Best Fitness Tracker Reviews 2017 – How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker

## Search for the best product
reviews online. Top Products presents, our pick for the top
5 Fitness Trackers. For this review, we chose 5 brands known for
quality Fitness Trackers, showcasing a variety of options that are available. At the number 5 spot is the Moov Now 3D Fitness
Tracker Activity Band chosen not only for its features, but also because of its budget
friendly price tag. Moov is a fantastic brand for all kinds of
fitness trackers, and their focus on attractive as well as functional wearables makes them
stand out from the crowd. This wearable fitness coach actively monitors
your workouts with advanced movement sensors and gives you real time audio coaching. These features combined help you improve your
workouts in a personalized, targeted way. It also monitors sleep patterns and is completely
waterproof – great for swimming! If there was a watch function included, this
band would be even better. Next on our list at number 4, is the Polar
FT7 Workout Watch with Heart Rate Monitor A popular and prestigious brand, Polar is
well known for delivering fitness devices with the latest smart technology. The FT7 is a great workout watch with a bunch
of features and a generous choice of colors. It’s waterproof, and comes with a chest
strap to monitor heart rate. Gym Link compatibility and workout calendar
planning via Polar software make it a well-connected device. The chest strap monitor isn’t for everyone,
so consider whether it’s something you’d use. The next product on our list was chosen because
it is a great choice for people who are looking for a Fitness Tracker with lots of bells and
whistles. At number 3 we have the Garmin Forerunner
Fitness Tracker. Garmin is a long-established fitness brand,
offering products that focus on the training and aiming at the high end of the market. The Forerunner 735XT is an excellent fitness
tracker for those fitness enthusiasts out there. It even tracks your progress with the live
Garmin Connect system. Built-in GPS lets you track locations and
distances, and the wrist-based heartrate monitor is effective and comfortable. It’s also well served with apps, acting
as a great watch and showing notifications from your phone. Of course, all this comes with a high end
price tag to match the high end features. When choosing the right Fitness Tracker for
your needs, TopProducts knows that budget can be an important consideration and our
number 2 pick, the Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker takes the spot for best value. Samsung is a world renowned brand in technology
and they don’t disappoint with their fitness and mobile tech. The Galaxy Gear R350 Smartwatch is a fully-featured
activity tracker as well as a smart watch to pair with your phone. The great-looking color display includes a
pedometer, heart rate monitor, timer and stopwatch. It also shows text messages and notifications
from your cell phone, and has an enormous app catalogue to choose from. The down side of all this is a 3-4 day battery
life, which doesn’t match the leading products. And finally, the Fitbit Alta Fitness Wristband
made it to our Top Choice position because it provides a good array of features with
an affordable price. Fitbit is a trusted brand in the industry
with a reputation for sleek designs and great consumer satisfaction. The Alta is packed with excellent features,
with a 5 day battery life and a month’s activity tracking memory. It’s got a silent vibrating alarm and tracks
sleep patterns as well as daytime activity levels. It even syncs with your phone for messages
and notifications. The only issue is, there’s no heart rate
monitor, so if that’s a priority for you, an alternative may be better. These are our top 5 Fitness Trackers. We hope you enjoyed watching our review. Until next time, take care. Click now to subscribe to our youtube channel
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