30 Minute HIIT CARDIO Workout // At Home (No Equipment)

30 Minute HIIT CARDIO Workout // At Home (No Equipment)

hey guys welcome to my channel and
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workouts all right so it’s cardio day today you either love it or you hate it
either way we’ve got to get it done so we’re doing a hiit style cardio workout
I’m gonna start things off by guiding you through a quick warmup and guys
don’t forget to stick around after the workout for a little stretch and
cooldown you don’t need any equipment for this one today so it’s a great
cardio workout that you can do from home all you need to do is follow along I’ve
got my timer set I’m starting it right now all right guys let’s get warmed up
here we’re gonna start with a few knee pulls hugging that knee in towards the chest
squeezing the shoulder blades back we’re just waking up the hips here keeping
the core nice and engaged and let’s drop it low into some air squats keeping the
hips push back keep all the weight in those heels and make sure to keep that chest
up squeezing the glutes at the top let’s add a little side reach here alternating
sides really reach those fingertips up and over
feeling a nice pull through the side body nice that’s it going into a little torso
twist keeping our feet planted on the ground rotating from the waist
the entire upper torso is twisting feeling a little twist in that lower
back going into some leg swings here finding some balance if you need it. swing that
left leg forward and backward again loosening up that hip just kicking up as
high as you can not forcing it here and let’s go side to side now Awesome guys alright let’s do the same
thing on the other side or right leg now kicking front to back and let’s take it side to side on that
right the leg alright – time for some inchworms here
let’s start first with a couple big shoulder rolls to the back opening up
the chest and then we’re gonna walk ourselves out into that high plank
dropping into that upward facing dog And lift the hips we’ll walk it back in
all the way to the top as we reach up another big arm circle and repeat nice
guys let’s do one more here that’s it good reverse lunges now
dropping that back knee nice and low driving straight up through the front
heel making sure that front knee never passes over the toes you want to be going
straight up and down keep that core tight chest up
lunging back with that right leg let’s float that right arm up get that side
bend in again and then drop the right hand open things up to the left and push
back let’s do the same thing on the other side left arm comes up and over
and then drop that hand open up towards the right gaze up to that right hand and
let’s kick back into that high plank we’re gonna go into some mountain
climbers get that core fired up here get those ABS ready for a work out driving
the knees up towards the opposite elbow lowering down let’s throw a couple
push-ups in there getting that chest and those shoulders ready to work that’s it walking yourself back up
let’s get those knees up get that heart rate up a little bit here guys a little
jog on the spot stay nice and light on the feet to get those arms pumping now
we’re going to take it side to side ski jumps going back and forth again light on
those feet keep those feet pointing forward moving into butt kicks really
squeeze the heels up squeeze those hamstrings and it’s time for some jumping jacks get
those arms pumping crossing over now opposite hand to to alternating sides try and keep your legs straight here you
want to feel a nice pull through the back of the legs all right guys that’s
it your warm-ups complete get yourself a quick sip of water and get ready to
start your workout nice work guys grab some water and then make your way back down
on your mat starting on our backs hug those knees into the chest we’re just
gonna do a little rock here side to side massaging out that lower back taking some nice controlled inhales and
exhales then rolling like a ball here back and forth
nice and controlled just massaging out that spine keeping the core engaged and then
rocking it all the way up sitting up nice and tall then cross that right leg
over the left and twist to the right gazing over that right shoulder take
some nice big inhales right into that upper back and on your exhale coming back to Center
let’s do the same thing going the other way sitting up nice and tall twisting
to your left gazing over that left shoulder keeping the chest lifted nice big breath
here that’s it back to Center now we’re gonna
get into those hamstrings and inner thighs keeping that right leg straight
we’re gonna tuck the left heel in and shift that body weight over that right
leg pulling your toes towards you making sure you keep that left hip and glute
press down on your mat awesome let’s switch sides going the other way left
leg stays straight reach for that foot again keeping that right glute right hip
pressed down on your mat coming to the center of your mat
cross-legged here we’re gonna drop that left elbow reaching the right arm up and
over feeling a nice stretch through the side gazing down to that left elbow and
then up and over going the opposite way okay back to center bringing that right
arm across tugging the arm in towards the chest keeping the right shoulder
pressed down feeling a stretch through the shoulder and the triceps on that
right side great shake it out and let’s do the same thing for the left arm now clasping the hands behind the back
pressing the palms down and if it feels okay you can tilt forward bringing those
hands up away from the back or you can just stay seated upright whatever feels
good for you so we’re gonna make our way back up to standing and get into those
quads so grabbing onto the left ankle keeping the knees close together here
let’s get a little deeper into that quad you can pop the hips forward slightly
and squeeze the gluts and same thing on the other side grabbing on to that right
ankle and release there we go. Reaching up overhead
grabbing on to that left wrist give it a pull to the right and then to the
left alternating here and then hinging forward coming into that forward fold
gentle sway side to side releasing any tension left in that lower back and whenever you’re ready you’re rolling
up one vertebra at a time yes guys we did it we got that cardio
workout in today nice work give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and
don’t forget to share it with a friend comment below let me know what kind of
workout you want to see next and of course guys don’t forget to pop on over
to Heather Robertson dot come check out the training and nutrition plans I have over
there that you can follow from the gym or from home have a wonderful day guys
and I will see you at the next workout

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