3 Easy and Effective Hamstring Stretches

3 Easy and Effective Hamstring Stretches

Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Adviser. These are easy and effective hamstring stretches. Hamstrings (the muscles behind
your legs right here) when those get tight, that can lead to discomfort even
injury. So Lisa’s gonna demonstrate three different ways we can stretch them:
standing, kneeling, and then seated. So she’s gonna start just by leaning
forward, she’s gonna dig one heel into the floor, hands are on the thigh and
she’s leaning forward. She’s feeling a gentle stretch right in the back of her
leg. She’s gonna hold that anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds. A little bit shorter before a workout or
throughout the day. After exercise you can gonna hold that a little bit longer. Then she’s gonna switch sides, so she’s going to work one leg and she’s gonna do the exact same thing on the other side. You can do this anywhere at any time throughout the day,
keeping that muscle nice and loose. So this is an easy way to do it while
standing. Then she’s gonna take it down to the mat. She’s going to kneel. With
one leg forward she’s going to extend one leg again with that heel into the
floor. A little bit harder. She has great flexibility. She’s leaning forward, she’s
feeling a stretch in the hamstring of the straighten leg. She’s gonna hold that
once again 10 to 60 seconds and then she’s gonna switch. This is a great one
to do at night in front of the TV. Bring that other leg forward now. Take your time, remember to breathe throughout the stretch and actually take a deep breath
you’ll go a little bit lower. So really focus on the breathing. Hold that stretch.
Again a great time, right in front of the TV at night maybe during a commercial
break, do a couple stretches. And then she’s gonna take it seated. So the third
and final way, a little harder for most and this is actually a progressive way of
doing it. And she’s going to pick one side, and she’s going to lean her upper
body. Again she has great flexibility. Over time you may be higher, but if you
work on this – on your flexibility – you’re gonna get progressively better and
better. 10 to 60 seconds, switching sides, leaning forward. She can even put her hands on that leg if you’re really flexible. That’s the goal of many people is to be able to hold that foot. Phenomenal
flexibility, that will keep her injury free and feeling better. And there you
have it – three of the easiest and most effective hamstring stretches. For more quick workout and fitness
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14 comments on “3 Easy and Effective Hamstring Stretches

  1. Tommy Vlogs Post author

    what if I have pain after doing all stretching and work out these days
    May I keep doing stretching? I am hurting right under bum area thru tigh closer to hip ….

  2. Ryan Clow Post author

    I'm a hockey goalie and have been actively trying to find ways to improve my flexibility. If I did these stretches every day would it help improve my performance on the ice.

  3. Johnny Garlic Post author

    I can only do the first stretch with proper form, so I do that one untill i can move to the second one i'm guessing?

  4. Jattle axe Post author

    I think my hamstring would snap in half if I could perform these the way she does lmao. Great video tho

  5. Matthew Lea Post author

    I seem to be more flexible at night.

    Some people are more so in the morning, and I was doing it that way. But that way wasn't suiting me, and doing it early makes me tired.


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