10 Min PERFECT Full Body Workout – No Time? Do This

10 Min PERFECT Full Body Workout – No Time? Do This

Welcome to today’s full body workout. If you are a premium VIP member on my website. Congratulations You got early access to this. Shout out to you. Let’s jump into our first move of the day We’re warming up today starting with curtsy steps If you’ve never done these before don’t freak out, it’s all good. Do your best All you’re doing is putting one foot behind the other while waving your arms and sucking your abs in That looks good. That’s really good. Keep going almost there. Good next up. We have a simple bucks or shuffle You’re just shifting your weight from one foot to another feeling like a boxer I’m so glad you made the time to be here today. It’s ten minutes. It’s your entire body. It’s gonna be worth it You’re gonna be glad at the end Looking good looking good so much energy today. Good. Good good 360 raises you’re going to raise your knees one at a time and also make big circles with your arms change directions You’re doing alright change directions. Keep going warming up your whole body You’re doing good, that’s good. It’s all good High pulls you’re going to pull Your arms down and bring your knees up After you do this, make sure you’re also squeezing your booty. We never forget about the booty You’re doing good, it’s just the warmup and Time now our first move for today is overhead burns don’t laugh. I see that look on your face Do it with me. Just try it out give it a shot and see how it burns It’s so good for the whole body. Are you ready? Let’s go Make sure your feet are nice and wide your toes are pointed out Your arms are straight up and you’re just making little circles with your arms That looks good go into that squat nice and slow Squeeze your gluts on the way up and keep that arm motion going Keep your core engaged You are working your entire body right now arms abs legs booty calls Everything awesome give me alternating warriors. You’re gonna keep those arms up and we’re gonna do lunges with your abs engaged Are you ready? If you struggle to do this with your arms up you can hold your waist. That’s totally allowed. Are you ready? Okay, let’s go hands up lunge Remember when you’re doing your lunges your back knees shouldn’t touch the floor And your front knees shouldn’t go too far past your toes the way you achieve. This is by stepping out really nice and far Beautiful so good when you’re standing back up push off with the same leg that stepped out Take your time go through your own range of motion go at your own pace Because your pace and your range is all you need for your body That was perfect. Give me some star jumps You’re going to drop into a nice low squat and pop out into a little star You can do it do your best Decide how many you want to do do your number and you rest the rest of the time let’s go Drop it low stand up power drop low stand up when you stand up you want to balance on just one foot? Extend your arms and your legs Keep your core tight It’s gonna work your whole body You have two more moves after this and you get a break keep going power through you got this You look amazing. Keep going. I like that So good. So close you’re almost there and Time that was so good. Can I just say that that was so good. Okay, let’s do some penguin crunches You want your arms parallel to the floor abs engaged. You’re going to raise your knee towards your elbow Let’s do it together Go through your own range of motion. Your arms may be doing some funky things. You didn’t ask them to do I understand do your best That looks awesome, I love that engage your core muscles Beautiful. You may also feel this in your thighs that is perfectly normal, especially if you’ve been doing a lot of booty exercises You may feel this in your legs, too It just means your legs are stronger than your abs, but don’t worry keep doing your workouts and it will all balance out That was awesome your last move before you get a break is bent over pulses We’re really gonna spend some time targeting your back with this one. You want your back to be flat? Let’s go flat back ABS up and raise your arms and post like a little birdie one two three four five release raise your arms pulse With that pulsing motion you want to feel in the shoulder blades in the back touching if you don’t feel them touching It’s okay. The more you do this workout the more you will feel it after this you get a break you’re almost there and That was awesome catch your breath While you’re catching your breath. I just want to quickly mention that on my website I have planned your whole year of workouts for you January through December You never have to think about what workout to do ever again all the work done for you You also get access to my booty program You also get access to my 30-day challenge and my belly fat program, which is launching somewhere of 2019 All of this is available to you to try for free on kabocha Fitness comm so go ahead check it out I think you’ll be very glad you did Welcome back. We are jumping into our second round with crosses. You’re going to put your legs together Take them towards your mat, raise them up open wide. I should call this good girl bad girl That’s really what this exercise should be called Keep your lower back on the mat That looks good, it’s challenging. Yes it is but do your best Very good bring your legs together Let them go as close to the mat as you can manage raise them back up open wide close. That was good That was perfect next up We have bottoms up if you’re unable to lose the version on the Left Which is the version I will be doing simply do the version on the right, which is the same movement except you hold for a longer period Before you put your bottom back on the mat. Let’s go Squeeze your glutes to get your whole body off of the mat Your arms are supporting your upper body that Looks good do your best go through your own range of motion. This is going to challenge you that’s why it’s here. It’s a challenge Squeeze to extend your hip and raise your body and Ah, you did it. That was good. That was good. You’re gonna flip over we’re doing bird dog Next you want to fully extend your arms and your legs Keeping your core engage the whole time with this exercise You want to make sure you pause when you extend your arms and your legs you ready? Let’s go There you go very good, it’s okay if you wobble a little bit it’s okay that’s part of the process And we’re gonna be switching arms and legs. That looks good Hold and then release and do the opposite arm opposite leg. Make sure your core is sucked in. That is so good You are doing so well. Keep going. Keep going almost there The next move is going to blow your mind don’t think too hard about it just jump right in next up we have Commandos you’re going to be in an elbow plank position and you’re gonna crawl forward When you’ve gone as far as you can go, you’re gonna crawl backwards. The timer is just a suggestion Decide how long you’re going to do it for do your time and rest the rest of the time. Let’s go This is you in boot camp. This is you in military training This is you 2.0 raised to the power of 100 Do your best pretend you’re crawling underneath the fence you’re in one of those video games crawl backwards? Crawl forward keep your core tight. Oh Yeah, I understand. Keep going. You’re almost there You have less than 5 seconds to go only one more exercise and you are done. That was awesome. That was awesome You’re already on the floor. So we’re going to do alternate raises next you’re raising your opposite leg and opposite arm Are you ready? This is good. Let’s go where’s your opposite arm raise your opposite leg You want to raise that arm as high as you can? Where is that leg as high as you can do your best to keep your legs straight? That way you’re raising your thigh off the mat as well You look good. You look like you’re swimming help help You’re swimming to help Less than seven seconds you are doing awesome. This workout is almost complete. Keep going. Keep going Yes, you did it you made it to the end you made it to the end you worked out today? Let’s go ahead and cool down with a plie to Mountain if you’re still on the floor. I’m not judging you Take your time. Take your time with 20 whole seconds to do this stand up slowly Drop low and just stretch your whole body You’re up low and stretch your whole body that was so amazing Go ahead and give yourself a big hug. I just want to tell you today that I love you. That’s it. I Love you And I hope you love you, too Thank you so much for working out with me today subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already And I will see you in my next workout video

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  1. Kayla Horscroft Post author

    This exercise is so great! After 5 days I'm losing on my stomach, arms, and also gaining muscle in my arms, legs and my butt is so firm! Definitely going to continue doing this


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