Advanced Medicine Ball Workout : Medicine Ball Crunches

Okay our next clip is going to be medicine
ball crunches. Okay we’re going to get down carefully onto your mat. Okay you’re going
to roll down slowly. Take your ball overhead. Bend your knees slightly with your feet flat
on the floor and arms overhead. You’re going to bring your body up towards your knees,
extend the arms. I would stop right at the top of the kneecaps. Then take it back down
nice and slow. Of course you’re going to exhale on the way up. Try and keep your body angled
so your back is protected. Now remember this is also going to be working your shoulder
muscles so if you have shoulder issues you may want to go with a lighter ball. This is
an eight pound ball. Another option if you have shoulder issues, you can take the ball
and start from the center of the body and then just lift. It’s not quite as challenging
for the shoulders but you’re still going to feel it in the abdominals. This is more challenging.
Extend. Elbows slightly bent.

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