Christians and Dance? Which Moves OK for Christian Fitness?

so you were saying you just you hate it
when people hold back because they don’t feel like they’re dancers well I’m not a
dancer I’m a fitness instructor nobody’s gonna keep me from doing ballet all over
the house ask my ask my husband and all my kids well that’s what we need to
we need to break out and and the thing is like in Israel they had cultural
dances every community has cultural dances we don’t have cultural dances
we’re missing that it’s part of community -part of social
interaction is dancing! you know that would be so fun yes yes well and the
thing is… it’s like… that’s why I’ve always done group exercise because it is
the social dancing of our time. you know? and now group exercise is not
as popular anymore and I’m really missing it so I’m really glad I have
YouTube to be able to do that kind of cultural dancing again! it’s that
social connection you know. and also breaking out! Mary: I could teach a Hawaiin Dance. La: oh that would be so cool Mary: That I did professionally. I used to look different, i could show you pictures… La: okay now I know
oh now I know oh well see that’s why I asked you I oh my gosh that would be so
fun see that’s why I dance that’s why I
asked you what your dance background was I knew you were a professional dancer I
knew it I knew it. Mary: I did jazz a few years, but Polynesian is what I actually did professionally yeah yeah like Mary: I could brush up on that really quickly. We just did our Luau. I taught them, we said, just wear whatever you want to. So I was thinking would Laura want me to do that for WholyFit? La: Oh Yeah! we need to break people out thinking that
they can’t move you know and that you know so many people take dancing and
they use it for sexual purposes you know like but but that’s not … just because
some people do that doesn’t mean all dancing is wrong and it’s what’s in my
heart that matters and I know I’m not doing it for that and so I think people
need to just gosh break out and start dancing. Mary: When I got my training in WholyFit, at church, we had a worship dance team, but we’re always having to be very careful about what we did, what we wore because you know, like men are visual, LaLa:yeah yeah exactly we could wear gunny sacks Mary:but the Lord spoke to me, it was like, Lord, what I’m I doing? speak to me I’ll be
open all this and it was like no that’s just like dance like DAvid danced to the Lord or you can dance Like King Herod’s step daughter La: That’s good right right right Mary: It’s one of the two. Like the dance I did (where they just put it up on a screen, not in person, just for the art of it, no distraction) so people don’t even see ME, it will be like a shadow or a silhouette (behind the music) LA: that’s so cool exactly
Mary: That’s the whole thing, Why can’t we dance? David danced! La: What I’d like to add is that I’m not a I’m not a ballet
professional and but I don’t characterize this class as ballet this
is a fitness class this is ballet barre and you know all of us have a little
dance background you know I grew up doing ballet um you know before I was
six you know but that was the foundation of everything I did Mary: yeah I started ballet when I was 50 La: and then I took
it back when I was an adult and and they the desk lady asked me if I was pregnant
and I’m like excuse me I’m just in a black leotard and I’m this age you know
I’m like no I’m not pregnant 1 the lady at the desk at the ballet
studio cuz here I’m I’m taking a class with all these stick teenagers
and so she’s like oh are you pregnant I’m like no well it’s just I I know I
don’t look like a ballet dancer okay I look more like a linebacker my dad
says but anyway okay well I’m just saying I’m not built to be a ballet
dancer I don’t have long legs I have very short short short legs you
know and but that’s okay I’m not gonna let my body build keep me from dancing
to the Lord and that’s what I wanted to tell everybody don’t
let anything keep you from dancing to the Lord and that’s what that’s what
ballet bar is all about for us we call it kitchen ballet and that’s what
kitchen ballet is all about

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