A Disturbing True Snapchat Story 2 Animated

This is a short, but terrifying story of something that happened when I was snapchatting a friend. I’m pretty young, I’m only 13 and still in middle school A girl, I really liked had just recently started snapping me selfie pictures and we started messaging each other for a few nights One night when I was watching TV. She sent me a snap of herself laying in her bed without a caption. I Sent a message saying “What’s Up?’ She sent another identical picture. This time with a caption saying “Not Much, You?” She set the timer to 10 seconds. So it gave me plenty of time to analyze the picture. Including her bedroom in the backgrounds. And the dark outline of a person standing by her window. I quickly sent a response message saying ‘Is that your brother by the window?’ She sent another identical snap this time captioned, “What do you mean?” In this picture the figure at the window was closer and I could see a hands pressed up against the glass. I closed the snap before the timer even ran out so I could tell her quicker. I said there’s somebody at your window turn around! She opened my snap almost immediately and then I didn’t hear from her again on the app. I grew more and more worried as the minutes passed I texted her a few times to no avail. I tried calling her a few times to no avail as well. I didn’t know her house phone number. Otherwise, I would have called her parents. It wasn’t until midnight when I was already laying in bed that she finally texted me back. She explained the whole situation. As soon as she looked at her window and saw the person standing there, She screamed and that caused the person- who turned out to be a twenty-something year old man to open the window and jump into the room. For there, she ran to her parents room and woke her dad. Who entered her room to find nothing but an open window. It wasn’t exactly a personal story of mine, but it freaks me out nontheless. Knowing that the only thing that saved my friend from whatever could have happened. Was the fact that I was able to see the window through her selfies. Unbeknownst to the creeper at her window.

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