Allison Wetherbee – 2012 National Success Story Winner – Anytime Fitness

Allison Wetherbee – 2012 National Success Story Winner – Anytime Fitness

SUBJECT 1: Very important. SUBJECT 2: Yeah, it’s in
the top five, I guess. SUBJECT 3: Probably a five. NARRATOR: People
commonly list health as one of their top priorities. SUBJECT 4: Lack of time. SUBJECT 5:And then I’m just
tired coming home from work. SUBJECT 2: Too much on my plate. SUBJECT 3: I have a two-hour
each way round-trip commute. SUBJECT 1: There really
isn’t a good excuse left. NARRATOR: Yet we’re
full of excuses for why we don’t exercise more often. But not Allison Wetherbee. ALLISON WEATHER:You know, it’s
just a matter of deciding what you want out of life. NARRATOR: Born with
no arms and no legs, Allison takes a
little for granted, least of all her health. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: And if
you want to feel better, and you want to have an
improved life in some way, then you have to get up and
do something about that. NARRATOR: As a child, Allison
grew up in a loving family and played with other kids. She attended Camp ASCCA,
the Alabama special camp for children and adults
from age seven to 17. And she got her MBA in
counseling from Auburn University in Montgomery. To keep herself as
fit as possible, Allison recently
joined Anytime Fitness in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: Hey. DREW NORTON: Good morning. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: How are you? DREW NORTON: Good. How are you? ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: And I
just wanted to fee better. I wanted to be healthy. DREW NORTON: Ready
to get rolling? ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: Oh yeah. NARRATOR: Like a
lot of us, Allison realized she needed
more exercise, after turning 40 last year
and gaining some weight. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: Not only
does it make me feel bad, but it also affects my back. So DREW NORTON: Here we go. 30-second series. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE:
So the heavier I am, the worse that problems are. NARRATOR: She checked
out several other gyms before Anytime Fitness. But none of them thought
that they could help her. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: No
one refused to help me. It was just you can see
on their faces and the way their expressions
were on their faces as to just not quite
sure what to do, and so intimidated or
scared or apprehensive about the situation, that there
was just no excitement there. DREW NORTON: One solid minute. Crunch them high, pull
them hard every time. NARRATOR: She got a
completely different response from personal
trainer Drew Norton. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: And
he was extremely excited, more than willing to do it
and excited about doing it, and told me that he couldn’t
wait for the challenge. DREW NORTON: From the minute I
saw her, I wanted to help her. I was super-excited. I wanted her to
come here so that I would have the opportunity
to make a difference for her. Give me one minute of a scoot. The attitude that Drew had
was phenomenal, was, ma’am, we would love to work with you. I don’t know what
we’re going to do yet, but we will figure it out. And it was I kind of
no-excuses, can-do, we’re going to find
a way to help you. 30 back extensions. I got my hand up there. NARRATOR: Naturally, Allison’s
lack of arms and legs demanded creativity in
designing a workout routine. DREW NORTON: Immediately I
started racking my brain. What can I do to change
it up, to really help her to make some progress here. Get ready to grab her. NARRATOR: Some ideas have
worked better than others. DREW NORTON: Actually, it’s
working a hundred times better than it did. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: I’m stronger. If I wasn’t paying attention,
you will know what will happen. SUBJECT 1: But they both
in the sense of humor about Allison’s challenges, and
they’ve had many more successes than failures. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: That’s
been my entire life, is trying things and failing,
and figuring out the ways that’ll work. NARRATOR: Others have taken
notice and are duly impressed. SUBJECT 6: After I met her,
I don’t miss my workouts, because if she can
do it, I can do it, no matter how I’m feeling. WALTER BAKER: To have
somebody in here with no arms and no legs, actually
making herself better, is very inspiring. DREW NORTON: 30 seconds
on each side here, OK? NARRATOR: Equally
impressive are the results that Allison’s gotten. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: And I wanted
to get at least 30 pounds off in one year. So at this point, last time we
weight was about three weeks ago,m and I had lost 12. NARRATOR: Allison’s health
is important to her, because she’s not the type
to sit around and wait for good things to happen. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: –facilities. So they made really
good decisions very early on in my
life to help me– NARRATOR: After working as
a therapist for 11 years, Allison now does public speaking
work for the Easter Seals and Camp ASCCA. In addition to giving seven or
eight presentations each month, she also frequently
works on a website that she created, called
“Living Limbless.” ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: I could
easily feel sorry for myself 24/7 and not do anything with
my life from having no limbs, or I can choose to get up
and do something about it, and make a productive
life for myself. NARRATOR: And in her spare
time, with her dog Miracle by her side, she wrote a book. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: My
autobiography was called I Was Born This Way. I wrote that in 2007 and 2008. And it was released
in 2009, long before Lady Gaga got a hold
of “I Was Born This Way.” NARRATOR: Instead of making
excuses, Alice find solutions. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: In order
to be healthy and participate in the life that I want to
participatae in, I have to put in the work. NARRATOR: Her advice is simple. For those who think
they don’t have the time to get more of life. ÁLLISON WETHERBEE: Sure you can. There’s no such thing as I can. I can’t is in your head. NARRATOR: I can, Allison says. You’ll find deep in your heart. SUBJECT 5: My purpose
in life, in my opinion, is improving the lots of others. I love helping people,
and if hearing my story does that for somebody,
then that’s wonderful.

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  1. Pat Sobczyk Post author

    Great video and great job Drew and Allison. I wanted to share it on a disability FB page that I am on GimpGirl however I need to be able to turn on the closed captioning which I did. It does not follow the video you really need to fix it.

  2. Horn Swamp Hunting Post author

    We were classmates for 12 years. It never ceases to amaze me how she continues to find new ways to inpsire us!

  3. fitmykexl Post author

    Allison, you are truly God sent!!! Thank you for sharing and being a part of our Anytime Fitness Family…

  4. Tae Grant Post author

    Good for her. I'm also happy to see there's a personal trainer willing to think outside of the box for the benefit of her health. Getting good vibes, man. Cool video.

  5. HU HU Post author

    she is such a motivated lady… and watching this just motivated me more to keep working out. Awesome lady

  6. thebuttonmushroom Post author

    Allison Wetherbee and Nick Vujicic may have no arms or legs, but are so positive and sooooo inspirational. Love you both!


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