Bosu Ball Balance Exercises : Bosu Ball Dynamic Lunges

Next thing we’re going to do with the Bosu
is Lunges. Ahh, who doesn’t love lunges. Bring that left leg up, right leg’s is going to
be back. Now there are Ecstatic Lunges and then there are Dynamic Lunges. Right now we’re
going to work on the Dynamic Lunge which means our left leg is going to stay right here in
the middle of the Bosu, our right leg is going to go back and you’re going to bring it forward
and back. Forward and back. Just like this. Takes a little bit more ability for you to
stay balance, pulling that belly button into the spine, doing it on the Bosu vs. just doing
it on the floor. If you have the opportunity to use a Bosu, it’s a great tool to improve
your workout, get and work on that balance and the stability. And then you want to switch
legs, maybe do reps of twenty. You know, I like to do a lot of reps, but I like to exercise
hardcore when I exercise. Some people, you know, if you’re starting off, it’s your first
time doing it, just do ten, do two sets of ten. You’ve been exercising for awhile and
you’re like, “ahh I’m just going to try different of lunge”, then go ahead and go for it. And
do sets of twenty, two to three sets of twenty. And there we go, that’s how we do Dynamic
Lunges on the Bosu.

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