Cable Crunch – Abs / Core Exercise –

Cable Crunch – Abs / Core Exercise –

Kneel below a high
pulley with a rope attached. Grasp the cable rope attachment
and lower the rope until your hands are next to your face. Flex your hips slightly and
allow the weight to arch your back. This will be your
starting position. Now, while keeping
your hips stationary, exhale and flex your waist
as you contract your abs. Your elbows should lower toward
the middle of your thighs. Hold at the bottom contracted
position for a moment, then inhale and slowly
return to the starting position. Make sure to keep constant
tension on your abs throughout the movement. [music]

12 comments on “Cable Crunch – Abs / Core Exercise –

  1. dragonUSMC1 Post author

    lol he was doing some sort of deadlift with sandals on ….think he needs to watch these VIDEOS…asap

  2. madhuri lama Post author

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  3. Johnny Lira Post author

    There is a machine crunch at my job, so, i don't have to hurt my neck and lower back doing this!

  4. rylie weaver Post author

    I see this workout everywhere but can't seem to get it right. On lower weights, I feel nothing in my abs, but on higher weights, I'm not able to stably pull the rope to my head to start the motion. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


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