24 Hour Fitness fuels personalized experiences with Dynamics 365 and Adobe

(energetic pop music) – We care about our guests
that come into the club. We want them to be successful
in their fitness journey. We have over 400 clubs, nearly four million members, and we’re in 16 states. Our goal is to try to
build a dynamic experience for each one of our guests, potential members, and our member base. You evolve or you shatter, so you have to keep up with the times, you have to keep up with
what’s relevant to people. And the only way that you
become relevant in their lives is to be current and keep
up with the technology. When a potential customer
comes into our club, we enter them into our
digital guest registry. They’re entering all their information so we can understand and
have a sincere conversation with them about their personal goals. Whether they’re coming in
for a life changing event, whether they’re interested
in group ex classes, strength training, whatever it may be, that’s really personalized content all about them. Then, that data goes into
Microsoft Dynamics 365 and then we know everything
we need to know about them, their personal interests, and we’re able to build
out Adobe Audience profile, a customer profile on them. Any time you can have a personal dialogue and a relationship from the data we know with the technology that we have in hand with Microsoft and Adobe, that only enhances our messaging and our connection with
the customer even more. I mean, that’s how you gain that trust. That’s how you gain a long-term commitment out of a potential member is to know that they
can always count on you. (hip hop music) We gain that trust through serving up the most relevant content to keep them continually on the course throughout their fitness
journey to achieve their goals. Some of our guests that might come into the club get really busy and they’ll need a gentle reminder to stay on the path of their fitness
journey to a healthier them. (trunk lid closing) The day after they’re a missed guest we’ll serve them up an email that says, “Hey Jennifer, “Thanks for coming into the club. “Sorry we missed you today. “We saw you didn’t check in.” Now that we can be more specific, say if they’re interested in yoga, or if they’re interested
in building strength we are specifically going to talk to them about those needs or their wants and what their goals are
to help them achieve that. (energetic pop music) We wanna continue that relationship. It’s like your friends, right? You’re never gonna
leave them high and dry, you always wanna stay engaged with them, and we continue to do that through all of our media channels. The relationship we have
with Microsoft and Adobe is completely, I think, unique. We’re all in this together to try to build a relationship with our customers and helping improving their lives, ’cause we want them to be successful, we want them to be healthier in their fitness journey

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