10 MINUTE CARDIO WORKOUT TO BURN FAT (PART 3) | Best Cardio Workout Routine To Lose Belly Fat Fast

10 MINUTE CARDIO WORKOUT TO BURN FAT (PART 3) | Best Cardio Workout Routine To Lose Belly Fat Fast

whatsup guys its Max Barry, owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and
this is your 10 minute cardio workout with the best exercises to lose belly fat fast lets go. this
high intensity interval training circuit consists of eight exercises 50 secons each 15 second rest in between
you don’t need no equipment for this workout it’s a 10 min hiit cardio routine and be sure to get into quick warm up and were about to get into this
thing right now is the time to reduce belly fat some buildings were going to do this
together it’s going to an intense 10 minutes at home cardio blast to be totally official for
the day no equipment needed first move start now jump forward jump backwards then 4 plank jacks next cardiovascular exercise is twisters which is like high knees but works the love handles more whole time keep moving fast crazy 321 time good work out so far smash the like button is youre enjoying this cardio workout so far next move is 3 frogger and then 1 tuck jump if you get tired, step it in and out next exercise is legs on fire, which is 2 lunges and one plyo squat this is no joke haha legs are on fire don’t stop keep moving jump it or step it next move is walkout hi low heel clicks walkout do a pushup heel click at the bottom and top of the movement walkout it out pushup or not here we gotta push through that we make
the most of these short but intense keep next move is side skater for legs and booty builders while we continue fat burning cardio balance just a step it up as we say we
were reaching across get some good work out all the stops and we’re done right
now mountain climbers now great abs exercise and were getiing strong and lean throughout the total body ok last move finish strong 8 inside feet touch then hit the deck for two spider planks or pushups awesome cardio workout like this video and go ahead right now if you haven’t
subscribed to our youtube channel yet go ahead and do that as well if you have a friend
that would benefit from this work out go ahead and share with them and if you
have any questions about these exercises to lose belly fat or fitness and health in general go ahead and post them in the comments
section below thanks for watching this video have an awesome day!

20 comments on “10 MINUTE CARDIO WORKOUT TO BURN FAT (PART 3) | Best Cardio Workout Routine To Lose Belly Fat Fast

  1. Shannon Fisher Post author

    Thank you for this Max! It was great! too bad I cant hold a push up to save my life!!

  2. Yasir Farooq Post author

    very good training against belly fat , you come with Part 4 we need more like that exercises.

  3. Glenn Maled Post author

    This fat burner product works! It suppresses your appetite! Shipping was fast, and the Weight Loss Green Store Tea is great! The count is good for the price, and truthfully I only take 2 a day and I have noticed great results. I always feel great when I take it!

  4. Lost Stratagem Post author

    Hey Max,About how many times a day should I do this?Also How many Pounds would I lose here? Just Asking because im interested,thank you

  5. Emmanuel Garcia Post author

    Would I get great results if I do all the cardio workouts videos for a 3 day routine?? 🤔

  6. ben maya Post author

    great vids bud…just new to this channel…im trying to lose fat specially belly and thinking of 1 hour work out everyday so…5 min cardio warm up+10 min this cardio work out(total 15 min)….should i just repeat this 2 or 3 time or i go for ur other work outs?anything to recomend plz…

  7. Jason Omilig Post author

    I don't comment much but when I do, its because I am impressed. Great videos my friend. Great videos!

  8. Garren Vlok Post author

    Lmao.. 🙉 I stopped doing the workout at 07:52 and done some crunches on the abswing and like 5 seconds later he said stop doing crunches!.. Those things doesn't work.. I literally just looked around and then to the back and continued Max's cardio workout.. Lol.. Good job Max.

    #SouthAfrica 🌍


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