Bench Press for Upper Chest – (2 BIG MISTAKES!)

Bench Press for Upper Chest – (2 BIG MISTAKES!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We’re breaking out Jeff’s marker today to
help you get more out of the incline bench press. No doubt, it’s one of the best upper
chest exercises you can do if you can figure out a way to minimize the front delt from
dominating the movement. You see, we know that these two muscles – the
front delt and the upper chest fibers – are really close to each other, which means they
can really start dominating one or the other if we don’t do the exercise correctly. So I want to carry over and show you the two
biggest problems with the exercise that most people are making. I can tell you, it was
backed up with a recent trip to the gym where our international chest day – Friday now,
a lot of guys getting their swole on for the weekend – there were so many guys doing
incline bench incorrectly at the gym that I felt like it warranted a video to recover
this important topic. So first of all, what is the angle that you
want to use on the bench in order to hit the upper chest the most? Now, I’m not saying
that you want to totally exclude the front delt, but the fact of the matter is, our front
delts get a lot of attention from a lot of the other exercise that we not only do in
the gym, but every day activities that we do with our body. If I were to do a shoulder press you guys
know that an upright shoulder press is going to maximize the attention that the shoulders
get – the front delts get. Why? Because it’s straight up against gravity. You can see this muscle is working and shortening
up against the force of gravity, right through here. Well, if I were to back off the angle
of the bench 30 degrees to 60 degrees – which is one of the most common places that people
will do an incline bench press from – then you’re going to shift the focus down a little
bit. But you can see this muscle is a pretty large
muscle and it’s not enough. It’s not enough to put the focus down through the mid-belly
of the upper chest. So 60 is not enough. You might want to go a bit lower. You can see me make that adjustment here on
the bench, down to 45 degrees. Well, 4t5 degrees is better. Anytime you start going lower and
lower, you’re shifting that focus down. Remember, completely flat bench-press, 0 degrees would
represent one that’s going to target more of the middle chest. So at 45 degrees you’re still not really there.
You’ve got a little more room to play. As a matter of fact, research shows that 30 degrees
is the best angle for targeting the upper chest. Now, that leads to the second point. As you’ve seen me bang out a couple reps of
th 30 degrees, notice the position of my shoulder. Now, the position of my shoulder is key. This
is why the 30 degree angle works better, because when you look at these two muscles – again,
I talked about the dominance of the front delt. When the front delt becomes dominant our shoulders
tend to round forward. I know a lot of people watching this are probably sitting here right
now like this watching the video. That’s common, unfortunately. What happens is, the front
delt is actually put in more of a position of power in relation to the chest. It’s actually here more willing, proud, standing
out, willing and able to push more quickly and spring to the task more quickly than your
upper chest. The way we can silence that is by getting it back where it belongs, allowing
the chest to now being a better position to contract. The way we have to do that is through positioning
our shoulders in the right direction. So we want to make sure that whenever we press the
shoulder blades have to be back and down, okay? Back and down. What the does immediately, you can see here,
is it puts the front delt back in its place and allows the upper chest to be in a better
position of pushing power because we’re laying back flatter, and flatter, and flatter on
a 30 degree versus a 60. We’re actually allowing that to take place
more naturally. So you have to not only rely on the fact that the bench is helping you
get there, but you have to consciously be sure that you’re contracting those shoulder
blades to ensure that it’s there because a lot of us will continue to press. Over time, even as we fatigue, more and more
we’re trying to recruit a little bit of help from the front delt and that’s when the exercise
falls apart. So, guys, I hope you’ve found this detailed breakdown of the incline bench
to be helpful. Remember, this is about putting the science
back in strength. I don’t like to just tell you “Oh, do inclined bench because it’s good.”
We all know it’s good, it’s why it’s good that allows you to get better results, faster
when you follow our training. Guys, if you’re looking for a complete training
program, step by step, put the science back in your strength, you can head to
right now and get our ATHLEANX training system. If you’ve found this video helpful, if you
like Jeff’s marker, make sure you let me know in the comments below and I’ll make sure to
break it out again and do more of these detailed breakdowns. All right guys, I’ll be back here again real

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    The markers idea is great, but please do not use EXPO or Sharpie markers because they have a lot o chemicals. Stay healthy! 🍃

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    Great tip. I will definitely be trying to roll the shoulder blades back and down next time I incline.

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