Ashigaru physical education – Ollerup 🇩🇰

Ashigaru physical education – Ollerup 🇩🇰

Hi, welcome to Ollerup …where it´s actually not allowed to use your phone during dinner anyway…we´re using it, because we are… it´s rolling comrade! noob…always with noobs camera is rolling bro, you wont get away spontaneous flow … lol höähöe its okay…you can go in a circle the whole time Palmspin at the end…sickest move ?! hahaha i hate dodo :* my body is cold and i have muscle sore…mimimimimi this run is obtuse

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  1. Marius Bugnowski Post author

    Benni wann kommt eigentlich genau das Video mit dem 100 m sprint und der gemessenen Zeit was du mal machen wolltest?


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