(slow electronic music) – What’s up guys, welcome to another vlog. It’s a beautiful day in Miami. I finally got my fresh cut, and today we’re gonna be visiting the bars on 9th street and Ocean. I’m alive!
– Holy shit. – David has been out here
before I’ve been out here. When did you start training out here? – 95.
– 95, oh my god. – Way before I’ve been training out here. – This guy got me in
the gym right here bro, this guy got me in the
gym like seven years ago, I see you jumpin’ out in the bar, and I’m like, yo, I gotta be like this
guy, or better than him. – It’s an honor man. – I always tell people I remember the first thing you did (claps) clap over there, I was like oh, he is hooked! – Yo, this is Zay right here. If you guys remember he was the first place winner
from the battle of the bars competition, man, what’s good bro? – Chillin man, cause it’s Sunday. – What do you think about
getting a work out in? – Let’s do it man, I’m always ready. – I remember I saw your hand, literally, your whole hand was bloody.
– Yeah. – [Chris] You’re going like this and there was like blood
dripping off of your hands. – Yeah, it took like two
weeks for my hands to heal, which is like, the longest– – That’s some dedication right there. Alright, so we’re gonna warm up with the original five five five. Five muscle-ups, five bar dips
at the top, five pull-ups. (upbeat music) How deep are we going,
bro, shoulders passing? (upbeat music) Tony has been out training since I’ve been out here training man. When did you start training out here? – I followed you guys man,
Mars Stars, man, Mars stars, just follow y’all man, yeah. – Big Tony’s been out here giving me motivation since day
one man, that’s what’s up. That looks dope, man. – [Man] She don’t weigh that much, bro. – The weighted handstand
pushups out here with a snake. – [Man] Nice! – So Zay man, it’s obvious that you’re a bad ass when it comes to how it’s done, how did you get started? – I got started about three years ago. I actually started as a heavyset, I was about 190 pounds, but I was completely oblivious to it until I tore my ACL and I
had to go to the hospital. I remember stepping on the scale and the doctor was like,
“You’re overweight.” That was, like, a huge
reality check for me. Fitness Buddha was the
one I reached out to. – The one that you competed
against to become– – Yeah, I won against him
this last competition. I reached out to him cause I was gonna sign up for, like, a gym, I was gonna go to LA
Fitness and start lifting weights until he told me,
‘Yo, you gotta stunt in.” It’s the best way to shed fat, so– – No, I remembered you when
I was training out here. You definitely didn’t look
the way that you look today. You weren’t even doing half the things that we’re doing today. You started… This guy started off super basic. I remember when you were out here you were doing something
with gloves, pushups, sweet– – I was barely doing pull-ups. I was able to do like ten
pushups but pull-ups were hard, handstands were out of the picture. – Now you’re jacked, bud. – The answer is not just about looking good and being strong. It’s more about inspiring
others and motivating others to be a better version of themselves, so that’s why I come out here. There’s so many people out here that train, that
have the same passion, that share the same passion,
and that wanna be better. – Yo Zay, this guy’s the man bro. Hey, you give me motivation
too bro, seriously, man. – [Chris] Nah, you crazy. (crowd cheering) Yeah, lean, bro! – [Man] Told you it was in the hips. (slow hiphop music) – There it is.
– Go, yeah! – [Man] There you go. – Hey, so it was fun hangin
out here on the beach, chillin with some old friends of mine, but now it’s time to show you guys how I make some tracks, stay tuned. Last 360 of the day. (electronic music) We gonna make a track today, boy! We gonna make a track today! I’m about to show you
how I make some music. Now, there are so many
different ways to make music. Music is like art in a way. Art when you first start painting, you have a blank canvas, well, with music it comes with the silence. So, you paint upon silence with sounds. By the way guys, the
program that I’m using to make this music is called Ableton. So, you can go ahead and
download Ableton, check that out. We’re gonna be using probably
samples throughout the video. Now, before we get started, there are many ways to
get started on a track. You can just start making a track and just let your
creative energy just flow just like really make whatever you want. Or, you can go in with an idea, with a plan, y’know, I wanna make trap music, jazz, metal,
whatever, y’know, the case may be. So today I chose the approach of one, just tryna get in there creatively, but I did have an idea
of what I wanted to make. I wanted to make something like, a heavy hitting song, like, something maybe, like, a little trappy. So this is what I’ve got for you guys. The first elements to making a song, you always need, like, a lead, a rhythm, you basically need some melody. I started with this little sample right here, this brass
dab, sounds pretty dope. I transposed it down so it sounds heavier and then I wrote a melody to it so it goes like this. (deep percussive brass) That’s basically it right there. I would either put some hi-hats to just give it a beat, like some steady rhythm (mimics hi-hat). (hi-hat taps twice)
Just a little tick. So what I did was I just put a bunch of them on every note, so it’s one, two, three, four,
one, two, three, four. And then when I was getting to the end of the measure, just so it can have like, a little different, I just took out one, and then I
took out one in between. (hi-hat ticks) Take one out, so it’s not all the way (mimics hi-hat) one way through, gives it a little accent. So, once you have that little hi-hat, you mix it in with the little lead. (deep brass and hi-hat beat) But now I would drop in my kick, maybe a clap (claps), there you go. I’m gonna use a string staff,
which’ll sound like this. (deep hiphop beat) Y’know the different sounds that you’re using together as a combination
is, always, at the end of the day, what’s gonna
make it sound really dope. I’m gonna put another synth shot it can give it another little pump. And that one is gonna be
(high synth pops) Once everything is done I’m gonna finally add a little arpeggiator. (epic percussive scale) That’s gonna give it, like, an ambiance in the background, it’s
gonna give it like bed. So, with everything together it should sound something like this. (deep hiphop beat) Alright so I’ve basically built the skeleton of the beat,
so now we need our build-up. The whole point of a build-up is to slowly start adding in the instruments that you’ve had, so at the beginning we chose how we wanted
it to sound in the end, but now it’s time to introduce those sounds slowly so that we start getting into that groove and then we (claps) we drop it hard. So what I’ve done is I’ve
given it two measures. On the first measure I just let the real melody of the brass ride, on the second measure I start to introduce the hi-hats, and then I’m feeling like right after that this should just, like, give it a little space, and then drop it like (clap) and then just go straight in with the beat. (deep hiphop music) (percussive beats) Smash that like button guys. Four bars before… That sounds crazy, right? I love making all types of music so if you guys have any requests for the style of music for me to make next time, whether you want me to make some reggaeton, some hiphop, metal, chill music, whatever it is, you name it, challenge me, and I will try to make it in my next vlog
when I’m making some tracks. Thank you guys so much for listening and following along, if you guys like any of the tracks, let me know in the comment section down below and I’ll have these tracks
available for you guys. Alright, well, let’s do a workout. Alright, we’re gonna do like a little deadlift pyramid competition, basically we’re gonna start at some really light weight deadlift and then we’re just gonna keep adding weight until we start knocking people out. The last person lifting the
heaviest weight is the winner. You in Kevin?
– Yeah. – [Chris] Ay, you gonna be part of this? We’re deadlifting, we’re
gonna do a deadlift pyramid. – The deadlift, yeah; the whole
thing, maybe not (laughs). – This’ll be fun. We’ll see how much everybody can deadlift. (chill hiphop music) That’s like sword in
the stone right there! – [Gabo] You don’t wanna use your arms, you wanna use your legs, way
bigger (all talking at once). – Just keep a tight grip, try to keep it right here, try to come up with your legs (mumbles). (boys cheer him on) Man, took the sword from the stone. Don’t be scared man! (Gabo exclaims) – [Onlooker] Like nothing. (boys exclaim proudly) (weight clangs) – Bro, got some more in the tank. That’s heavy as (beep) yo, holy (beep). – Fake plates bro, they’re
lifting fake plates. – That (beep) dents, the bar (laughs). Alright, so, we’re at
the end of the pyramid and it’s just Gabo and me
left, so, let’s finish it. (boys exclaiming and clapping) (cheers) (boys exclaiming) Wasn’t the best form
but I had to, I had to. I’m ready baby, I’m ready, I’m ready! That’s the only way to
make them gains, baby! (boys cheering) (weight clangs) – (beep) yeah! (beep) yeah! – There’s almost no more room left to like, put any more
weights on this thing. Oh hell no, nah man, I’m done. – But you did a good
job, you did a good job. – Hey man, this guy just
killed, this guy just killed! Next vlog I wanna definitely add another tattoo story for you guys and hopefully add in another nutrition segment, show you guys another dish to give you guys some more insight on how I make those gains, like some of you guys watched the last video, you guys think that that’s what I eat Monday through Friday, what I actually do is carb-cycling. Next time I’m gonna show you guys another dish that I like to cook with more cabs, if you guys want something else like vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, whatever it is you want me to cover with that type of dish let me know in the comment
section down below. And if there’s anything else you’d like to see in this vlog let me know in the comment section down below. I love showing you guys my journey, taking you guys for the ride, so with that said guys, I’m gonna finish my routine but thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next Thursday at
two PM USA eastern time. Mad love. Peace out. (chill music) (percussive beats) Smash that like button guys.


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