BKS Iyengar – Pranayama meditation, iyengar yoga style

BKS Iyengar – Pranayama meditation, iyengar yoga style

The root for good pranayama is the spinal column. It is spinal column is not alert. Pranayama do not come to them at all. Not Inhalation Exhalation what goes on. interior spine you know The ‘alert to alert’ Have you seen ‘alert to alert’? They contract, they move forward. and their’s rhythm in there movements. Have you seen? So, spine should be more, as their alert to alert. This is forward. The interior spine should stretch like that, without ‘Akarshan’ Now I’m seat it. And spine is straight But my interior spine is not straight. there are jerk? So, I’ve steady it in the vibration. So, I calling to the vibration, have to gone increasing what type of vibration comes, on the lower spine, lumber spine How… How to introduce that to do that trace spine like that your to della than Interior spine. can you see that? the moment I this opens. So, this is the shore up the energy So we do pranayama for ungrows level, to shore energy. So this is the shore of energy so than a man is depreesed what happened?
So energy is not that. Supposed your own to set align. So that means, You sproutly energy That is from the side chest So, The lungs that’s why the energy side chest. and that’s why we do pranayama, we makes the energy too struggle that that is under class level. but pranayama that is study in di… one of the class I said, That, people called this temple.
is it not? So the temple, is like the gate of the church. if the main gate of the church is blocked,
can you go inside? So this is the door, this temple door for the mind to go inside. So in meditation, when they say “let go, let go” is not the ‘let going’ It is leasing the temples. So it’s the temples go, grows to the body, they go growsly the bone, cell and cells the brain, solved there is no action. It’s only pass you reflection. pass you reflection is meditation. So, pranayama is off meditation. That’s why it is the gate for the mind and the Consciousness to go cross this self. you know you know, Guru brahma, Guru Visunu, Guru devo, mahesh warah, you have all, How ever been said.
is it not? So, God has bhakti reference, which I calling to abar, mythology Brahma, Visunu, and mahesh warah Brahma is creator, Visunu is the organizer Shiva is the destroyer. So in about breathing This three murties, recall them three murties Brahma, Visunu, Mahesh warah. So, Puraka is brahma. if you can not inhale, you are half dead. So, that is how to know? That inhalation is generator for analysis of sympathise. and Kumbhaka is, there is to organize to make the energy to reach the…nerve cells. So that, they are rejuvenate So in after inhalation kumbhaka is to organize their droning to energy, to distribute in the body, for it to developed they tolerance, perseverance, in-persistence. There is kumbhaka.
Not just holding the breath 1 minute. enjoy i take hole there over the minute. But, deep the energy is reached the tip of the mouth is the Kumbhaka. So there’s why it is known as generator G, Organizer O, Exhalation wish as here which has been used, become said toxin, so released the breath,
So shiva is it gone. So brahma is ‘puraka’, Kumbhaka is ‘Visunu’, that’s a kai is shiva. So, we thought its name with ()contrabite belong to deep follow G.O.D. Generating false, Organizing false, destroy thing false. So, that is knowing,
just known as Puraka, Kumbhaka, Rechaka. When you are all doing pranayama, this (tricial) aspect of pranayama, is not the length of the air. Inhalation, length of digention, length of exhalation, That’s one part. Because ‘Yake It is ‘yakewalakehu’ introduce the ‘visyavrtti pranayama’. Not at us. So, samavrtti pranayama we are that also many division. This I don’t want to going to do that what I want to you to experience is Yesterday, I spoke about the empty cap. Brain, how to empty the brain full brain, so either, fu… if the cap is called, you are such a empty cap. is it not? So, similarly you should no. That the body is ‘dvesa’. The container, con…takes the container break So that if fines, contain fines level in the container. That is puraka. and If the container is re vessel. ‘Antar Kumbhaka’ there are visit together That is what this solved ‘Kundalini yoga’ They used different, but I don’t want to OK? So, when you do this le… observ this and i’m show that you will not is it not? So What i said?
your experience what i said it like I don’t like that

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  1. Tek Bir Rai Post author

    Very nicely and explained…..thanks so much for sharing your invaluable knowledge, Gurudev !

  2. himani dimri Post author

    Yes the auto subtitles are not correct wht guruji saying is to be translatef well so that correct message goes

  3. Murali Post author

    How Can I Correct the Subtitles? Perhaps the Tamil language accent of his is confounding youtube's speech recognition software.

  4. Jayashri Savanur Post author

    The translation or say the subtitles, who ever has done, has missed so much. You need to understand yoga and then try and understand BKS

  5. rajat79foryou Post author

    A person is either a Yogi or he is not. There is no middle way around. As sadhguru also says, that holding your breath for 4 minutes or over is not a magic, infact knowing your self and remaining calm and composed in every situation is . There are very few souls who know Yoga the way Guru Iyenger does. Its not mere acrobatics. It is self realization and the postures are the medium to do that. If a posture in an asana is painful it means the Yogi(Practitioner) will have to work towards it as the body is'nt responding correctly. We may get allured by the flexibility in the bodies of some self proclaimed gurus running amok in US and India, but I swear some of them do not know a thing about the way of life ' Yoga' is. Its an illegal patented way to destroy the health of their followers. I was late in realizing that unless I stopped practicing under one of a Guru in India. I was being taught the 'Forward Bending Pose' as in 'Padhastasana or Uttanasana' by bending my back in an arch in an unnatural way. As we all know, the bend comes like a piece of paper is folded in half. The spinal column is always straight with chest outwards, until we reach the bottom of the bend. I just gave an example to tell that please beware of self proclaimed gurus. I rushed into learning at a faster pace without even knowing the intricacies of my own body. Every human beings anatomy is different. Heartfelt Thanks to Shri B.K. Iyenger.

  6. vera intuizione Post author

    Sorry I need help. English language is not my first language so I am in difficult to understand his English pronunciation I have understand ( maybe) that I haven't to count same seconds when I hold the breath. I am right? Thanks a lot

  7. contrawise contrawise Post author

    Vayu air is the clothing of soul.Hatha yoga is for body kind.For mind kind people Gyana yoga is the real deal.Westerners are more body conscious.So hatha yoga is suitable for them.Which makes them more beastly not saintly.It is culture which refines.They don’t have it and Indians don’t want it.So Indians are turning into beasts learning hatha yoga and aping west and forgetting Vedas and upanishads.Best of mad worlds.

  8. somashekhar ertyug Post author

    BKS iyengar,one of the earliest students of
    Tirumalai krishnamacharya
    Who is often regarded as 'The Father of Modern Yoga'

  9. dolcelauretta Post author

    Can someome try to summarize the key concepts? I don't understand him unfortunately because of the accent 🙁

  10. Noah Ark Post author

    Sub-titles corrected:
    0:22 Anterior (not 'interior')
    0:24 & 0:36 Earthworm (not 'alert to alert')
    0:43 Aggression (not 'akarshan')
    1:08 Thoracic (not 'trace')
    1:18 Store house of (not 'shore up the' energy)
    1:23 on gross level (not 'ungrows' level)
    1:37 Sit alert (not 'set align')
    1:58 Store (not 'struggle')
    2:03 Gross (not 'class')
    2:43 Releasing (not 'leasing' )
    2:55 Passive (not 'pass you')
    3:00 Half (not 'off')
    3:18 Brought three forms (not 'bhakti reference')
    (To be contd..)

  11. synchronicity676 Post author

    He says "earthworm "..hav u seen how they move,that's how our spine needs to stretch, not "alert alert!!! Wrong translations below..

  12. synchronicity676 Post author

    That's the first time I've heard such a spiritual yet simple explanation ab pranayama n v insightful. Thanks for sharing 🙏


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