As Seen On TV Fitness with Bill Hader | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 6 | Laugh Out Loud Network

As Seen On TV Fitness with Bill Hader | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 6 | Laugh Out Loud Network

( music playing )Jesus Christ. Kevin:
One second! Here I come! – Here I come.
– You want me to open it? – Nah, man.
– Okay. I said I’m coming. – Hey, man.
– What up, man? – Hey. Wow.
– Give me some, man. Wow. This is a nice house. – Do you like it?
– Yeah! I need to start
doing standup. Yeah, and I bought
it all cash. – The whole house. Cash.
– Yeah? All cash? Yeah, just a duffle bag
filled with money in it. – And you’re just
doing standup.
– Yeah. – Just some standup?
– Well, other stuff. Come on, man. Come in! – This is my kitchen.
– Oh, nice, man. Yeah, this is where
I put everything at, – all the food and stuff.
– Wow. This is cool. Ladies and gentlemen,
the legend, the man, the myth, I’m talking about Bill Hader.
Say hey, Bill. – Hi. How are you guys?
– Oh, man. – I’m excited to have you on.
– This is going to be fun, man. You know, I haven’t let
anybody in my house yet. – Really? Why?
– Anybody. Just not my thing.
But you? You’re a good guy. – Aww, thanks, man.
– So if I’m going to have
anybody in my house… Aww, that’s nice
of you, man. – …it’s going to be you.
– Really? All right? And we’re going
to do workout stuff. I’m excited, too.
Just alone? – Just the two of us?
– Ain’t nobody else here, man. This is not going to be
a regular workout. Let’s see what’s
in some of these boxes. Oh, nice. So, just so you to know, like, a lot of this stuff,
when I’m ordering it… – Uh-huh.
– it’s because, you know, at night,
you may have worked out, you may not have worked out,
and you see these infomercials and the stuff pops up,
and it’s like some days I don’t feel like
going to the gym. – Yeah.
– I can just be in my house. Right, usually at night,
just laying in bed, flipping the channels. Or the couch or whatever,
but, you know, you see this stuff,
and you’re like,
“I got to get it.” What’s with the menorah? Oh, yeah, that’s my–
that’s my thing. Your thing? I’ve been doing
that for a minute. So… And the white family
is yours, too? Or is that your thing? Over there?
Oh, no, no, no. Those are some
of my political friends. You know how it is,
when you’re dealing with
Democrats or Republicans, you got to make them
feel welcome all the time, – put their faces up.
– Oh, I got it. – Oh, make them feel–
– I’ve always done it. – Come on, man,
let’s sit down.
– All right. You also see my karate
trophies up there. Nobody even knows
I’m a black belt. – So what do we got?
– I think this is– – We got…
– Yeah! What–
is that a workout thing? This is a… Is that from
the Hustler store? Oh, my wife!
My wife got this. It’s the Facial Fitness Pao 7. Yeah.
Yeah, I remember this. – This is for…
– Facial fitness? – Yeah.
– This is, like– This is if you want to–
oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You got to, like,
put your mouth– – What?
– You put your mouth
on this thing. – What? Wait, no.
– Yup. Yup, yup, yup. – Look at the–
– No, that’s it. You put your mouth on this. Look at the directions
first before you– I don’t need to.
I remember now. Kevin. Do not put your mouth
on the– – No, I’m joking.
– Is that what it says? How did the guy
who invented this– he was just in his garage
and he came out one day, and was like, “Honey!” – Okay. Look at this.
– “This is going to make us
( bleep ) millions.” But the directions
are only in Chinese. – Wow.
– Let’s do another one. Let’s get another one. Oh! – Oh, wow.
– Yes! Yes! I think this is my ab thing. I’ve seen this thing on TV. I think I saw
Chuck Norris with it. Oh. Nice. Oh, shit. Yeah. Yeah. Huh? Yeah, Bill. – Look at me.
– No, it’s great. You see a difference already? – Yeah. No, I do.
– Yeah. Totally. – Do you want some?
– Do I want some– You want to come–
you want to come get some? Huh? I’ll let you get in here. You want a little bit?
You want to hit it, Bill? Do I want to hit
the machine or the– Yeah, the machine.
What are you talking about? Nothing, man. I just– The ( bleep ) are
you talking about, Bill? – The machine.
– No, I know. – No, I thought we were–
– What did you hear? I thought we were having
a nice conversation about– Here. Go ahead.
I was talking about
the machine, man. – No, I got you.
– Jesus Christ. No, it’s just that we’re alone
in your house and stuff, – and I was like, this is fun.
– Okay, Bill. If this was one
of those infomercials, they would go, “Yeah, see, the beauty of this machine, it’s not just
working your abs. You’re also getting
a triangulated crunch. That’s your–
that’s your upper– no. – Bill, Bill.
– Shit. – Bill, what the–
– Shit. Sorry. I got it. No, I’m good. You know, at “SNL,”
I did a lot of
impressions and stuff. – Yeah.
– You do impressions
though, right? If you call
what you do impressions, then, yeah,
I guess I do, too. All right,
well, who do you do? Can you do Al Pacino? If I wanted to, yeah. – If you wanted to? Just…
– Do Al Pacino? Yeah. I don’t know.
Yeah, what is your Al Pacino? See, I used to do them
on the shows like, “Wow! Look what’s
going on here. That’s nice! I like that. Whoa, here with Kevin Hart. Woo! Look at all that wine.” You know, I mean,
if you wanted to. Can you do
something like that? She’s got a big ass! A big ass! Any given Sunday. – What movie is that from?
– “Any Given Sunday.” – Oh, right. Yep.
– Let’s open up another one
of the big boxes. – Yes!
– Oh. Yes! Yes! – Oh, my God.
– Wow, what is this? What do you mean,
“What is this?” – Is that a–
– It’s the Rodeo Core. ( laughing ) Why, hello. – Hey.
– That’s how you do it. – No, that’s not– I don’t–
– Oh, Jesus. The purpose is to hold your–
you got to hold your core in. – Oh, I get it.
– Yeah. Yeah. Yeah! No. No, no, no.
Don’t– Bill. No, no, no.
Bill, I think you– – What?
– Well, you may be– – you may be too heavy for it.
– Oh. I think it’s your bodyweight
that’s too heavy. – Oh, now I got it.
– Yeah. Yeah, see? Get a rhythm going. – Huh?
– Yeah. That’s what
I’m talking about. Yeah. Look at that. God, I wish I had
my phone right now. Oh, my God. Hey. Ooh! Ooh. Yeah, you should
take that out. – No, no, no. I got it now.
– Yeah, this is good. Oh, you about to make me– oh, oh, you about to make– Oh, you… Are you all right there?
Did you, uh– Thank you, Rodeo Core. Can you do Alan Alda?
Do you know Alan Alda? – Yes.
– I used to do him
auditioning for “Back To The Future.”
Biff from “Back To…” “Hey, why don’t you
make like a tree
and get out of here?” I can do Chris Rock.
“What the ( bleep ).” Chris Tucker.
“Come on, man.” Can you do Chris Tucker
in “Fifth Element”? “Oh, man!
( babbling ), man!” – Jackie Chan.
– Okay, what’s that? “What do you mean,
I speak no English?” Denzel.
I got a great Denzel. What’s Denzel? “I’m putting cases on all you mother ( bleep ).” – That’s good.
– That’s all I got. – Whoa, shit.
– Whoa, Jesus. – Shit.
– Whoa, whoa. What does this do? – This is the–
– The Hawaii Chair? The Hawaii Chair.
I bought this– – What does this do?
– Well, this is, like, you can basically hula-hoop… – Uh-huh.
– …whenever you want. And I was like,
“I got to get this, because the lady
that was in it, she was eating a cupcake
and hula-hooping
at the same time. And I was like,
“Sometimes I don’t feel
like exercising.” – Mm-hmm.
– But this chair make you. Don’t go up in speed, boy. – Oh, this thing here got a–
– Maybe I should unplug it? – Are you all right?
– No, no, no. I’m good. Got to keep your
balance up top, though. I’m gonna stop here.
I’m gonna stop now. I’m going to leave you
and the chair alone
for a little bit. No, no, no. I got it.
Stop it. I’m going to go ahead
and stand up. – Do I have to do it now?
– Yeah, just do it. Just sit on–
press the green button. It’s gonna catch you
off guard. – Shit.
– Shit, yeah. – Oh, my God.
– Yeah. It’s like
a good thing, right? Press up.
Here, you got to… – Let me see.
– Yeah, that’s kind of nice. Let me get your speeds up. ( imitating trumpet ) No, no, bro.
You got to stay straight. – Oh, shit.
– I like the hula chair. – They did that.
– It keeps on wanting
to take me– Yeah. You feel like
you’re in Hawaii right now? – Huh?
– I don’t remember
going to Hawaii and having my ass spun around
really fast in a chair, no. That just mean you ain’t go
with the right people. Oh, this?
I can watch TV like this. That’s actually good though,
because it’s working so much. – Do you feel it?
– Where you feeling at? Kind of in my butthole.
It’s kind of– – Wait, what?
– Shit. All right, all right.
Stop. All right, here we go. All right, all right.
I’m stuck in it. I’m stuck in it.
I’m stuck in it. It’s off.
It’s off. It’s off. Turn the cameras off
for a sec so I can– Shut them down for a sec,
guys, so he can– – You all right?
– Yeah, I’m all right. Just my balls got–
all right. I got a good
Rock impression. – Oh, okay.
– Are you ready? – Yeah. Yeah.
– All right. “Daddy’s gonna need
a bigger gun.” – I can do Vin Diesel.
– Oh, let’s see Vin Diesel. “Family.” That’s it. You got to watch
the movie again. – All right.
– Cool. We can just go. Shake Weight! Come on now,
you got to be happy to
see the Shake Weight. I don’t want to be doing this
alone with you in a house. Yeah!( funky music playing )I heard though, for, like,
arms and for your abs you need to be… – No, no.
– kind of like that.( music continues )No, it helps your core
if you’re like this. No, that don’t– And if you get two
of them at once… No. No.
I doubt that that’s– Now, if you get
two like this, that helps your arms and
your core at the same time. Bill.
Bill, I doubt this is– But this one, you got to
get this one going.( music continues )– You dizzy?
– I’m something. – A little bit, right?
– Yeah. I’m not the only person
that fell for this, okay? I’m not the only person
that watches infomercials and buys things in bulk. So don’t make me think
I’m crazy. Don’t look at me
like I’m crazy. I’m proud of the products
that I bought. And I’m proud of the fact
that Bill came over my house and got to test
all these things out with me. ( shuddering ) Yeah, Bill, get down. – On a serious note…
– ( pop ) this isn’t my house,
so we should probably get the ( bleep )
out of here. It’s not? See, I knew it
wasn’t your house. Man, why are you–
Come on, man. The dude told me
that I could come by. He just wasn’t here. – Shit.
– Shit. No, I got it. I got it. – Can you grab it?
– I got it. I got it. Go, go, go, go, go! Kevin:
Don’t track the plastic!This is K. Hart.
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