Alcohol Effects on Fitness – Bad For Your Gains?

Alcohol Effects on Fitness – Bad For Your Gains?

Oh, alcohol, why must you be so cruel? You
make me stumble around, scream out loud for no reason, pee 10 times in an hour, and perform
dares that I wouldn’t even dare to think about it when I’m sober. But at least you don’t
take away my gainz. Or… do you? How does alcohol affect your fitness gains?
Many of us have at least the “occasional” drinking nights and sometimes the rare “extreme”
drinking nights, but we hardly think about how it might affect us fitness-wise. One way
drinking affects us physiologically is by dehydration. Since alcohol is a diuretic,
the more you drink, the more you urinate, the more you’re dehydrated. In worse case
scenarios, excessive drinking can lead to severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.
Pair this with increased levels of a toxin known as acetaldehyde from drinking, you’re
ripe with the recipe for a hangover. Not so fun fact, acetaldehyde is also classified
as a Group 1 carcinogen, the same group as tobacco, asbestos, aaaand processed meat.
And it’s also the reason why many East Asian ethnicities have alcohol flush reactions,
aka “Asian Glow,” due to a mutation of the enzyme in charge of breaking down this toxin.
Of course, with dehydration and a hangover, you’ll feel increases in fatigue, sluggishness,
confusion, and your chances of going to the gym plummets to a near zero. And if it needs
to be spelled out, no gym equals no gainz. In fact, your gainz might already be affected
even if you don’t exercise. Studies show that low alcohol consumption, about 40 grams or
so, or 1 drink, has really no effect on the muscle growth promoting hormone testosterone.
However, that starts changing as you continue to drink more. 10 to 16 hours after consuming
3 drinks, shown to reduce testosterone levels in your body by 23%. This drop does not come
back to normal levels until 36 hours later. That’s a whole 1 and a half day you’re spending
with subpar muscle protein synthesis, and the studies also show that the worse your
hangovers feel, the lower your testosterone drops. And even worse, alcohol has been connected
to decreasing leucine oxidation, which is also important for building muscle.
Oh, and it doesn’t stop there for your hormones. Moderate amounts of alcohol has shown to also
inhibit the hormone Leptin, which is responsible for making you feel full. If you’re trying
to lose weight, good luck battling those cravings for nachos after a long night of drinking.
Speaking of losing weight or even just losing bodyfat, alcohol will also affect how your
body uses energy. Typically your body uses glucose and fat as energy through the glycolytic
and oxidative pathway. But once you introduce alcohol, your body quickly shifts its focus
from glucose and fat to breaking down alcohol for energy instead. Alcohol itself contains
roughly 7 calories per gram, which your body breaks down into acetaldehyde and then into
acetic acid and then finally a useable energy source known acetyl CoA. While this process
takes place, your body won’t be utilizing any other energy sources in your body, which
means all the calories you consume while intoxicated will be converted into stored fat and any
chances of burning fat for the duration is not going to happen.
And most of all, alcohol lowers your quality of sleep. After a night of drinking, studies
show that when you go to bed, you do in fact fall asleep quicker and into deeper sleep,
but it’s quickly disrupted and REM sleep, the deepest of all the sleep stages, is overall
reduced. When you’re asleep, much of the mechanisms for muscle synthesis and recovery takes place.
Disrupt that, and you disrupt your muscle growth.
So if you have a fitness goal that you’re desperately trying to reach, alcohol consumption
is perhaps one of your worst enemies. But if you do choose to drink, drink moderately
and choose healthier, low calorie choices. Come check out this previous video that might
help you do just that. Please also come check out PictureFit on Patreon
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77 comments on “Alcohol Effects on Fitness – Bad For Your Gains?

  1. Frank Willis Post author

    Bro you saying alot of big words and talking way too fast. This is a video trying to educate drunk people, you gotta relax.

  2. BuckkBuckk Weed Post author

    I work out first then after I take a few shots an boom next day same an SAMEEEE an I'm still fit

  3. Azhar J Post author

    To be honesti love your channel but even if thr studies cite all this stuff about alcohol I've actuslly had very good success in the fitness department while consuming alcohol daily. (avergae 8 drinks daily, occasional 750ml 80 proof binges). I am not defending alcohol, it's a horrible substance but I have better results in the gym than most people who rarely drink and eat way cleaner than i do. I've been told I have good genetics but I'm not convinved that is the case either.

  4. MaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaax Post author

    Does it really destroy my gains if I drink once (around 6-7beers) every 2 weeks?

  5. EJR77 Post author

    Ah the great bro paradox. We lift to look good at the bar even though the bar fucks with our gains. Best fix to this is to chug Gatorade or pedilyte after a night of drinking to replenish your electrolytes, pop an Advil, have a cup of coffee and go to the gym and do cardio.

  6. Reda's life Post author

    I was drunk & i was able to jerk off 4 times i was seriouslly drunk & i came 4 times & saying it decrease testosterone hhhh really & when im not drunk i can't doit 4 times sooo gg science!!!

  7. Lakadumalikaiyai Post author

    the cons of alcohol consumption outweigh the pros here and besides slow or losing gains you will potentially lose alot of money

  8. Captain Bigot Post author

    I have 4 drinks every night. Still seeing gains. NOW, If I get shit faced. Than, yes, I am not in the mood to hit the gym.

  9. Aaron Keyes Post author

    Well i dont drink i smoke whats that doing to me i weight train 6x a week pretty good gains so far almost at 3 years training

  10. Daniel Maurice Post author

    Last night I drank a bottle of whiskey and ate a pound of tofu. Please send gainz, I am desperate.

  11. Simon T Post author

    REM is not the deepest of our EEG-sleep stages. NREM3 / Slow wave sleep is. REM is an emergent stage 1 which shows 8-12 Hz in an EEG. NREM3 is usually about 1-3Hz.

  12. MR Beast Post author

    after i did my research about beer 🍻 i was drinking 4 bottles per day i love 😍 beer but after i readed it's effect i stoped its my 3rd day stopping i feel dizzy 😵

  13. Ronald samuel Post author

    Idk if I drink that much to say I’m getting these effects like I won’t drink for two months then I’ll drink for a week straight my drinking is super inconsistent I don’t think I get these

  14. Siiger Lol Post author

    But whenever i drink i feel so Big and empowered, doesnt that mean my testerone goes up?

  15. Moisés Tavares Post author

    Hey man, I know this is an old video, but can I make portuguese subtitles for you? This is very didactic and easy to understand. We don't have this kind of content in portuguese, so I want to translate it and send to you, so you can turn it into a subtitle.

  16. Chcolate Addict Post author

    I drank Scottish whisky and got really drunk but the day after I performed better in gym compared the day that I didn’t drink.

  17. Tom Maes Post author

    But, is it harmful to workout with a hangover? And if so, is there a difference between cardio and strength training?

  18. Karate without belts Post author

    Why it is more of the cause of and less of the solution to all of life's problems.

  19. S U P R E M E V A S H Post author

    Some of the best workouts I’ve ever had was while I’m hungover. The pain of breaking down muscle distracts me from feeling like I’m dying

  20. nqkoi Post author

    If you are the type of alchoholic like me its easy to loose weight cuz i throw up everything xd

  21. ballwizard6 Post author

    At 23 I would drink like 18 shots and wake up the nest morning and go to the gym like whatever lol not no more lol

  22. Alfonso López Martínez Post author

    Guys I swear that I swear that I'm not gonna fucking drink again in my life cuz really it's bad I don't want my gains to screw Up but I love you and I'm telling u u r the best cuz your so good I'm.not gonn drink😟😟

  23. Jacob James Post author

    Stopped drinking for 2 1/2 yrs now. Not bragging just fucked up one to many times. Got into BMX racing, started a better diet then joined a gym to be more competitive on the bike. Drinking would now get in the way of my new direction. I'm happy to not be drinking anymore. Cheers!


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