Oh Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. So today we’re getting ready for the ultimate flying challenge But first I want to thank you Squarespace for sponsoring This video and I’ll give you guys a bit more info at the end of the video. Ok planks I love planks because it’s simple and it’s one of the most Effective core exercises to work the apps it trains the deepest core muscle that helps tighten this whole midsection For a smaller waist and it also helped work the arm shoulders chest back booty links So basically it gives you an amazing Full body burn while you work on your waist and your abs and bubble will be here together with us as well Just chillin and watching nice work pal. I made the burn is really good and together we can get it done There will be 10 exercises of different variations for planks It’s going to be fun and I’m actually going to put in a 1 minute rest after the first 5 Exercises so we can get a little break then I promise you you won’t regret it because it works. So no problem. We got this All right, let’s get into it first exercise is the classic elbow plank to kickstart to burn for our body especially the belly area Elbows on the ground shoulder-width apart make a triangle base with your forearms with your legs spine and neck in one straight line Keep your butt down instead of having it hide up in the air and not using your at muscles The key here is to hold your core tight and push your belly button in towards your spine Just hold it until 45 seconds is up here set your intention for this workout remind yourself of your goal What brings you here today? And what you want to achieve through this workout and promise yourself? You’re really going to push it and challenge yourself to give it your all hold it there. We’re not dropping down Good job, we thought it done second is Lowell mountain-climber? Start and Hubble plank position hence the low your shoulder punching your apps Bring one knee to watch your elbow on the same side. This is one rep Alton aside for 45 seconds Remember, we’re doing it slow and controlled here I want you to really feel the burn in your inner and lower abs for each rep. Keep going I’m here together with you every single rep Ten-second Yeah, it’s getting tough I know but we want to result so no pain no gain third is plank to dolphin pose Starting an elbow plank position then press your forearms and elbows into the floor pushing your shoulders away Crunch your abs and raise your hip to form an upside-down V This is dolphin pose then lower down your hip and return to elbow plank again with your body in one straight line Repeat for 45 seconds You should feel a burn in your abs your arms shoulders and back the burn is getting more intense, but don’t give up We’re not stopping here breathe in breathe out. Keep going until the timer ends And not the one done for a single leg plank my favorite exercise of all times here We’re working on our midsection our upper body and also the lower body especially the booty An elbow plank Raise one leg off the floor as you squeeze your booty and hold it up for twenty two seconds before we switch side Try your best to not drop it onto the floor – one oh It’s so hard, but we’re almost there I’m suffering here together with you stay strong guys you’d be surprised what your body can do Yes, hold it Good work friends is playing hip dip last exercise before a one-minute break. So let’s push it Again get into elbow plank position holding in your belly and working the ABS – rotate your hip to one side and dip your body To lightly tap the floor Rotate between sides for 45 seconds pull in your belly button Toward your spine the whole time to get the max burn on your deepest inner core muscles and side ups This is how we work on getting a smaller waist Don’t drop guys keep moving you can do it. I know you can Good job you guys that was an intense burn now? Let’s enjoy our well deserved one-minute rest before pushing for the last part of the workout Drink some water shake out your arms. Is it amazing for the first half of this workout? We can definitely finish it strong Alright guys, it’s almost time Let me show you a sixth exercise side plank Another amazing exercise for the inner core muscles and the side abs the obliques that would really help shape our ways Get into position with one for M on the floor Fingers facing front elbow right under your shoulder and your feet stack the other hand on your waist Lift your butt up so that your body is in one straight line Working the side of your abs to hold your body up This will help take the weight off your arm and really target the side up for the ultimate burn switch side after 22 seconds Hold it up till the end. You can also watch my puppy party to distract yourself Six down only four more to go seven exercise is spider-man plank Again elbow plank concession to start with punching your app to bring one knee in towards your elbow at the same side This is one rep alternate between sides for 45 seconds I Always say this is the killer abs exercise because it works not just the deepest core muscle But also the upper and lower abs on the surface. So it’s a very comprehensive burn to really slim and tighten your belly area Stay strong guys, I’m not dropping. Give me a few more reps. We’re almost done That’s a tough one but we did it only three more exercises to go show yourself what you can do eight a single arm plank Really simple get into regular high plank lift one arm up to have it on your thigh or whatever you like Just hold it there for twenty two seconds before we switch side. Try your best to hold up your body Keep it in one straight line. I know you want to come down. I also want to but I’m not coming down No matter how hard it is I’m staying here. So the timer is up because I know no pain no gain I promise this is going to be worth it. So hold it up together with me That was such a good burn on the ABS shoulders and arms, let’s keep it going for the last two minutes nine We’re starting with commando and switching to plank up and down after twenty two seconds So I started elbow plank then push yourself up to high plank first with right arm and then left arm Return back to elbow plank by coming down also with one arm followed by the other This is a super burn on the upper body, but that’s what we’re here for Repeat for 22 seconds and we’ll go straight into plank up and down From elbow plank punch you’re asked to move your hips up and down it looks funny But this targets exactly the F that we want. So keep it up the more you move up and down the more it burns You’re doing so good only one last exercise to go get up Let’s push it through turns is playing jacks for the final burn We’re starting with high plank checks for the first twenty two seconds and then and with elbow plank jacks Beginning high plank working your abs jump your legs wide and stand back together The faster you jump the more intense it is but don’t forget to keep your core tight to steady your upper body Repeat for 22 seconds. Then we’ll lower our arms to elbow plank jacks while our legs repeat the same movement by jumping in and out Jump faster guys only less than 30 seconds to go pick it up. Remember your goals give yourself that last burn that you work so hard for Oh My god, oh my god And once again, we’ve got it done scream and complain as much as you need give yourself a high five Bob all who also give you a high five here Thank you for putting in the Hat work together with me and making this workout count Also remember to stretch up a bit here are some simple ones or you can always head to my complete stretch video Before we say our goodbyes. Here’s a little bit more information about Squarespace Basically, they provide a powerful and beautiful online platform where you get to create your website with award-winning templates There’s nothing to install patch or upgrade. It’s all in one and it offers a unique domain experience That’s fully transparent and simple to set up You can now go to slash anyone to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase I’ll also include the link in the description box below and that’s it for today I’ll let you guys go stretch go rest and I’ll see you guys again very soon It’s a night


  1. Are you There? Post author

    I love doing plank but my life going to end up now.. its look easy because i'm only watching when i start doing it i feel like dying 😧😧 but i need to do it just keep going. Thats my goal cheer me 🙌🙌

  2. Emi Wong Post author

    I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  3. JaniaLi Garden Post author

    For the life of me I just can’t do a 45 second plank I can only do 15 seconds before my arms burn unbearably

  4. Just an average Otaku girl Post author

    So it’s day one for me 🙂 I feel like I’m gonna die now I see why I stoped working out for 3 years.ill be back in a month to put in the results of how I feel and if I got used to the workout 😄

  5. Anastacia Fedosova Post author

    I’m going to do this workout every day for as long as I can😂 I’ll keep you guys updated because it’ll motivate me so much. Feel responsible now, please, support me with your likes.

    My first YouTube comment EVER😂

    Start: 18.07.2019

    Day 1. ✔️ Did it in the morning right after waking up. Fell down a few times but it’s okay. My meals were kinda okay, almost no sugar, however I went to the restaurant because it’s my Birthday!

    Day 2. ✔️ Got it done! Actually, it’s not so tough for my abs as it is for my arms! God, my arms are burning!! Didn’t fall down however a few times I just froze in a plank position with no moving to give myself some rest. Also, that last Jack-exercise is killing me!!

    Day 3. ❌ I had a bellyache, so, didn’t workout.

    Day 4. ✔️ Did it 🙂

    Day 5. ✔️ Got it done. I also did Emi’s 15 min Thigh Gap workout ( ). I feel more energetic after working out despite my arms are burning and I’m sweating like a mouse (that’s how we say it in Russian:)). However, eating healthy is much harder for me than exercising, but I’ll do my best to get in shape by September. No pain no gain!!

    Day 6. ❌

    Day 7. ❌

    Being honest with you and myself. I was lazy.

    Day 8. ✔️

  6. Thúy Vy Post author

    I'm from VietNam and I really like your video, it so useful for me. Thank you so much, love you ❤

  7. Izzah Rafi Post author

    I’m gonna do this workout for a week and I will tell you guys the result 👌🏻 wait for me nahh.

  8. victoria ross Post author

    I love these videos because you and Chad are so inviting and it helps keep me involved. I have 3 child and although I am in shape and eat healthy the waistline could be more profound. I also have some trouble with sagging skin…I pray this is something that you can help me with..Thank you so much EMI and Chad!

  9. Trang Đài Post author

    Thời gian là để tạo ra điều gì đó. Khi bạn nói TÔI KHÔNG CÓ THỜI GIAN đồng nghĩa với việc bạn nói TÔI KHÔNG MUỐN LÀM ĐIỀU ĐÓ.

  10. Arige Ali Post author

    I've been avoiding this work-out cuz planks are hard for me😂but gonna do it today along with thigh and arm work-out! Thanks emi for these amazing workouts they're always so enjoyable! 💕💕

  11. Aica Bunagan Post author

    For the beginners, I don't think they can easily jump into this intense workout. It would be hard for their arms to take the pressure. I guess, they need to start off w/ sth fitted for them first. Make a workout routine that can strengthen their muscle endurance.

  12. egonana Post author

    Hi Emi thank you for inspiring me to lose my bag of tummy fats. I thought all hope is lost (after two babes and an Aussie diet) but I will try hard.

  13. Jo Cris Post author

    My Dearest Emi, I know this video is pretty old but I just want you to know how much you've been inspiring my life. To do something for me and for my body!
    I love your videos and maybe there's a few I can't keep up because of work but i follow you through instagram and I feel so proud to see people thanking you for doing good to them 😀
    I've been doing this workout at least for one week and i plan to keep doing it cause I can see the results!
    Next month I'm going to start working out in a gym but i will still work out in home
    Love you, be happy and follow your dreams. Thank u <3

  14. Arige Ali Post author

    I laughed so hard on myself when I was doing (trying) commando and instead of standing up my arms gave up and I fell onto my face😂😭😂😭😂

  15. XXXmidnight ! Post author

    Ok since nobody did a result thingy for this here’s mines!!!

    (Starting day 1 tmr since it’s 2 am rn)

    Here y’all go!

    Ok day 1: so it went pretty good but notching else just loads of pain!

    Day 2: so I’ve not lost anything but nice i feel great and no pain at ALL!!!!

    Day 3: so I’ve lost a bit of my stomach I’m really liking this!

    Day 4: this was fun I lost a lot more

  16. 레즐리Lesly Post author

    Just doing the first one I’m already tired that shows that I need to improve 👍🏻💪🏻

  17. SME Post author

    Hi Emi! I love your workouts, especially the no jumping ones for living in an apartment. However, I was wondering if you would consider this plank workout to be a plank HIIT workout? Since it's not just doing standard planking… I'm trying to figure out if I should count it like that in my exercise diary.

  18. Alex Moon Post author

    I hate planks! I can’t ever do them I always fall! I literally almost cried because I can’t do it. I kept trying but I can’t I just can’t. What should I do? :,)
    I need motivation

  19. Walnuts Gacha Post author

    Its so cute how your dog just lays there and watches you, whereas my dog trys to play with me the whole time! Thanks for the workout.

  20. rud m Post author

    Okay..I just started doing this, I don't like my body, I'm kinda short and fat, I used to be much lighter but my depression got the best of me unfortunately.
    So I will do this daily hoping for results.. let me know if anyone wants some updates.
    So here we go..sorry I've been really sick for the past couple of days but I'm back.
    Day1: couldn't even complete the whole video..everything hurt so bad and I couldn't breathe.
    Day2: It wasn't easier but I pushed through it till I was finally done, also I took one more minute break during the video.

  21. mella !! Post author

    hi !! im just here to document my progress so feel free to go on this journey with me hehe 💗 i'm planning to do this for at least a month (w/ break days ofc)

    background: i'm actually a dancer and i have done a lot of sports too in the past. i was really skinny back in grade school and i was really athletic but once high school came in, i started to gain weight😔 i also have regular trainings since i'm part of a dance team but it didn't really make a difference in my weight which is why i am trying this out !!

    day 1: it was really hard at first !! 😔 my body started giving up but i still pushed through!
    day 2:
    day 3:

  22. Cynthia Sinaga Post author

    Start: August 10th
    Day 1: ✓✓✓ (i couldnt do full 45 secs, just 20-30 secs.. but i didnt expect i can do side plank)
    Day 2: ✓✓✓ (still couldnt do full 45 secs but i keep up till the end)

  23. Moonlight Bae Post author

    Thank you so much, Emi! For helping all of us get fit💖 Because of you, I'm in the best shape of my life💪💖 I'm more confident in myself and my body💖 I get negative comments about my body all the time. People tell me I'm too chubby, too flat chested, that my booty is flat, and that it looks like I never exercise. I used to be very VERY insecure about these comments, but wanna know how I respond now? I tell them, "My body is beautiful. I'm beautiful. 🙂 " That response is enough to shut people up very quick, Lol. They don't say anything back becuase they know they can not bring a confident person down. 💖

  24. Alex Dzaki Post author

    It really work,,I do it every twice a day,, already 3weeks and mi hips getting smaller size😘thanks emi

  25. Ain Syazween Post author

    I did this workout after Emi's 15 minutes leg & 10 minutes intense ab workout – RIP me. But for this workout, I only managed to do it until the single leg plank 😭 i will try again tomorrow, same routine and hopefully I will get stronger everyday! 💪🏼


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