneath the left hip point. We’re gonna take a break off the
wrists a second here by curling the toes under,
sending the hips back. You’re gonna bring
the fingertips forward, elbows come to the ground
and then just take a little namaste shark fin here,
bring in the palms with the fingertips together. You might get a little
stretch in the triceps here, breathe into your belly,
close your eyes, come into your
private little of the cave. Who said that core
strengthening had to be (laughs) a bummer, had to be a pain,
had to be a struggle? Let’s make it a
beautiful practice. Inhale in. And exhale coming back
to your Tabletop Position. Great, find that connection to your core. And then when you’re ready,
right toes are gonna come all the way out,
find that stretch, lengthen. Then here we go,
right toes drawing a big semicircle all the
way out to the right. Stay connected to
the abdominal wall here. So, just take a second to gain that awareness. A bit of sensibility in
the right side body and the abdominals. We’re not collapsing
but finding that connect. And in time this
becomes easier to do. Kind of second nature on the mat
so be patient, breathe deep. Here we go, inhale. Exhale, draw a line nice
and slow with the right toes. We’re gonna bring
it all the way around. Bend the knee and bring it right behind the back
of the left knee. Squeeze, feel that stretch. Press into both palms evenly. I’m feeling the lower belly
and the upper abdominals engage. Draw in towards the
center of my core and then I’m gonna
go back the way I came. Nice and easy here.
Keep it going. Press in to both palms evenly. Again, upper abdominals and
lower belly drawing in towards the center of the body. Notice if you have any clinching or tension
going on in the face, of the jaw. See if you can soften. Awesome, slowly
waking up the abdominal wall. Great for the booty too. Here we go, coming
all the way back now, right knee underneath
the right hip point. We’re gonna take it off the
wrist this time by curling the toes under, sending back and
bringing the head and the heart and the pelvis all in alignment. Just take a moment
here to breathe deep, send love to the soles of feet. If you want we can bring
the palms together in prayer or take some wrist circles. Breathing deep here.
Send breathe to your belly. Alright my darlings, here we go. Palms are gonna
come to the ground. We’re gonna go
right into our Plank Pose. Nice and easy. Strong and steady. When you get there
check your alignment. Wrists underneath the shoulders, toes in line with
the hip points. So knees in line
with the hip points. Ankles align with the knees. Then you’re gonna
reach the heels back, draw the shoulders away from the
ears and look slightly forward here as you lift the front
body up to meet the back body. Now breathe
into your belly here, activate those
muscles even more. Make the most of your
time on the mat as you breathe, breathe,
breathe, breathe all the way down
into your diaphragm. Keep the neck nice and long. We’re here for five,
breathe deep, stick with it.
Four, three, you got it. Two, nice and easy one,
Downward Facing Dog. Lift the hips up high,
send the heart back. Can take a couple
moments here to let go of any stress or tension. Clear your mind and pedal
it out maybe a little bit. Take your dog for a walk. Now clawing into the
fingerprints or coming onto the elbows if you like, we’re gonna
anchor through the left heel and slowly just pike
the right knee all the way in towards your heart space. You’re gonna lift the right knee
and flex through the right foot. Peek at me if you need to. Great, from here we’re
gonna draw big circles with the right knee one way. Nice and slow. And then when you
get back to the center, you’re just gonna reverse it,
go the other way. Nice and slow. And then twice more, one way. And the other.
You have it, you got it. One way one more time. And then the other. Toning the muscles, so awesome. Nice and strong now check it
out right knee’s gonna continue, come all the way through squeeze
right knee in towards the chest, press away from
your yoga mat, look down, upper body’s in Plank. We’re here for
five, four, three, two and Downward Dog on the one. Oh my goodness, nice work. Take a deep breath in.
I love you too, guys. It’s all good. Long breath out. Right heel anchors down. Left knee squeezes in. We flex through the left foot. So kind of like a flamingo here, a flamingo dog.
That’s the ticket! Here we go. Establishing one circle here,
nice and slow, carving line with the left knee. One way, nice and slow. You’re gonna wanna rush it here. And then the other. And then one way. And then reverse
it and the other. You got it, strengthening
the whole body here last time. One way. You got it, you got it, stick
with it and then the other. Breathe deep.
Make sure you’re breathing. Then continue all
the way in, shift forward, left knee squeezes up
and in towards the chest. Press away from your yoga mat. Try to touch your
left heel to your glute. Five, four, three,
two, awesome work, Downward Dog on the one. You got it.
Deep breath in. Nice cleansing breath,
let something go out. (loud exhale) Great, slowly lower
the knees. Sit back. Bring the hands at the heart
or maybe to the thighs and just feel that flush of energy. And try not to fidget or get
distracted here or laugh or curse me just close your eyes
or soften your gaze and breathe. So we’re getting tone and trim but
not at the cost of our sanity and our relationship
and our connection to what matters most,
right, to the self. Not on my watch. I’m gonna get ready for summer. I’m gonna get ready for all
the things I’m gonna do but not, not at the cost of losing my love or the potential
of love for myself. That said, let me
kick your butt again. Here we go, Plank Pose. Take your time. I hope you guys
get my point though. I think you do. Alright, the moment
you’ve been waiting for, here we go. Hip Dips, come to
a strong Plank first. Get your mind right. Quietly whisper
to yourself, “I can.” Do it. I can. Then soft bend in the elbows and if you need to you can always
come onto the elbows here. We’re gonna work the
obliques now, the side body. Strong core, strong back so that you can serve
yourself and others. Here we go,
dipping the right hip down. Keep length in the neck. So there’s a tendency to kind of
collapse the neck through these types of exercises. Keep that awareness that you
build every day you come on to your yoga mat through the spine. Come back to
center and left hip down. Now keep it going.
You can move at your own pace. Upper abdominals and lower belly
drawing in towards your center. Breathing deep. We’re doing this in
plank here with soft elbows. Nice IT band
stretch on that one too. Or we’re doing
this on the elbows. Forearm Plank
dipping down, coming up. Now, see if you can really
establish nice strong line as you come through center. And then notice if
you’re holding your breath. See if you can
deepen your breath. Breathe into those muscles. You’re gonna get more tone. You’re gonna get more out of
it the deeper you breathe. Great, wherever you are,
even it out. Smile and then
come back to center and then come all
the way to the belly! Oh yes. Amazing, come
onto the elbows here. Interlace the fingertips, press
the elbows into the ground. Press the pubic
bone into the earth, tuck then chin into the chest. Inhale, slowly roll it up. You should feel
an amazing stretch through your abdominals here. Subtle but sweet. Tight, then nice and
easy lift one foot up, then the other. Then you’re gonna slowly shift all of your toes
towards the right. And then all of
your toes to left. Alright, couple more
goes here. (laughs) Press into your elbows. So you’re not
collapse into your shoulders. Alright, then
come back to center. We’re gonna bring the knees back
in line with the hip points. Curl the toes under, draw the
hands underneath the shoulders. Inhale, press up, power up. Come into your power. We’re gonna come off the
hands in just a moment here so the last little ditty. You’re gonna press
away from the yoga mat, find your breath.
Inhale. Exhale, squeeze. Right knee all the way over
and up into the left elbow, toward left elbow, excuse me. Then release. Find center, then switch. Left knee over to right elbow. Gaze straight down.
Back to center. Crisscross back-and-forth but
make sure you pause in center. Moving nice and
slow and mindful. Oh yes. We got this. Feel those muscles turn on. I’m certainly
feeling them turn on! Breathing deep.
Slow and steady. Do two more on each side!
You got it! Here’s one.
And two. Keep that length in the spine. And here’s the
second round, you got it. And two. And then here we go,
lower all the way to the belly, inhale press into
the tops of the feet. Cobra, Bhujangasana. Exhale, release. Inhale in, smile like you
love yourself and then exhale, check it out.
Fancy yoga move. Flip-flop all the way
on to your back. (laughs) When you get there, take your hands
your belly if you like. Feel the ground the
earth underneath you. And then bend the knees,
bring the feet up. Fingertips are gonna
come towards the heels. We’re gonna walk the
shoulder blades underneath. Inhale, lift the hips. Stretch through the belly just
one little Bridge Pose here. Draw your chest to your chin
and then your chin to the sky. Take one more breath here. And then slow and steady,
release. Awesome, keep the
hands where they are. Press up off the
ball joints of the big toes and lift the knees
up towards the sky. Now, try to get your knee over
your hip point but you want your lower back to be supported so
there’s going to be a little bit of movement in time as you
build strength in your core. So if you’re just waking up
these muscles for the first time maybe ever, you might want to
bring the knees a little bit closer so you feel that support. If you’re slowly waking up these
muscles and in time find that you can bring the
knees further back, more stacked
over the hip points, work in that direction. Okey-doke, here we go. You’re gonna
extend the right leg, just the right leg. And then exhale, bring it in. Inhale, extend the left leg.
Just the left leg. And then bring it in. Nice. Inhale, extend the right leg. Maybe lower it down just a bit. And then bring it in. And then left leg. Inhale to extend, lower it maybe
just a bit and then bring it in. So we’re working
subtle movement here. You’ve done all this great
work in the upper body so now we’re working
subtle movement and this is really
activating lower belly. So, palms pressing
into the earth, upper body is relaxed. Bring that sensibility
of a yogi to this. Upper body relax,
soft and graceful. Inhale, extend one leg and
then exhale slowly bring it in. These knees are gonna
want to come all the way up so keep it nice and far away. Okay, nice and easy,
we’re movin’. Inhale to extend. Exhale to bring it in. Targeting the lower belly. Scooping the tailbone up. And then, find a drishti today. Something above to focus on. Maybe you even close the eyes. You just want to find one thing
to focus on or close the eyes so you can start to feel this
awakening in the lower belly which gets such a just a ton of bad juju, right? Constantly hiding this belly,
tucking it in, sucking it in. So building strength here, lower back is
supported by the mat. Definitely starting
to feel it here. Keep the upper
body nice and easy. You might feel that shake,
that prana moving here, keep it going with your breath. Inhaling to extend and
exhaling to bring it in. If you need more of a
challenge, gotta have more, just lower that leg that extends
and then reel it back in. You don’t want to overwork
the hip flexor here so that you can’t continue to do the reps
but maybe you do find that you can lower that extended leg
and then bring it back in. So just play around here. We’re gonna keep it going. As you continue on you’re gonna
be tempted to manifest tension in the upper body to cope but see if you can use your focus and your breath. Use your focus and your
breath to stay committed and to stay
committed in particular to the integrity
of the movement. Alright, definitely
going to meet your appropriate edge today. Do one more on
each side if you can. That’s the ticket! Alright, here we go,
even it out. Then keep the knees
over the hip points. You’re gonna inhale in, reach
your fingertips up an overhead. Exhale, straighten the legs, reach the fingertips up
towards the toes. Inhale, bend the knees,
bring it back down. Exhale, squeeze and lift. Imagine you’re bringing a big
beach ball up toward your toes. Inhale, back down. Exhale, bring it up. Inhale. Exhale. Stick with me guys.
Inhale. And exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Three more, you got it.
Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. And one more time, inhale. Give it your everything. Exhale, squeeze and lift. Squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift, and release everything. Hug the knees into the chest.
You did awesome. Amazing. Crawl the shoulder
blades down the back body. Close your eyes. Imagine you’re a bear cub
scratching your back on a tree! And let it all go. You killed that. And if you struggle with that, I admire you for
sticking it with it, for just still listening. Still having the video playing. And remember you can,
the idea is to repeat this, to use this along
with your yoga practice. Along with your other training. Use it as a little
at home supplemental Core Power Wake Up call. When you’re ready,
let’s rock ‘n’ roll up and down the length of the spine. Ooh! Finding the nice
supportive breath. Something that feels awesome. Maybe inhaling this
idea or this feeling of new sensation or a change. And then exhaling any excess stagnant energy that just isn’t serving you any longer. When you’re ready,
come up to a nice seat. Let’s take a
little twist to one side, breathing into the belly. And then to the other.
Just nice and easy. And back to center.
Bring your hands together. Last bit of heat. Just creating a little
energy and as you do this, think about opening your heart. So we can get really focused on
one area of the body but we’re gonna end with
this heart opener. This warming heart opener. Sit nice and tall. Just as a reminder to the
brain, super powerful that as we continue on our journey to just
better ourselves and be the best version of ourselves
that we must do it mindfully and lovingly. Remembering that the body is
not a bunch of different parts. It’s one moving part. And I love you dear body! Deep breath in, lift your
heart, sit up nice and tall. And long breath out.
Bring the palms together. Sternum to thumbs,
thumbs to sternum. Close your eyes. Do, all my bad jokes aside, do take a moment
here to just honor your body and love your body. To notice your breath. And remember that it’s all one. Celebrate that.
We’ll bow the head to the heart. Here we go. Then finish by
quietly whispering Namaste. (upbeat music)

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  1. Yoga With Adriene Post author

    As we continue our journey to better ourselves and to be the best version of ourselves we must do it mindfully and lovingly.

    I propose we don’t buy in to language that doesn’t support a healthy mind with that “summer body”.

    What say you?

  2. Dudley Shumate Post author

    I do this practice ALOT and this morning I did ALL THE DIPS without having to take a break. WHOA!!!! #namawesomeste #dipboss Thank you for the reminders core work doesn't have to be a bummer and toning/tightening/strengthening is best when we keep our sanity and self love! xoxo

  3. Brian DiDomenico Post author

    What yoga mat are you using here? Looks like an extra wide/long which is what I'm looking for. I'm 6'2". Love all of your videos. Thank you!!


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