*Breathing Techniques* (Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Stress, Cancer, Blood Pressure) Kapalbhati

*Breathing Techniques*  (Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Stress, Cancer, Blood Pressure) Kapalbhati

Kapal Bhati Is an ancient technique in the yoga system. And it has been taught for centuries. Kapal Bhati simply means… Kapal means skull, head. Bhati means Purification. Kapal Bhati means that which purifies your head. Once your head is purified you are a totally different person. It brings transformation. So Kapal Bhati is a system of not only breathing. We can say that it is Like a type of pranayama and a pranic force, which we need in our life. The process of Kapalbhati is… …it is like Pranayama. And this process, when you do it practically, it brings oxygen in the system and it takes carbon dioxide out of the system so this way it brings more oxygen to the brain, more oxygen in the lungs, and more oxygen in the blood. That is why this process needs to be learned the right way. You will gain a lot of benefits from this process. The physical benefits of Kapalbhati are: It relaxes a person – sick people first. It ends sickness in the body, lowers your blood pressure, and it removes stress from the body and from the brain. The more oxygen in the brain the more stress is released. It fully detoxifies your body. So, also the best benefit of Khapalbhati is that you can not be depressed in your life anymore. You will be a normal person in society. You will grow physically, mentally and spiritually every moment. The spiritual benefits of Kapalbhati are… It relaxes a person. As soon as the person is relaxed, thoughts disappear. When thoughts disappear, you are fully focused, you are fully concentrated. You have the possibility to jump into meditation… …into deep meditation. As soon as you are in deep meditation, then you can see yourself and how much goodness you are holding until this moment and you never realized it. Kapalbhati as I mentioned before, is a very forceful inhalation and exhalation. It is called pranayama. Pranayama is breathing in and out, but in a certain way so that when you force air inhalation, it brings a lot of oxygen to the lungs and your system, and when you exhale forcefully, then it takes toxins out. That is why in the western hemisphere, we call it breath of fire. Fire burns the toxins and I will show you now how to do it. It is very important that you do it right. Inhale forcefully when you inhale. I will show you that your stomach goes in and out when you inhale and exhale. This is the system that you can do: when you exhale the stomach goes in And inhalation happens by itself. When you place your hand on your stomach you will feel how much your stomach goes in And how your chest expands. That is the way to feel it. And when you feel it, then you will see that you are doing it right because you body will show you that you are doing it right. Do Kapalbhati altogether maybe 25 times in the beginning and you watch me and you do it too. I am placing my hand on my stomach so that you can see when I exhale, how my stomach goes in. This was twenty five times. And after this you can take deep breaths. You can take a breath one more time even more deeply. Let us do it twenty five more times And you will feel that your stomach goes in and your whole chest is expanding because it brings a lot of oxygen into your lungs. Today you learned Kapalbhati, and this is a very good process to bring stress out of your life. And to bring peace to your life. If you do it daily one hundred or two hundred times a day you will see the benefits, physically, mentally, and spritually. Out of whatever I have mentioned the most important in life is peace. When your life is peaceful, you are a good person in society. And not to be mistaken, when you do this system, this method, this technique – Kapalbhati – brings a lot of oxygen into your blood and into your lungs. To a certain degree you will be surprised that even a disease like cancer can be healed up to a certain degree. Like if it is an initial state of cancer, it can be very beneficial. So do it, do it daily And you will see the benefit. Jai Siddhatma

100 comments on “*Breathing Techniques* (Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Stress, Cancer, Blood Pressure) Kapalbhati

  1. Jen Briggs Post author

    I don't know about it. it feels like you were just hyperventilating. wasn't much help for me.
    You didn't seem to really believe what you were saying.

  2. Charlie Post author

    Do you have to sit with your legs folded or will this breathing be beneficial from any position?

  3. Nirmal Kumar Ganguli Post author

    Very beneficial. However, I cannot sit even cross-leg on the floor for stiffness and pain in my both knees. Can I do the Kapalbhati pranayama sitting on a chair?  .

  4. Filikes Kouventes Post author

    After practising Kapalbhati for two months I need to thank you too Acharya Shree Yogeesh – Im having a smile on my face everytime Im finishing the exercise – farewell 🙂

  5. kolitha wijesena Post author

     Dear Acharya Shree Yogeesh.. Please check the above link. Subodh Gupta Yoga instructor says kapalbathi pranayam increase blood pressure and heart disease.. Is this true. Please advise

  6. Acharya Shree Yogeesh Post author

    41-DAY KAPALBHATI BREATHING CHALLENGE: Acharya Shree encourages you to take up this challenge. It will help remove at least 1-2 layers of toxins from your system if you do 100-200 exhalations for 41 days straight. Toxins come in the form of negative thoughts, stress, addiction, depression, etc. Lift yourself higher and take up the challenge. Reply to confirm you will take up this challenge. 

    Be sure to check Acharya Shree's Facebook page for daily inspiration: http://facebook.com/acharyashreeyogeesh

  7. Galina Tulovsky Post author

    Hi, when I do this I notice that it makes my right lower side hurt. Is this normal?

  8. Samesha Post author

    Hello, first of all thank you for the video :)! And second is it normal that after a while I start feeling like pain in my abs? Haha and third.. When doing the long breaths do we have to breathe through the lungs? I have read that we have to breath through our stomach!!! I know you posted this videos long ago but I would love to hear from you 🙂

  9. Mahnaz Khan Post author

    I started this type of breathing 3 days ago and felt a surge of energy the first 2 days but today I feel exhausted for no reason whatsoever.  I started by doing it for 5 minutes and will gradually build up.  Will this help with weight loss as I have hypothyroidism and do not want to succumb to synthetic meds and am struggling with weight gain and lack of energy amongst other things ?   I hope you can reply.

  10. durgesh anand Post author

    Thanks to Acharaya shree yogeesh i tried this and now i am feeling active and lightweight all time and it helps me in improving my concentration also  !!!!
     Thanks yogeesh jii
    I want to know that if i practice it daily will it detox my body completely or i have to try many more kriyas or yoga ?

  11. Krishna Chaitanya Post author

    How to do excatly the kaplabhati. Iheard by doing this pranayam one may get heart problems. If no  please tell me the exact how to start intially. I am very new to this pranayam. I have never done pranayam. I am 30 years old.

  12. Rajeshwar K Post author

    can i practice only kapalabathi without doing any other warm ups and asana's or pranayamas? i have experience that i was exahsted if do this more time.Please let me know?
    i offer my thanks by taking this challenge.

  13. Catherine Campbell Post author

    I am confused, do i take a breathe in first (breathe in) fill my lungs with oxygen then exhale? Thank you <3

  14. Nibedita Dey Post author

    Hello Guruji I am doing kapalvati 600 times. 1sec of exhalation, 300 each times, take 2 mins of rest and then do it again. Am i doing right?

  15. will13vilaede Post author

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  16. Allan Mena Post author

    Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge, I am suffering from sleep apnea, I am hoping this will help me, may God bless you greatly

  17. Allan Mena Post author

    I will take this challenge, I will let you know how I feel, thank you so much for your help, I will also keep studying all your videos

  18. litowing0505 Post author

    thank you so much for this. I'm practicing Integral Yoga and we do a lot of Paranayama, but you explained it so well… om shanti 🙏

  19. Johan Sebastian Post author

    I'm a bit sceptical about changing the rhythm of breathing in an non natural way. It does something with the mind. The mind is very sensitive. Buddhist have a way of watching it… not interfere with it. Buddha used breath a simple thing very small very sensitive – to reach enlightenment. Be careful.

  20. Hollywood Post author

    Mr. Yogeesh,
    I love your technique to clear the mind and enlighten ones self. However I have a question. If I am able to reach positive spiritual enlightenment will I be able to free myself from the lies our American government is telling us and finally have peace of mind?

  21. Heena Shah Post author

    Acharyaji what about ppl can not cross legs…in some bed ridden ppl…how can do this pranayam…plz let me knw…

  22. Lunick Martins Post author

    This is quite dangerous for the dosha vata people. If you already have a lot of entusiasm and brain activity this will only make it worse by incresing it too much.

  23. Shanna Van Bochove Post author

    I get dizzy when doing this + i get an uncomfortable pain in my stomach… is this suppose to be happening?

  24. santosh kumar Post author

    +Acharya Shree Yogesh,  When am doing this my lower back is hurting very much I can't even do 10. What should I do.

  25. Geeta Lakshmi Post author

    Pranam acharya 🙏 I'm suffering from anxiety and depression since 2012 and fear to fall sleep and on antidepressants since 2 weeks I started doing kapalbhati and anulom vilom
    Will pranayama cure my problem permanantly

  26. Gammanoize Post author

    Hi. My name is Garmt, and was just curious about the double breath technique. Thank you I will try it. The reason I post you is to tell you that i found out something very simple yet effective. It's allmost dumn that I tell you this. Iam a tall guy and have a good self esteem. Yet through schizofrenia i developed after years and years a form of anxiety attacks, mostly in supermarkets or busrides. It's actually a form of hyperventilation where you still breath a normal rythim but the lungs are not doing much and you want to rest in bed. I tried walking and then running, but bad stamina so I started small. Like 75 running steps and then walking until my breating returns to normal rythim. Two or three sessions. It increases nose and lung efficiency and the secure feeling that when you get an anxiety attack, you can say iam standing in rest here so why should I worry about my heartattack and hyperventilation feeling right? I hope that you can advise this too. And I will try double breath.

  27. B A K ESWARBABU Post author

    Namaskar Acharya jee.
    I am suffering from a severe nasal allergy like mucous draining and unstoppable cold since 7 to 8 years. I used so many medicines but my efforts are in vain. Unexpectedly on 20_1_16 I watched your video on YouTube about Kapaalabathi and practiced twice daily since then. Any one can believe or not I got amazing results from this exercise and thrown out my mucus abnormally from nostrils. After doing this exercise I feel very very happy. Proior to this I am very suffered from huge cold. Now I am full free from cold. I just do this twice up to 100 times only. Thank you Acharya sir.
    This method is very helpful to all who are suffering from same ailments. But carefully follow the procedure.
    THANK you.

  28. Leon Degrelle Post author

    Do I breath with my nose or mouth? Where do I put my tounge in the mouth. The front of the tounge behind the front teeth like in Yoga during practise?

  29. Swapnil Parab Post author

    Acharya Shree Yogeesh i am 28 years boy and ia ma suffering from kidney stones will you help me how to remove it through yoga

  30. FB-CreativeOutlets Post author

    Acharyaji, you and Baba Ramdev are the two gurus who strongly recommends Kapalbhati for curing high blood pressure, but everywhere I read caution, danger about it. Also, just doing it by itself or should it be done with other pranayamas? Getting reassurance from you, I want to try 41-day challenge. I am almost 60, can I do it too? I hope to receive a reply from you sir. Namaste.

  31. Rajah Manokharan Post author

    I have been doing last 12 months, it changed my life completely 180 degrees, if anyone do this pranayama and meditation you don't need to go to the temple, you will find the God in you and all the doors will open in your life. Thank you

  32. gyong agil Post author

    hello Mr. Yogeesh. i want to ask something about pranayama breathing. when i'm practicing this technique after about 8 times in weeks, i feels like flying. its not dizzy but feels like i'm on anti gravity. is it alright for me? because when i stop the meditation everything around me looks more brighter. is it something wrong on my meditation? thank you.

  33. Mr tetotaller Post author

    i have started doing kapalbhati since week and i do for almost 30 minutes/ and i am 24 years old have sound health.

  34. Mark Holman Post author

    Siddah I wonder dose it matter if I do this with food in my stomach? Better on empty stomach or dose it even matter? I am convinced this is powerful way to begin meditation. Thank you!

  35. Prakash Mishra Post author

    Acharya ji I hav Sugar around200 after food+Bp150/95 can i do pranayam?Let me know….Regds prakash

  36. Panepalarama Euripides Post author

    Kapalbhati sounds very much like Kriya Yoga. Elementary yoga is all about breathing as a symbolism. You draw in air with your body while your soul draws chi demons in. You breathe out air from your body while your soul is pushing the chi demons into a Kundalini cluster. When you have enough demons in your Kundalini cluster, you can use the demons to create chakras, meridians and third eye. With your spiritual, third eye open, you can spiritually stare at demons like Aum. When a soul tie is built, you then have powers you can use to dominate the people around you.
    Christians shouldn't be playing with demons. The process for driving out all the demons in the Kundalini is easy, powerful and brings immediate results. It can also be done for others and at any range. It can only be done by the authority of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth. See: orderofsaintpatrick/shaman/remove-kundalini.htm

  37. Nitish Ade Post author

    Dear sir,
    I am doing pranayama ,i want to know how much time should we give to each prnayama , i am doing bhastrika ,kapalbhati,anuloom viloom i can give half hour for these three,also inform me which should we do first ,second and thrid also gap between two,also howto meditation after that.
    after doing pranayama if we stop for a while , trmendous energy is develope ,i feels affraid of it ,i feels my soul is going out of my body i am woorried of it,now i start to hold that energy in the body only,now i am not going out of my body,wic is good holding that enery or going with the energy? i am confused please guide.

  38. Anita Talukdar Post author

    It is said kapal bhati should not be done by heart problem nd bp people??? Acharyaji can it be done?

  39. Vinit Oza Post author

    acharya shree yogi..i have practiced kapalbhati n i feel good..but many yoga practioner tell it is a shortcut and should be avoided ..is this true?

  40. Altex lan Post author

    high blood pressure is due to certain organ that ask higher blood pressure. so there is no point reducing blood pressure. until the organ totally failed than doctor will know.

  41. Chakra Universe Post author

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  43. ime prezime Post author

    It is VERY important to check if Kapalbhati and other pranayama are suitable for you and learn how to do them properly BEFORE you start practicing, otherwise it can cause side effects like dizziness, nausea, dry mouth and others. The night after my second day of doing kapalbhati, I felt that I had difficulty breathing and after doing some research, I realized that I shouldn't have done it at home and that I had done it incorrectly! I respect you, but I think that you slould bring up the side effects of the pranayama and which kind of people should not do it! http://easyayurveda.com/2012/11/07/are-you-suffering-from-these-side-effects-of-pranayama-solutions/#comment-110007

  44. FAwYam Post author

    Black Art. is.a not Marcel ! Hinduism mins ALIEN. # ET. Made RELIGIONS .BUDDHA ? not .a Super Natur Controlling power of GOD ( ALLAH ) Evan So Call as Lord Sivha &

  45. samah mohammed Post author

    Cancer is really spreading a lot these days. There is a patient support group called Yoddhas that you must join. it has patients and doctors who help each other in finding the right information and way to go forward. https://www.facebook.com/groups/yoddhathewarrior/


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  47. Kinga Gorski Post author

    Pranayama really does bring so much transformation within the body when practiced regularly!

  48. parwaaz aman Post author

    sir ek question hai k mere kpalbhti k time sirf ek side shvaasnali chlti hai… left ya fir right ..not both active ..is its oky to do with one side active

  49. धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः. -YUG Post author

    Sir kya aap mujhe hathyog wali vajroli kriya sikha sakte ho

  50. Samriti Naib Post author


  51. Anusha Sangii Post author

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