Best Budget Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor 2018

Hey what’s up everybody TECHFIT360
here and in today’s video we will be looking at the NO.1 F6
SmartWatch. Now this is my very first review of any smartwatch although I do
use one everyday. When you’re living your life a budget
not everyone has hundreds of dollars to invest in a SmartWatch and today you
don’t have to because this watch is affordability priced so without any
further ado.. Let’s get into it. A special shout-out to GEARBEST for sending this
product out to me for review but don’t you worry because that’s not going to
interfere with me presenting you with a solid review that you can trust.
Alright inside the box you find the SmartWatch and I must say it is a very
impressive looking watch which is exactly my style because I love the
Casio G-shock watches and when I place these two side-by-side you can
definitely see the resemblance also included in the box is a black magnetic
charging cable and a user manual which is printed in several different
languages all right now the watch is rocking the 350 mAh battery with a
standby time of 120 days it has a black silicon band and the case is made up of
stainless steel and silicon I also love the gold and white lettering it looks
good against the black alright now there are four function buttons and if we turn
the watch over you will see the contacts for the magnetic charging cable.
Now let’s check out the features because you’re getting a lot here on the
SmartWatch. First it’s a pedometer that tracks steps
distance and calories burned, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, Sports mode which
tracks running, cycling, basketball, swimming, table tennis, badminton, climbing, and
football. Each exercise tracks movement time, calories burned, and heart rate. It
has an IP68 waterproof rating so I can wash my hands take a swim or even take a
shower while wearing it. What else yeah it’s a stopwatch, you can set up several
different alarm clocks, receive your last eight text messages from your smartphone,
also you can receive social media notifications. You also have a total of
five watch faces to choose from all with
pretty large fonts for easy reading. The SmartWatch app is called Fundo and is
available for your iOS and Android device you can either search for the app
on your Google Play or the App Store or you can just use your smartphone and
scan the QR code right on the watch. So the opening screen gives you
a quick rundown of the daily progress along with your best, average, and last
week’s totals. Next is your analysis which covers your steps and sleep stats
for the last seven days here is your heart monitor which includes your
average, max, and minimum rates. There’s an activity report available for you to see
how active or inactive you’ve been if I tap on more it’s going to give you more
Wow okay first it’s shows if your smart
device is connected next there is a find your SmartWatch feature which will
vibrate and send a soft tone to your watch the camera feature will allow you to
remotely take a picture from your smartphone you can change your unit
settings here connect to Apple Health application push allows you to control
which notifications are pushed to your smartwatch
you have call notifications and text notifications sedentary remind which is
gonna tell you to get off your butt because you’ve been sitting too long
you can set drinking water in – raise your hand switch to turn on the watch
remind mode controls how you are notified on your SmartWatch there’s a heartrate
test and a do not disturb mode so there you have it several cool features on the
SmartWatch and like I said at the beginning I think it’s perfect for us who are on a
strict budget maybe you are doing some DIY work around the
house and you still want to track your movement well put on this instead of
that more expensive watch which brings me to the price at the time of this
video GEARBEST has a special going on and if you like it you can pick this
watch up for $32.89 I’ll leave my link in the description so you can check it out.
If someone should ask me what is the one thing I don’t like about this watch
I would have to say it’s the display when I’m outside on a bright day you can
barely see the time now I know it looks a little strange on the video but the
only issue is that it’s very dim but when I think of the price and the amount
of features you are getting here I say it’s a pretty sweet deal! Alright Crew it’s
a wrap so tell me what Fitness tracker you are using in your everyday life. Now
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everybody thank you for watching and I’ll be seeing you in my very next video!

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