Army Combat Fitness Test: Hand-Release Push-Up (HRP) (Event 3)

Army Combat Fitness Test: Hand-Release Push-Up (HRP) (Event 3)

The starting position for the hand-release
push-up is the prone position with hands flat on the ground beneath the shoulders,
feet will be together or up to boot width apart, head will be off the ground,
arms may be away from the trunk. On the command go, the first movement performed
is a push-up from the ground and to the front leaning rest. This movement ends
when both elbows are fully extended, the legs and the trunk must leave the ground
at the same time as one unit. The legs trunk and head must remain in a straight
line throughout the exercise. The second movement is a return to the starting
position the third movement is the hand release without moving the head body or
legs, the Soldier will lift both hands from the ground at the same time a clear
gap between the palms and the ground must be visible to the grader so that
the grader knows that the Soldier has released his or her hands from the
ground. The fourth movement occurs as the hands returned to the ground under the
shoulders, this fourth movement completes one
repetition of the hand release push-up. Here is the exercise conducted to
standard in real-time illustrating the authorized rest position and changes in

5 comments on “Army Combat Fitness Test: Hand-Release Push-Up (HRP) (Event 3)

  1. FallenHeavens Post author

    How does releasing the hands from the ground make this any different than a regular push up? It seems to add extra time and complexity to a push up with no benefit. Merely making a simple exercise more complicated only for the purpose of adding complexity, but nothing else.

  2. Military Assn of Atheists & Freethinkers (MAAF) Post author

    I thought the hand release was solving the up position… 'what's up' is the toughest part about the PT test especially pushups. how long in that hand release position before a poor troop gets disqualified? how far up is up for the hand release? I notice they didn't do this video in grass… Poor troops.


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