Bodyweight Workout – Abs Glutes Legs – Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight  Workout – Abs Glutes Legs – Bodyweight Exercises

– [Marissa] This is the full body workout. We’re gonna go ahead
and start with a warmup. Arms extended out, side to side. Engage that core. (gentle music) Just warming up those tummy muscles. (gentle music) And take the opposite
hand to the opposite foot. Gonna warm up the hamstrings. (gentle music) This also warms up the lower back. And we’re gonna be doing about 15 reps. (gentle music) And knees up. And warm up the hip flexors. Always engage the stomach muscles. Take the right knee and rainbow it out and back in. Tap the toe out and back in. This is really opening
up those hip flexors. And switch sides. Make sure we keep a consistent
10 to 15 reps on each side. (gentle music) And front lunge to one standing leg. You’re gonna take the
right leg, lunge into it, and drive off your heel
to the back standing leg. Keep all the weight in the
heel of that right foot. Core nice and tight, just
keep yourself balanced. And switch sides. (gentle music) This is working all the
little stabilizer muscles in that standing leg, and also working that left quad. (gentle music) Just a couple more. All right, nice job. Go ahead and point the toes out. We’re gonna go for first
position plie squats. This is a great move to
create long, lean muscles. (gentle music) And step it out. Toes still pointing outwards. Go ahead and squat down. Drive through the heels,
keep the weight in the heels. Core muscles tight. 10 to 15 reps. (gentle music) And hold. Pulse the knees inward, really targeting those inner thighs. Make sure your breath continues. And come up. Straight into some jumping jacks. We have two minutes of cardio coming up. (gentle music) And right leg forward. Small jumping lunges. In these small hops, you
wanna leave off the toes and land softly back on them. And switch sides. (gentle music) Keep the chest up. And don’t let that front
knee pass your front toe. Great, now plie jumps. Again, leave off the toes and land softly back on the toes, only a slight bend at the knee. (gentle music) And into leg lifts. So come in straight to the
front with your right leg. Lift to about hip height. And control it on the way back down. To the side, eight reps each direction. Two more. And to the back. (gentle music) Great, switch legs. Eight to the front. Really squeeze those quad
muscles in the front. Point the toe. Next, to the side. And now to the back. (gentle music) Great, now moving on to hamstring pulls. So all weight is on the left leg. Right leg is extended far back as you can. And you’re pulling that
heel towards your butt. This is really targeting those hamstrings, which help lift the glutes. And switch sides. Keep that lifted knee in place, only moving the calf muscles. (gentle music) Cross right leg over left. And we’re gonna target those
inner thigh muscles again. Lifting up. (gentle music) Remember to engage the core. (gentle music) And switch legs. Cross the left foot over the right. And lift. (gentle music) Make sure your shoulders are down. Tummy’s tight. And that you’re focusing
on your inner thigh. Great. And into half jacks. Another two minutes of cardio. (gentle music) And pick up the heels. Running in place. We’re really focusing on
getting our heart rate up. Great, keep it up. And bring the knees up. Continue that jog in place,
keep those knees up high. And drop it down, fingertips
down to the ground, and extend all the way
up, driving off your toes. Leave off the toes and try to land softly back on the toes. And breathe. Moving on to side lunge to side lunge. Just a small skip in the middle. Keep the weight in the heel. Again, engage your core. It’s targeting those glute
muscles and your quads. Straight into chair pose. Wind it up and sit. And again. Keep the feet close and
the arms up by the ears. Hips tucked under. And breathe in and out. Just a couple more. And hold. Hands behind the head,
and we’re gonna target those oblique muscles now,
so bring that right leg up to meet the right elbow. Try not to shift too much weight into that right toe when it comes down. And really use those oblique
muscles to lift that leg up. Switch sides. Going to 15 reps. (gentle music) And go ahead and get your yoga mat out. Going for sit-ups. Try to keep those heels
planted on the ground. And control it on your way up and down. Breathe in, and breathe
out on your way up. (upbeat music) Really control the motion. Keep your abs strong to
protect your lower back. (upbeat music) Turn over for plank. And you’re gonna walk
your hands out and back. Out into extended plank, and back in. When your hands are in,
they should be stacked right underneath your shoulders. And switch sides. You’re doing great. Stay up on those toes. And run it in for mountain climbers. (gentle music) Going for crunches straight on. Palms up to the sky. Breathe out on your way up. Small, short breaths. Keep your neck nice and long. Drop the knees to the right. And keep the shoulders
square to the front. And switch sides. Make sure you’re focusing on your breath, always breathing out on your way up. (gentle music) And legs up. Keep the legs at a 90-degree angle. And keep your neck long. Chin away from your chest. Tuck your hands underneath your butt and use your legs as a lever, lifting up. This really targets those lower abs and that problem area. Again, always doing 10 to 15 reps. (gentle music) And into plank position,
you’re gonna take your left leg out to the side and
lift it up to the back. This is targeting the core and the abductor muscle, which is a common problem area for women. And switch sides. Out and up. This really focuses on lifting
up those glute muscles. And get ready for side
plank, stack the feet. And lift the hips. Now go ahead and thread the needle. So taking that up arm down and through, and pulling it back up to start. Good, make sure those
hips stay nice and lifted. And switch sides. (gentle music) And lift, one arm through. This is really targeting
those oblique muscles, all your little stabilizer muscles, giving you those nice lines
down the sides of your stomach. Great, now take a few deep breaths. And get ready for side leg lifts. Really squeeze those muscles
the entire time you’re lifting. Keep the knees locked. Control the motion all the
way up and all the way down. Take the leg forward and lift again. (gentle music) It’s important for you
to keep that core tight in these motions also to
control the leg movement. Great. And switch sides. And lift. Again, really squeeze
those quadricep muscles in the lifting leg. And we’re going for 10
to 15 reps on each side. (gentle music) Take it forward. And lift. Again, this is targeting that problem area right there on that side of your hip. (gentle music) Great, stack the feet. Right foot in front of left, and lift. Taking those hips way up off the ground. (gentle music) 10 to 15 reps here. (gentle music) Getting deep into those oblique muscles. And switch sides. (gentle music) Again, stack the feet and
lift those hips up high. (gentle music) Really targeting those
muscles that give you those nice long, lean
muscles down your stomach. (gentle music) And stack the feet one more time, taking that top arm, reaching it out, and pulling it back in,
extending out and back in. Really controlling this motion. Lifting the hips up
and off on the extended and dropping them down on the crunch. Hips up and down. Couple more, you’re almost there. Switch sides. (gentle music) Again, stack the feet, extend the arm up and over, and lift the hips. (gentle music) Really connect that knee to your elbow and try to extend the arm
out as far as you can. You’re almost there. (gentle music) And relax. (gentle music) Knee to forehead and lift. Really slow this motion down and lift on that back portion. (gentle music) On the in part, imagine touching your forehead to your knee. (gentle music) This is targeting the
glute muscles and the core. Really tightening those
abs on that inner portion. The slower the better on these motions. (gentle music) And switch sides. Crunch in and lift up. And really extend that back leg up and pull it in as far as you can. Imagine touching the
knee to your forehead. (gentle music) Going for 10 to 15 reps. (gentle music) Take a few breaths. Cross the right leg over the left knee. And twist. And switch sides. Really stretching out those glute muscles we just worked so hard. (gentle music) Great, legs out front. Arms up, and reach for the toes. Right leg out, left foot in. Arms up, and fold to your right. Stretch out those hamstring muscles. And fold forward. Really allow those hamstrings to relax. And switch sides. Arms up, fold over to your left. And down to the center. (gentle music) And we’re gonna move into pigeon pose, so take the right leg, put it forward at a 90-degree angle, and lean down if possible. (gentle music) And take the chest up. And lean it forward one more time. (gentle music) And pull it back up. Great, and we’re gonna switch sides. Right back into pigeon pose. So extend that right leg back. Bend the right knee forward, arms up. And fold forward if possible. (gentle music) This is really opening up the piriformis and all those little glute muscles. Back up, and forward again. (gentle music) Great, now take a few deep breaths. Shoulders down, relax,
breathe in your nose and out of your mouth. All the way up. And exhale down. Great job.

100 comments on “Bodyweight Workout – Abs Glutes Legs – Bodyweight Exercises

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    got further than las time. but if you're above a D cup like myself these jumps are just not good. sports bras don't help at all either. 🙁

  2. pianovocal Post author

    I consider myself in good shape, but it was not so easy. They call this the beginner workout. Also this is a full body workout, what happened to upper body. It is like an ab and lower body work out

  3. WatermelonPeppermint Post author

    Are you all serious about this not being a beginners workout? Are you people really not this balanced or flexible? This is literally daily activity stuff. This is so slow.

  4. Bonaducci Post author

    Perfect for me . I gained a little weight or my muscles turned into fat from lack of exercise and lack of meats and other healthy foods ……. I did this whole work out it was tough !!! But if I start something I see to it I finish so it was great work out for beginners thank you

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    13 minutes in and I'm out of breath and sweating like a pig. Guess that's enough for today? :')

  7. Rachel Strausser Post author

    reading all these comments, im glad im not the only one who stopped before this vid was over, but it seems like a really good workout, im sweating buckets and stopped at 24 minutes. it seems like if i keep at it it will help me a lot!

  8. emi lee Post author

    I'm 18 139 pounds 5 foot and today was my first day ever working out and made it to 20 minutes and had to stop cuz I can not do a proper set up lol wish I could but there's no way I'm gonna keep doing this everday though until I can and can complete it (:

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    The workout has a yoga feel to it. Not a lot of talking. Love it. I need more workout videos like this. It gets tiring listening to some trainers talk.

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    OMG!! Well, I'm a young athlete and I only got until 14 mins without stopping. Is it just me or is this so damn hard??

  11. Molly Post author

    OK, I am a fitness beginner but I'm usually at the higher end of "beginner". This workout made me sweat but wasn't insanely challenging, right up until "pigeon pose". What the hell is that doing in a beginner programme?! And, although I appreciate the relative lack of noise in this video it is pretty annoying to have the description of what we're doing start half way through the movement.

  12. johanna stone Post author

    I think this is great I never have worked out before and now trying this video is an awesome one to start with ty for sharing it and helping g me to be my best! I love everything about this! do you suggest going harder after a week or what? I'm sweating but doing a tournament in 3 weeks so trying to get as fit as a ican before any suggestions would be helpful! ty again!

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    1st day couldn't even get pass 6 min. After a week of working out 4 times (different workouts) I could get to 17 min without feel like fainting like the 1st time I did it. I couldn't even believe it, you just need some determination that last for a week. Now I know after another week I believe I can do full 36 min.

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    Managed to do up to 17:10 only because I have no time left

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    good work out…omg my first evening and I could go just over 13 mins. Will continue!

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    first workout after a year being a total couch potato 😛
    I quit at 16:00

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    woooo girl you are nothing to play with… although this is tough, I am going to keep doing this until I master it…I will say, your workouts are not the average "fun" and easy type, it seems I will get major results by the way my legs shake after 🙂 #feeltheburn

  19. apizebs Post author

    This workout is ok but it is not suitable for beginners. The exercises require too much flexibility and balance and there is not enough explanation about how to do them properly without risk of injury. In addition, not enough time is set aside at the beginning and end for proper stretching.

  20. Amanda Ferris Post author

    Hi! How many days a week do you advise to do this workout? And also what are the benefits of it? Thanks for such an amazing video, I wil be doing it regularly from now on! 🙂

  21. Yvonne Ross Post author

    I'm 57, just finished chemo and out of shape. Its challenging but doable, especially compared to the other "30 minute" exercise videos. For more stretching, a 60 minute video might be a better choice.The slow, consistent pace is great for me. I love it. How many calories do you think I'm burning?

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    Hey! Awesome workout! I would like to know how many calories do we aproximately burn by doing this?

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    Kind of tough. Felt more like beginner for people that are already kind of fit and trying to tone up. Can't imagine really overweight people just starting out being able to do a lot of that, especially the pigeon pose. It is a really good workout otherwise.

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    This is an amazing workout! I absolutely loved it! I'm a dancer with a bit of training (3 yrs) and this is definitely a good workout for a beginner dancer. I'm going to do a weekly update for 3 weeks or more! The end stretches were soo cooling and relaxing. Best workout video I've tried so far

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    and the one talking — makes it worse^^

    bahaha I can´t follow it through without thinking I am at the wrong place.

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    Oh holi shit I did this workout because I am recovering from some sort of flu and remembered this one was extremely slow and now I see all these comments about how it's too hard. Maybe apart from te side planks I think it's small small small piece of cake. But now I remember having a hard time with this one too a few months ago.. so… message of this comment: just work out regularly (4 to 6 times a week and maybe more higher intensity shit like Rebecca Louises vids and some fun HIIT), eat (healthy) after your workout, sleep enough.. and you will get there (you will even want to be exercising when you are sick). Also, I think all those sit ups are kinda pointless, planks ftw. Bladiebla

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    Please help me i want to loose weight from my whole body like face, arms, back, shoulders, tummy, hips, thigh nd all 😂
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    This was incredibly hard (I have no idea how the host isn't sweating all over the place). That said, a fabulous work out that you feel the next day.

    Heads up: the cues are slightly off, so either go according to the host or the narrator. Still, a great, FREE work out. A+.

  35. Lin Chen Post author

    2 issues I have with this workout:
    1, Definitely not full body. Very minimum arm workout besides holding up bodyweight for plunks.
    2, Don't wait for your model is in position or she has 2 reps done to tell me to change sides or change exercise. Feels like being tricked.

    Good workout on legs and core.

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  37. GymRa Post author

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  39. GymRa Post author

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  40. GymRa Post author

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