20 Min Glutes Workout No Equipment // No Squat Workout

Hey guys Lindsay here with Jim raw. I have a killer butt workout for you today. So get ready if you haven’t already Download the gym Raw app, it’s free on the App Store and Google Play check it out There’s almost 300 routines one for every day of the year Let’s get started. Take a big inhale Sweep your arms up nice and high and then on your exhale take a forward fold ballot all the way down to the mat Releasing through the low back and then on your exhale roll it all the way up to standing stacking that sign Inhale get tall through the body I’m an exhale fold it forward Good release the back release the upper body And then roll yourself back up to a tall spine. We’re gonna take it down to the mat. We’ll start kneeling We’ll extend our left leg to the left it’ll be in line with our right knee and Then we’ll place our right hand down in line with our knee and our left foot top hand goes behind the head abs engaged Lift out of your supporting hand on your exhale lift your left leg up Inhale to lower it down as you lift this left leg up check that the toes and the knee face forward so we’re working into the outer hip we’re not turning or Untorn about the leg good keep lifting those abdominals in and up Let’s lift and lower for four Exhale up inhale down for three Last two on your next one hold that left leg lifted torso stays still as the left leg comes forward and then drawing it back behind the body and yellow leg comes forward and Exhale we sweep it back. Try to keep it high the whole time not letting it drop below hip height Good, let’s line two more here. Inhale. We come forward Exhale sweep it back last one inhale forward exhale Back bring it in line with the hip leg. Stay strong small little circles here focus on the lift up Good last two last one reverse those circles you have five and four three and two Last one hold the lift smile for me and we’ll take it all the way down sit your hips back Towards that left heel stretch it out And then we’re going to side to you coming back up to kneeling stretch your right leg out to the right line it up with that left knee and Then plant your left hand all the way down load on the ground top hand behind the head Lift your belly exhale right leg lifts up Inhale tap it to the mat once again working into that outer right thigh Keep the foot super straight and strong. No relax me here. So think of a ballet dancer how they really reach through their legs Try to find not positioning here Let’s go first three Core is strong for it, too last one hold the lift will sweep the leg forward and Then back as the leg goes forward tighten your core as the leg goes back squeeze into your glute blast three inhale forward exhale Back last two start you find that shake Last one inhale bring it forward exhale Sweep it back find the line of your hip and then draw those little circles to the front of the room Focus on the lift up don’t let that leg drop, you know, you can do it On the next one. We’re reversing Circle that leg to the back. You’ve got four and three and two Last one hold the lift I’m starting to shake you can do it two and then take it all the way down sit back into that right hip take a big breath and Then we’re gonna lie it all the way down on our right side We’ll be on our right forearm knees will be bet in line with our hips Top hand on our hip, press this top hip away from you keep the waist nice and long on your exhale lift your left leg up and Then lower it down exhale to lift and inhale to lower squeeze into that left hip No relaxed muscles here Good exhale on the up Inhale on the down feel like you’re working with resistance as if you’re moving through a pool It a couple more to go Last two Last one connect your heels for our clams Squeeze into your heels as you press the left knee to the sky and then tap it down As you press that right knee back make sure that the hip doesn’t roll back keep your hips stacked And keep breathing We’ll go four and Three Last two last one float this whole left leg up tap your knee together and tap your heels together knees Together and heels together and then pick the pace up a little bit And we’re turning the hip in and then we’re turning the hips out Turn it turn out pinch that glute for me. Don’t forget about it. Let’s go for four Add three make it a big range of motion for two Last one turn the knee down and then press the leg up squeeze your butt on the length and then chop the knees back together Exhale extend the left leg inhale tap exhale press and lengthen Inhale tap on that extension. No soft knees Completely reach through the back of the leg. Let’s go for five starting to build that heat build that burn for four and three Even if you want to put your leg down now, it’s not the time last two Last one so we’ve got like straight forward in front of your hips Keep it at hip height turn the toes and the knee to the ground and the toes on the need of the sky Turn it down to the floor and up to the sky. So we’re just turning the leg in the hip socket We’re not moving it up and down. We’re keeping it up at hip height go for four And three stay with me for two Last one toes and you turn to the floor keep it in front of the hip and pulse that guy up Send the helo to the sky Flex foot reach through the sole of the foot like you’re stamping the wall in front of me you’ve got ten and nine lifting higher and higher for eight and Seven and six, let’s taking five on four three Two and one bring it down We’re not done Keep your right shin lined up with the front edge of the mat and then your left knee will be bent the knee will be In line with the hip coming into a mermaid like position our hands will frame our front knee lift Your belly not sinking into the hands will lift this left leg up from here We’ll lift it up an inch and down image up an inch and down inch so really targeting that glute max group need muscle head outer thigh working into that abductor But try to keep the left knee behind the left tip if it comes further forward We won’t be targeting the muscle as deeply now keep the leg Lifted poke that left knee behind you like you’re reaching it for the white For the right wall. Not the white wall Good keeping it lifted. Don’t let it drop down Last five and Four stay light and the hands really relying on the legs first three you’ve got to pinch and a glute hamstring area last one on Squeeze Nia’s at the height of the hip lengthen it out to the left and then bend the knee Inhale lengthen exhale bad keeping the chosen knee parallel. So it’s facing the wall in front of you Try not to sink into your hands. Keep it two more Last one extend that leg and pulse it up for ten nine eight seven Almost to your stretch four five four three two and one Whew that burns so we’ll take this left leg cross it in front of the right walk the feet apart so that they’re in line with the knees sit up nice and tall and Then fold forward let the knees fall to the ground. We’re really releasing the left side of that back and that hip Take a moment in your stretch and then we’ll get going on the other side Okay, that was a moment. Let’s do it left forearm comes down and then our knees will be stacked in line with our hips Press your top hip away from you. And from here. Exhale lift your right knee up inhale lower it down exhale to lift Inhale to lower so notice that I’m not lifting the leg above hip height We’re trying to keep it at hip height and then tap down It’s never resting at the bottom the whole time. I’m working in to this right glute To support the leg and my right shin is completely parallel to the floor. So check it your foot or your knee Wants to lift higher than the other and try to even it out On your next one We’ll take it into our columns heels together exhale send the right knee to the sky Inhale tap it down as I press that right knee up. I’m squeezing my butt really hard. So you should do Good you got seven from here Let’s not forget about our abdominals here keep them lifted and tightly pulled in last four And three Virtue Last one lift the leg up top the knees together and then tap the heels together me turns down and then the knee turns up Knee turns down and then the knee turns up and while I’m doing this, I’m trying to keep my waist really still No oblique crunching meaning I don’t want this right hip bone crunching up into my right ribcage. I want to keep that side body Really nice and long. Let’s find four more and three And two Last one dip the knee down exhale, press it up to the sky squeeze your butt and it’ll tap it down exhale press up and He’ll tap it down try to keep that foot much higher than the knee Check that those hips are staying stacked right hip is directly on top of the left Feel like you’re pushing something away from you Last three And two Last one here straighten that leg sweep it forward in front of that right hip keep it up at hip height turn the toes of The knee to the floor toes of the knee to sky turn it and turn out Internally rotate and externally rotate don’t let that leg drop. You’ve got five and four First three it’s shaking last two toes the knee to the floor and pulse it up Good, press out of your supporting arm. Let’s not sink into that left shoulder. Even when we’re getting tired for a 10-9 keep it straight and strong first, six five four three two and one Whoa tap it out Let’s come up into our mermaid Position left shin is lined up with a front edge of the map and then we’ll back this right knee up So it’s in line with our hip fingers frame our left knee Lift the core now flow that right leg up and then we’re gonna pulse it up and down Good still work into that same Oh the same area and a lot of obliques here as well if this exercise feels impossible for you You can bring a little bit more weight forward as you do it But over time try to get the chest lifted if you feel like this is the breeze take those hands up Take it into Genie arms I’m gonna say it with an intermediate option Now keep that leg lifted poke it back behind you like you’re reaching it for the left wall Good right where that glute and hamstring Connect that little shelf of a butt that we want. That’s what we’re creating here Let’s go four five don’t let that leg touch the mat keep it up last three add two last one knee in line with hip extend the right leg to the right and then bend it in as I extend my toes and knee face the wall in front of me I’m trying to stay really light in my hands and keep my core engaged here a little extra Abdominal action as well. Let’s find three Stay with a keep that knee up for two Last one in lengthen the leg and pull sit up. You’ve got ten and nine work for it eight seven lift higher and higher last five four three Two and one. Wooh Sweep that leg forward cross the right leg in front of the last line the knees and feet up with one another Take a big inhale lift the spine exhale fold into it releasing into those hips and your low back take a moment here and Then rolling it up Okay, meet me in all fours. We’ll have our hands underneath our shoulders and our knees underneath our hips So when were in this position a common tendency is to release we want to stay really strong throughout our upper body from here extend From here lift your right knee up to a hover. You’ll turn your right knee out to the right Lengthen the leg bend the knee lower it back to hover but not released turn out lengthen the leg Bend the knee lower it to a hover exhale to lift and lengthen inhale to lower down But exhale where you need it on that exertion on that effort Now check that you’re not getting too tired in your body keep pressing out of your hands lifting that core in and up Let’s take two more here. Turn out Lengthen bend and lower last one turn out Lengthen bend and lower. Turn it out. Keep it bent pulse it up Hips are squared to the mat shoulders are square to the mat last five four three two one Straighten the leg out to the right tap it all the way to the ground lift it all the way up to hip height Stay with it exhale on the up last five and four first three and two Last one hold for ten square the right hip to the ground last six and five. Can you lift it higher? I know you can last three Two and one good give your hips a little shake Hands underneath shoulders. Take a big inhale Step your feet back find your plank position. Same leg will be working Navels tight lift the right leg up to a hover foot is flexed Lift the leg up an inch and down an inch Toes and knee are parallel to the ground they face the floor I’m staying strong in my heart keeping it lifted On the next one hold the leg lifted draw small little circles behind your hip After you’ve done four, we’ll reverse the direction small little circles the other way last one bend your heel to your butt keep your foot deeply flexed and the little stamps work into the hamstring for a ten Press the sole of your foot to the sky last six five four three Two and one step it back and Come on down Really? Good job guys. Guess what? We’ve got one more side Coming on to all fours Hands underneath shoulders. I know it’s starting to get challenging. Stay with me Lift the belly, press out of the arms. Bring the weight onto the right knee lift your left knee up to a hover Exhale turn the left knee out to the left Extend the leg to the side of the hip bend the knee and then lower it down Try to keep that left hip facing the floor as we do this So just the left leg is turning out But we’re squaring our hips and shoulders to the ground By lifting those low transverse abdominals in and up like you’re trying to wear a really tight pair of jeans keep it zipped in Good, let’s find four And three as you turn that knee out lift it up high Last one your turn out Langston bend Lower turnout keep it bent and pulse it up for ten nine eight Seven six five Keep breathing last two last one Straighten it tap it all the way down all the way up all the way down all the way up exhale up inhale down Last five real if three engage where you can last three add two Last one hold it at the top Keep it nice and high. We’re almost there. Let it Jake. Can you lift a little bit higher? and release Big inhale. Step it back into your plank toes are tucked Float that left leg up super strong straight and flex pulse it up to the sky Fingers are spread wide Make sure when you’re in your plank you’re using all of your hands so fingertips and knuckles are pressed into the mat hold the leg lifted draw those little circles for four and reverse for four three Two one bender heel towards your butt foot is flexed amp it up little hamstring curl last ten You’ve got five and four three two, and One take it down Okay, guys we have one more exercise left Meet me on your back Will lie it all the way down on the map And then we’ll have our feet hips distance apart Hands are resting by our waist And we’ll reach our right leg up to the sky flex that right foot on your exhale lift yourself up into a single leg bridge Inhale top it down Exhale the left Inhale to lower try to keep your right hip just as high as your left Typically the leg that’s extended to the sky will be the hip that wants to drop So take a little Peak make sure that’s not happening on your next one. Hold your hips high Now with this right leg will do a windshield wiper motion. It will go to the left and the right to the left and the right You’ve got six keep the hips still and lifted for five add four hips go high four three and two Last one to the left to the right surprise find Center pulls it up stamp the sky with the bottom of that right foot and five higher and higher four three two and one take it all the way down cross that right ankle over the left knee and give yourself a hug, pulling the left thigh in Close your eyes breathe here And then we’ll gently release we’re gonna take it right to the other side guys for our last set coming into our bridging position Chest is nice and wide neck is long extend the left leg to the sky and flex the foot on your exhale lift your hips up and He’ll tap it to the floor exhale to lift inhale to lower So when I take my hips back down, I’m not completely releasing I’m staying engaged It’s a really quick back up to the sky Let’s find four and three and Two, I’m out of Wrath I hope you are too last one. Hold it high Take the left leg to the right and to the left like a windshield wiper going side to side keep the left hip high Let’s find six on five And four lovable pelvis last three and two Last one guys take it to Center and pull sit up you got ten nine eight seven six five four three Two and one all the way to the mat left ankle over the knee and we let’s stretch it out hug the right thigh in big deep breath in This position it’s really helpful to use your hip to press the left knee away from you to help deepen that stretch there Give it a squeeze release Rock it up Good job, guys. Oh the killer my legs workout. I hope you enjoyed it. This was Lindsay with gym raw. I hope you guys enjoyed my killer but burner and subscribe below and if you haven’t already download the gym Raw app, we’re on Google Play and the App Store for tons of Routines videos you name it? 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