Cómo GRABAR VÍDEOS FITNESS para YOUTUBE ► Sony a6500 + Sigma Art 18-35 1.8 (Vlog)

We started filming with Isaac, a new boy
that will start making videos of Myprotein with us. We are going to do a leg, train routine
bottom, which is going to be very sugar cane and now we are looking for locations to do
Every routine exercise in this gym. We are going to microphone Isaac to start the
video and we start with the spoken part. We have to put the mic behind
otherwise the cable line will be seen here. While Isaac goes over the script a little, I
I’m riding the whole audio theme here, The recorder and others. The good thing about recording indoors is that we can
place the telepronter and for the person who talk is grateful because it really takes
a lot of memorizing and other things What’s in between. The trick is to let in as two lines and
when you are about to see the third start. Here. Hello family if you want more muscular your
legs and not knowing how to do it. You already have it, at the level of text and gestures is
perfect, now the smile is missing and that’s it. We will look for a second location where
Record. We will record the voice over and after
This we are going to do the exercises. So we mount the microphone, the recorder
And we start with everything. The way to talk with this type of text will be
The same as talking to camera. With energy, if you want with hand gestures
and it works very well to smile though it seems that it does not give a touch also that
It is appreciated when you hear. It is important to have a good recovery
between sets because the exercise program It is intense. Ok, we repeat this. It is important to have a good recovery
between series, this all followed. Since it allows us to work globally
involving several muscle chains. We just finished the voiceover. I will now prepare the gimbal to stabilize
the camera. We will start recording the warming a little
what will he do, also because he needs to warm up A little before doing the exercises. We will record the posture that Isaac will be taking
some Myprotein shake We’ll see, now we’ll explore a little more
the space. And we would start with the exercises. He will have
to be ready, having warmed up and all because we are going to put cane, you will see. I am mixing the use of gimbal
with camera in hand because certain planes it’s okay to give them some organic aesthetics
and movement with the body and others instead it’s going pretty well to give them stability continues
with this device that is the gimbal I’m training him this time huh. We can only do this series of hip thrust,
then we make twins and we’ll be today’s routine We are already recording and now Isaac
It will convey your feelings. How did you feel it? How has it been? The truth is that I felt quite tired,
quite tired but it was worth it Because there are very cool things. Yes, there are some great images
and now we just have to get home and do the backup of everything!

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