2 Moves to Bigger Traps (TRAP WORKOUT MUSTS!)

2 Moves to Bigger Traps (TRAP WORKOUT MUSTS!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Athlean-X.com. A little up close and personal today because
we’re going to get into our traps. I’m going to show you how to start getting these muscles
to start standing up a little bit more by first understanding how they sit in your body
in the first place. You see, when you look at your traps they’re
a muscle – they’re a really big muscle – and they’re actually attached all the way here
at the back of my head and they go down into my spine. It attaches to my spine, but they
come around the back here. You can see as they come around here as I
stretch, all the way down here. This is this muscle, all the way to the front here at the
acromion, the outer third of the clavicle. So this bone here in our body, they’re wrapping
around. They’re a big, meaty area here that you have
to consider. But what do we do when we train our traps? We do this. We go straight up and
down, right? That’s not necessarily the angle that the muscle sits at. If you really want to truly get at the angle
the muscle sits at, what you want to do is step your low cable here at an angle so my
body is starting in this position here. Now we’re taking advantage of the fact that
my head – the origin up here – and then down here, the outer third of the clavicle,
are separated as far as I can get. Now what I would do is shrug from here. Of course,
we know that they can retract the scapula as well. So what I’ll do is, as I come around I would
just rotate. So I would shrug, then rotate, then pull. Shrug here, and then rotate and
pull back. So in one motion it just looks like that. I get a little bit of a half-turn,
quarter turn of my body. Okay, so you can see it from here. It’s like this, roll, and turn. Next thing
you want to understand is, you want to make sure that you’re working the lower traps and
the mid traps as well because they will help to stabilize the scapula on your rib cage
and then also help to prevent shoulder issues. You could do that by raising a 25lb plate
up and over your body. All the way up to the top and then down, and then all the way up.
Now, people do this in this fashion. They take it all the way down and all the way up. The thing is, your traps are really kicking
in from this point up, okay? From here up, you’re working mostly front delt. We know
that the front delts are really going to kick in and work on that first part. You don’t
have to do that. You can take an inclined bench like this and
then take your 25lb plate here up on top, and then just use that as the low point and
basically raise from there. So up top, down eccentrically, and up. Then down. Try to get as many reps as you can until failure,
but go for high rep ranges here. These muscles are built for endurance and when we train
them strictly for strength we lose out on the opportunity to expose them to the tension
that they’re used to getting. You want to try to hold your shoulder blades
down and back as you do this to, again, reinforce the actions of the traps. If you want to start getting these muscles
to start popping up a little bit more, then you have to get an understanding a little
bit more about how they lay in your body to appreciate how you really need to start training
them. Guys, we’re putting the science back in strength
here as we always do. If you’ve found this video helpful make sure you leave your comments
and thumbs up below. In the meantime, whatever you want to see,
you let me know that too. If you’re looking for a training program that cuts through the
crap, shows you how to train and get the most out of every single workout you do then head
to AthleanX.com right now and join my team; team Athlean. I’d love to be able to train you for the next
90 days to show you what’s truly possible. I’ll see you guys over there. Bye.

100 comments on “2 Moves to Bigger Traps (TRAP WORKOUT MUSTS!)

  1. Dan Stafford Post author

    Using a weight with arms extended straight out in a neutral grip is an inferior movement… using a barbell with a narrow grip bent at the elbows, front raise Style … known as trap overs, is more effective!

  2. Alexander The great Post author

    Great video Jeff. I went around town for drinks with socks under my shirt instead and pulled a great lookin bird, you should definitely try it guys! But if it goes tits up your on your own!! Only joking. Love watching your videos. All the best bud. Manchester UK

  3. Travis Cox Post author

    I love these video that jeff putz great coach and trainer…really knows his stuff I prefer him over any work out video on YouTube and recommended him too all my friends and share his videos too them ad well…keep up the great work jeff..thanks for all the videos

  4. Zett76 Post author

    Thanks, now I know how to AVOID trap building… 😁
    I find them ugly, when they‘re too big. Just my opinion.

  5. For Me Post author

    i only have some resistance bands, can u show me how to do it with resistance bands, the traps workout with resistance bands 🙂

  6. Brian Swanson Post author

    Good to know. Have you tried reverse shrugs? Hold dumbbells overhead, and then force the weight up using your traps. Push and pull.

  7. David Thompson Post author

    The rotation part of the workout seems a little extra. At that point you're targeting core muscles and you're really just holding the trap in place. From what I've heard isometrics are not effective for muscle growth as much as for endurance/conditioning.

  8. captain caveman Post author

    I said my niggaz don't dance,
    We just pull up our pants and,
    Do 'da Roc-away.
    Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.

  9. randy rod Post author

    Thanks again I just learned a new one. Been doing the cable ones. Now the plate one. Wonder if that'd work with a cable too ?

  10. Carlos Galindo Post author

    Damn Jeff. You can make a breakdown of every single unattended to muscle. You must have had a lot of anatomy, muscle function and physics of the human body taught to you. You could possibly be the athletic guru of the century

  11. Mauri McFly Post author

    Can you do videos for home, if you have no weights what else can you do from home to help get bigger traps

  12. Gervey Garcia Post author

    Hi, Jeff. The plate raise that your doing, is that for lower traps or both middle traps and lower? Thanks

  13. Rob Starnes Post author

    Jeff, do you stand completely sideways to the cable on the shrug and rotate? Or are you slightly facing the cable on that movement. And I did your plate raise exercise, it was great. Traps were burning. Thanks

  14. Evillution Post author

    Doing one of jeff workout at the gym someone walk by and ask what you working on man?

    Me: uhhhhhhhh……..??

  15. blaha destiny1 Post author

    Nothing like after aggressively training traps for months and the traps start to puff up under a shirt. I LOVE IT, i love that look. All day, 24/7 everyone can see this snake curled up under your shirt from behind. It's the ultimate look of power and athleticism

  16. backester_singh aman Post author

    if pretty girl look stupid doing all the glutes exercise.. why can't I look weird doing this. gonna give this a go 😂🧨💪

  17. Edgar S Post author

    oh wow.. these 2 tips are the best! never heard anything like that form anyone… Thanks Jeff!

  18. Cheyenne Battreal Post author

    Any advice, pls comment.
    I introduced the 25lb overhead raise (only new thing) in a back workout. Next day i lifted a pack of papertowels awkwardly with one hand. Now i have a lot of pain in my left non dominent shoulder. Its really sharp and feeps like its under front delts. I can do lateral rasies no pain. Frknt raises causes pain. Someone told me i could have inflamed something in my shoulder and it is pinching my alnur nerve. Gave me so therapy advice and its gotten better but still a lot of pain. Any good adivice is much appreciated.

  19. James Galea Post author

    Jeff’s body is the perfect example of what a perfect strong healthy body should be like!

  20. harld kardika Post author

    jeff uses all the weights in the machine just to "demonstrate" how to do the movement.


  21. Leoguide Leoguide Post author

    I think generally you need to work on back and lats. Then traps will also will built.

  22. W B Post author

    Just stick to the basics… Some things have just always worked.. Stop reinventing the wheel lol

  23. Chris Omalza Post author

    These videos are so beneficial and have drastically improved my work out sessions. Thank you for sharing this knowledge

  24. Simon Stevenson Post author

    How many sets to failure do you do Jeff? Is that the same for the first exercise too?

  25. Tom Grant Post author

    Your complete explanation of how the muscle works and connects plus the attention to detail on the exercise techniques help me greatly understand the Why and How to maximize my training time. Thank you

  26. Радка Момчева Post author

    Great exercises !
    Just a suggestion – the second one can be done from horizontal pozition – e.g. on hyperextension bench , while keeping the body horizontal.
    And in Jeff's variant , when one reaches the highest point with hands, all the muscles are resting at this moment.

  27. HoustonIsImmortal Post author

    Performed 4 to 5 sets of both exercises in the 20-25 rep range and it felt awkward at first, but after I was done the pump was AMAZING.

  28. Ka'pella Nuwavin Post author

    Been training my back and I must say Im ready for my traps. Gonna hit the hell out of this gym!!!

  29. Mike Henderson Post author

    Just started back in the gym, I'm in my mid 60's and from the old school of working out traps. Shrugs & etc. I like the way this movement works, hope it's not to late to get a little growth. You have shown me in your video's, how to workout smarter not just harder.

  30. Christian Carey Post author

    Pro athlete of what dude 😂 you aren't a power lifter or a body builder so what sport are you a pro in?

  31. Fred Lopez Post author

    Great vlog! I don't have a gym membership and workout at home. I don't have access to cable machines. I try to imitate your workouts with dumbbells. So far so good. Keep the videos coming! I've lost 77 lbs and building muscle at 48 years young! Thank you Jeff.

  32. Lovell Rodriguez Post author

    Thanks.jeff.am.changing..my..trapz.routine.for.yours.shrugs.are.not.cutting.it...very.well.explained. thank.you.sir.

  33. Lovell Rodriguez Post author

    Jeff.went.and.done..those..movements..sir.i.can feel.the.difference.. the one that engage those traps was the 25 lb weight and the bench amigo thank you

  34. xᴅ xᴅ sᴘᴀʀᴋɪᴇ Post author

    3:14 those muscles on your back look like demon eyes from baki(an anime)

  35. Nigel Hallam - Hallam Hallam Natural Trainer Post author

    1.1K thumbs down…..?……. who left the bag of idiots open.

  36. Kadali Prasad Post author

    Hi , Iam a doctor.Nicely explained, good job done , your body has the most perfect muscle definition and the way you are explaining is good .
    Keep doing

  37. Suplementy Zdrowej Diety Przemysław Dzisko Post author


  38. Matthew Pierce Post author

    I just had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder the supraspinatus and subscapularis what are good exercises to do


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