5 Minute Makeup Routine|Easy Makeup While Living In A Car

5 Minute Makeup Routine|Easy Makeup While Living In A Car

hey guys that was music recording in the
background so I’m going to do a voiceover for you so first off we have
the perricone MD which is for under eyes and it is a brightening cream
I am very obsessive about my under-eye circles so you will see a lot in this
video that I have different concealers and I have other types of stuff that I
use also like different lotion and stuff I use too much of this on accident so I
just put it all over my face instead of a primer so next is coverfx power play in G light
one this is a pretty good under eye concealer it covers pretty well and next
is one of my favorite brands Tarte and this is an Amazonian clay and light sand
and so you’ll notice that this powder is a little bit darker than my face
but that is because when I got it I was tanning a lot more and using a lot more
self-tanner and now that it’s getting to be winter I’m not really using as much
but I still really like the powder so I don’t want to give it up quite yet maybe
I also have to go back and do some more self-tanner or something sniffles match
my face I don’t know if that’s how you’re supposed to do it but whatever
works right said happy to go buy a new one and I’m using a flat headed brush
also which works really well to do my powder and then I got this little combo
brush which I like the top it’s a dome talked to
do what I’m doing now and then the other part is for concealer okay guys next is
the two-faced highlighter and that is in color pink lemonade it’s goes gone kind
of like a cream but ends up being more like a powder it works okay but I feel
like you have to put a lot of it on for it to really show through which kind of
sucks but okay and this is the Stila magnum mascara and this is my ultimate
favorite mascara which I’m like kind of a mascara or I guess I really don’t want
to say that but it’s the truth and this mascara definitely lives up to the X’s
on it and the big packaging and everything like that so I’m really
really happy with this mascara oops I hate doing that I feel like I do that
all the time in so next I don’t know how to pronounce this if it’s DOS but on the
back it says deci and Katie but it’s a bronzer highlighter I like it a lot I
always use bronzers I feel like one of the main things that you have to have is
mascara bronzer and concealer and then you’re good to go
so I use that and then I also use NARS in Seaside and that’s a really pretty
bronzer as well so the other ones kind of more glittery this one’s more matte
but I don’t know I’m obsessed with bronzer and mascara so thank you for
watching and I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I hope to talk to
you guys soon

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