5 Things I Hate About YouTube Fitness

5 Things I Hate About YouTube Fitness

What’s up guys. Sean Nalewanyj, seannal.com, realscienceathletics.com,
and in this video here, sort of a non-fitness fitness video. I want to do something a little bit different
and talk about five things I really don’t like when it comes to YouTube fitness. Now if you’re watching this video right now,
the chances are that you do watch a decent amount of online fitness content and you’re
probably subscribed to at least a handful of different channels out there. So I want to talk about some things here that
I think are important to highlight and I’m not just doing this video for the sake of
ranting. This video will contain some helpful advice
throughout as well. Now don’t get me wrong here. There is a lot of really great fitness content
here on YouTube and it can be an incredible tool to get the information that you need
to achieve your goals. I definitely didn’t have access to all this
information when I first started and if I did it would have helped me out hugely. But nonetheless, you still need to make sure
that you’re using it properly because there are some definite downsides as well. So I just thought it’d be good to highlight
some of those downsides in this video. Now, before I jump into it, if you’re new
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different fitness tips, workout clips, meals, and other updates. So don’t miss out on that. It’s @Sean_Nalewanyj. Okay, five things I don’t like about YouTube
fitness. Number one on the list is quite simply the
sheer amount of misinformation that gets regularly put out, not just by smaller channels, but
even by some of the biggest fitness channels out there. There really is just a lot of bad fitness
advice on YouTube because at the end of the day, anyone out there can turn their camera
on and make YouTube videos and it’s not like there’s any sort of qualifications involved
or that are needed to create online content and so much of it is just random stuff that
people are dreaming up or that they’re regurgitating from other sources who are also giving inaccurate
advice. And so you just end up with this big circle
of people sort of parodying each other’s misinformation even if it isn’t based on any real science
or logic. And one big mistake people make, particularly
beginners, is that they have this false idea that just because someone has an impressive
physique or has a big following, that they must automatically know what they’re talking
about. When in reality, some of the people out there
with the most insane physiques are also the ones who routinely give out some of the most
insane advice. You have to consider a few important things
here. First off is genetics. Keep in mind that the guys and girls out there
who are in the top tier percentage genetics-wise will usually still get great results for themselves
even on a poorly designed training and nutrition program. But what happens is that they then take the
methods that they used to get their results and then recommend those same methods to their
followers without realizing that it isn’t necessarily going to be the best approach
for those people. You know, not for the average lifter out there
with average genetics and naturally the people with the most impressive physiques are also
the ones that tend to get the most attention online and build up the biggest followings. And so you end up with millions of people
out there being given advice that ranges from at best, less than optimal all the way down
to flat out terrible. And then when you tie drugs into the mix,
this gets exaggerated even further because somebody with high level genetics who also
uses drugs is pretty much going to get into amazing shape no matter what they do. They’re going to look way more impressive
than the average natural lifter who might be a lot more knowledgeable than them, but
people are still naturally going to gravitate to the bigger, leaner, stronger guy because
they’re just not aware of the huge role that drugs and genetics play. But the bottom line here is that information
should always be valued based on the merit of the information itself rather than just
being based on the appearance of the person who is delivering it. And the plain fact is that there is a lot
of bad information out there. So it’s important to make sure that you are
thinking critically, staying skeptical, learning from a variety of different sources and not
just assuming that everything you’re being told is true because very often it isn’t. Now the second thing that I dislike about
YouTube fitness, and this kind of ties in with the first point, but it’s the issue of
over complication. So because there’s such a massive volume of
content being uploaded to YouTube every day with all these different coaches and trainers
and influencers trying to get attention and trying to get traffic to their channel, a
lot of times people end up putting out unnecessarily complicated information just to try and stand
out and brand themselves and come across as unique. But keep in mind that just because a certain
training program or exercise variation or diet or supplement, just because it seems
fancier and more elaborate, doesn’t automatically mean that it’s going to get you better results
in comparison to something simpler. So much of what you’ll find in YouTube fitness
nowadays is really just useless fluff you don’t really need, and it can actually work
against you if you aren’t careful because it distracts you and takes you away from the
basic core fundamentals, and no matter how you go about things, the basic core fundamentals
will always be responsible for the vast majority of your results. And also remember that the more complicated
your program is, the greater number of different variables you’re going to have to keep track
of every day, and the less likely you’ll be able to actually stick with that program over
the long term. So more complex isn’t necessarily better and
your goal should only be to make things as complicated as they absolutely need to be
to reach your desired goal, but no more complicated than that. Approaching things with that mindset is going
to improve the overall efficiency and sustainability of your fitness plan and it’s also going to
help you free up extra time and energy that you would have otherwise wasted, which you
can then divert toward other areas of your life. All right, third on the list are the endless
streams of over-hyped BS products being promoted, whether it’s low quality training programs
and coaching services, ineffective supplements, useless training gadgets or whatever else. Remember that for most decently sized fitness
channels, YouTube is ultimately a business platform and there’s of course nothing wrong
with that. I run a business as well and I do promote
my body transformation blueprint program and Real Science Athletics products through my
videos, which are legitimate products that I’ve put a ton of time and effort into and
that I genuinely do believe in. However, the business aspect of things does
become a problem when people start giving out advice based first and foremost on what’s
going to sell the most product rather than on what will help other subscribers best. But like I said earlier, a high percentage
of viewers out there will tend to just believe whatever they hear from someone, as long as
that person has an impressive physique and their marketing seems convincing. And so some of these bigger channels out there
are literally making six and seven figures a year selling crap products that you don’t
actually need or that could even be potentially harmful. So once again, remember that just because
someone has a large following doesn’t mean they’re giving out accurate advice. And just because someone is in impressive
shape and recommends a certain product doesn’t automatically mean that that product played
a role in their success or that it’s worth buying. They might just be promoting it in order to
earn money or they themselves might not actually know any better. So stay skeptical, do your research and don’t
put people on a pedestal and assume that everybody out there has your best interests at heart
because I can tell you from being in this industry for almost 15 years now that many
people out there absolutely don’t have your best interests at heart, even if they do seem
trustworthy on the surface because money is a very powerful motivator for a lot of people
out there. Okay, the fourth thing I dislike about YouTube
fitness is just the huge amount of negativity in the comments. Now, I’m fortunate in that because I generally
stay away from the sort of YouTube fitness drama and just focus on pure informational
content, usually my comments section is a fairly positive place overall, at least within
my subscriber base. But across the 400 or 500 videos I’ve put
out, once those videos do reach the general YouTube public outside of my subscribers,
there is still a lot of pretty harsh commenting that pops up and on other bigger channels,
the sheer amount of negativity and just trolling, it can get pretty crazy. A lot of people seem to have such a strong
emotional attachment to their training and their diet plan. And so if anybody disagrees or presents an
opposing viewpoint, a lot of times it’s like they feel personally attacked, and so they’ll
just react really harshly and probably in a way that they wouldn’t react in real life. But there’s just something about being behind
a phone screen or a computer screen that just kind of seems to bring out the worst aspects
of the human psyche. And so the comment sections on a lot of videos
can be a pretty toxic place overall. And then there’s always the issue of trolling. People who are just generally kind of insecure,
unhappy with themselves, and so they use the comments section on YouTube and social media
as a way to kind of lash out and personally attack other people just to, I guess, make
themselves feel better temporarily. I know this happens in pretty much every comments
section and not just for fitness related videos, but I do think that fitness videos can be
a particularly bad place when we’re dealing with subjects that involve physical appearance. You know, especially muscle size, physical
strength. I think that does bring out a certain competitive
aspect between people. Not to mention that a lot of beginners or
people who haven’t got started with a fitness program yet, a lot of them in the initial
stages are coming from a sort of a place of pain, which I can understand, and so I think
that that can manifest in the comments as well. And then the fifth point on the list of things
I don’t like about YouTube fitness, this sort of ties into the last point and that’s the
YouTube fitness drama that takes place between different channels. Now I have to admit that it can be pretty
entertaining at times. It’s sort of like watching reality TV, but
when you really step back and look at it, it’s kind of sad when you have grown men posting
videos online, criticizing like the size of each other’s thighs or how heavy of a weight
they can press over the top of their head or whatever else. I think constructive criticism and healthy
debates are totally fine and they’re necessary to make sure that the best information possible
is being put out. But just the straight up YouTube fitness drama
where it’s just personal attacks or you know, people posting videos, hacking other people
down just to try and get views. I do think that’s kind of pathetic. It’s not productive and that’s why I’ve never
had any interest in doing those types of videos. Again, I totally understand that it can be
entertaining, but if you do spend a lot of time watching these kinds of videos, I would
recommend taking a step back and maybe considering just how much time you’re actually investing
into them. Because if you start adding it up throughout
the week and the month, you might be surprised at how much of a time sync it really is. Because ultimately getting wrapped up in YouTube
fitness drama isn’t serving you in any way. It’s really a pure waste of time. Again, watching it here and there for entertainment. Sure, but all in all, I think that there are
much better and more productive things that you could be doing instead. So that’s the video guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to hit that like button if you did. Leave a comment down below if you have anything
to add on this topic and don’t forget to subscribe as well in order to stay up to date on future
videos. Again, you can check me out on Instagram as
well for more daily content. It’s @Sean_Nalewanyj and the official websites
are over at seannal.com and realscienceathletics.com. Links for that are also in the description. Thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you
in the next one.

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