Army Combat Fitness Test: 3 Repetition Maximum Deadlift (MDL) (Event 1)

Army Combat Fitness Test: 3 Repetition Maximum Deadlift (MDL) (Event 1)

Soldiers move to the lane with a hex bar
loaded with the soldiers target weight for the three repetition maximum deadlift
event. A grader takes a soldier scoring card – Department of the Army form 705. On
the command of “get set,” the soldier steps into the bar and assumes the straddle
stance with ankle centered inside the hex bar and aligned with the midpoint of
the hex bar handles. The soldier will bend at the knees and hips reaching down
to grasp the center of the handle. Arms should be straight, back flat, head in
line with the spine or neck slightly extended and feet flat on the floor. Any
preparatory movements are performed at this point to include setting shoulder,
hand and foot positions. While firmly gripping the bar and while
keeping the spine straight, the soldier will straighten the knee, hips and trunk,
lifting the weight until reaching an upright stance. After a short pause in
the upright position, the soldier lowers the weight under control until it rests
on the ground this movement is repeated two more times
to complete the event. If the soldier fails to lift three times successfully
he or she will move to a lighter weight for one more attempt.

9 comments on “Army Combat Fitness Test: 3 Repetition Maximum Deadlift (MDL) (Event 1)

  1. CorpsmanBearšŸ» Post author

    In every video that the Army has put out regarding the deadlift, soldiers that are demonstrating the movement exhibit mild to moderate spinal flexion. At 0:52, the soldier's back, which was straight, immediately flexes when she begins the pull. Simply telling the soldiers to keep their back straight is insufficient coaching. Please see the following video of Mark Rippetoe, author of the best-selling book Starting Strength, as he demonstrates the cues necessary to instruct a trainee how to voluntarily control the lower back.

  2. shelby hill Post author

    Soldiers hold still for a voluntary dose of warrior mentality: "When you see a Muslim child, that is a terrorist! Stab them in the heaaaarrttt!!!"

  3. Colin Kalescky Post author

    Very concerned about the reserve side of the military. It is a challenge to get soldiers to schools which means a lack of qualified instructors and graders.

  4. Alejandro sainz Post author

    Can you guys take the video down before soldiers follow these instructions and hurt their backs?

  5. Chris M Post author

    The Army should seriously provide a better instructional video. Her back should not be in the flexed position.

  6. Military Assn of Atheists & Freethinkers (MAAF) Post author

    What's 'up'. should be the main point of the video, just like with push ups. any chalk or grip assist authorized?


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