10 min Intense Lower Ab Workout BURN BELLY FAT No Equipment

10 min Intense Lower Ab Workout BURN BELLY FAT No Equipment

Today we are finally doing lower abs It’s been one of the most highly requested videos because a lot of you said that when you did normal ab workouts sometimes you couldn’t feel the burn at the lower abs area. You guys asked for the burn We’re gonna bring you the burn! My boyfriend Chad will be doing this workout together with me this time because I made him do it. I think he really needs it If you’re ready, let’s go! Today, we’re finally doing lower abs because Do the feet! We will start with 90 degrees leg raise. Begin by lying down on your back and place your hands below your lower back or at your sides for support Extend your leg straight in front of you, both off the floor. Then, engage your lower abs with one leg up to 90 degrees pointing to the ceiling Keeping your core tight, switch the position of your legs by lowering the one up and lifting the other one until it is perpendicular to the floor Alternate sides and repeat for 45 seconds. Be mindful to flex your lower abs throughout the whole movement and make sure your back stays firmly on the floor, leaving no gap in between. Which is why it helps to put your hands below your back Your lower abs area should be slightly sore now. It means you’re working the right muscles Let’s keep the burn going and move on to the next exercise! Reverse crunch: same starting position, hands below your butt. Extending your leg straight out in front of you, lift both of your legs up so that they are perpendicular to the floor, keeping your legs together with a slight bend in the knees. Tighten your abs, tilt your pelvis towards your belly button to lift your hips up off the floor Pulling your legs towards your torso and tipping your feet towards the sky You should be feeling the burn every time you lift your hip up off the floor and you’ll repeat this movement for 45 seconds Keep going, don’t stop! We can make it to the end, only a couple more seconds to go So that one is my favorite abs exercise of all time, so take the burn to the next level! Legs elevation and four strokes Again, similar starting position. Both legs off the floor. Lift your right leg up pointing to the sky so that it is 90 degrees to the floor Keeping it there Lift your left leg up so that both legs are right next to each other. Then, lower your right leg down, followed by your left leg. But don’t drop them to the floor, keeping them a few inches off the floor and engaging your lower abs the whole time This is one rep. Lift your right leg up again and repeat the whole process for 45 seconds When you want to give up and drop your legs to the floor, remember that I’m right here doing it with you Those of you who have watched my story know that I started from zero myself, as someone who never worked out before I didn’t give up because I wanted to achieve my goals, so neither should you. Each rep you do takes you closer to your goals. So let’s keep it up! Next one is crunch kick. For this exercise, you can sit back up placing your hands behind your bum supporting your torso up Raise both knees up towards your chest. Then, tighten your lower abs as you extend both legs together to the front Keeping a slight bend in your knees, work your abs and pull your knees back into your chest Keep rocking back and forth and repeat for 45 seconds I know this is really hard, but I will never get tired of saying this: no pain no gain, guys See? You did it! Let me show you the next one as you rest We’re going back to basics and doing a simple leg raise. Don’t underestimate it There’s a reason this is one of the most popular lower abs exercises Hands below your butt, legs off the floor working your lower abs Let’s lift both legs up together perpendicular to the floor. Then, lower them back down a few inches off the floor Repeat this for 45 seconds. We’re halfway there, keep up the good work! Only five more minutes to go. Sixth is ab bikes. Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground Pull your navel in to target your inner abs. Putting your hands behind your head lift your shoulder blades off the floor. Be sure not to pull on your neck. Crunching your lower abs, bring your left knee in towards your chest and at the same time straighten your right leg out Turn your upper body to the left so that your right elbow is touching the left knee Make sure your whole torso is moving and not just your elbows. Alternate sides for 45 seconds Challenge yourself to keep moving and not drop your body down onto the mat until time is up You can do it, at least try! If you can’t do it this time, it’s okay Keep trying, and you’ll be surprised by what your body can achieve Seventh is leg circle. Similar starting position as all the ones before Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground. Place your two hands underneath your butt. Lift your legs into the air with a slight bend in your knees and proceed to draw circles in the air with both your legs while they are pressed together Keep rotating them clockwise for twenty-two seconds And then switch direction to draw circles for the remaining twenty-two seconds Good job! We’re finally onto the eighth one. Let’s give it our all for the last few ones! Slow x mountain climber. Get into a high plank position with hands right under your shoulder and your back straight Crunch your abs, bring one knee in across your body towards the opposite elbow twisting your torso Remember to perform this slowly because what we’re focusing on here is not speed But keeping control of working the abs and bringing your knees in Trust me, this burns the lower abs way more than the normal fast mountain climbers that we do Keep going, don’t stop now! We’re so close to the end Single leg lift. This is another variation of leg raise, and in my opinion one of the hardest Again, hands below the bum, engaging your lower abs and lift both legs off the floor. Lift one leg up to the ceiling then lower it again, holding it a few inches off the floor Then, lift the other leg up and lower it back down again Alternate between sides and repeat for 45 seconds The closer you lower your legs to the floor but still keeping them up, the more burn you will feel. Less than two minutes to go. Let’s push it! Last one is scissors. You have two options: first one is sitting up with your torso, resting on your elbows Extend both legs out in front of you off the floor Crisscross your legs over each other. First, your right over left and then left over right in a scissor motion Remember to keep your core tight and try to lower your legs as close to the floor as possible Second option is lying down with hands below your bum This is harder than the first option But also requires a stronger core to lower your legs closer to the floor without arching your back If you feel like your lower back is coming up off the floor, raise your legs. The higher your legs are the easier it is and vice versa Pick it up! Don’t stop. A few more reps to go, and we’re done Now let’s stretch out our abs. Start in the cobra position face down on the floor with your legs behind you and hands positioned beside your chest Extend your arms to make them straight Raising your torso off the floor at the same time and hold this position for at least 15 seconds Then, twist your body towards the right, try to look at your feet. Hold there for a few seconds Then look to the other side If you feel like this is not enough you can go back down to the mat We position your hands to be closer to your chest and push yourself back up again This time higher so you can stretch your abs even more And that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed this video. Remember to give it a thumbs up if you do and share it with your family and friends so we can continue to grow our fit fam and train together. See you next week!

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  1. misguided ghost Post author

    Such good workout! I've tried different lower abs workouts but decided to stick to this one! It is very effective and gives a real burn. I've been doing it for a couple of weeks now alongside with hiit workout and leg workout (slim thighs) and I can definitely see the results. My waist was 70 cm and now 67 cm so keep going guys! Everything's possible

  2. Morgana LeFay Post author

    Just wanted to share my experience here. This workout really works! I've been doing this everyday for a week, because I had a dance show and I had to wear a crop top, lol. I've been on a strict diet and working out, and I lost 4cm around my waist. Thank you Emi! 🙏🏻

  3. ebystrowski Post author

    i always feel tension or "the burn" right under my ribs instead of in the lower abs section while doing this and it makes me really upset bc i try to focus on the abdominals and do everything possible and nothing works 🙁
    can someone please help ?

  4. Alaska dos Santos Post author

    I decided to do this one with ankle weights… My legs are burning more than my abs.
    Don't regret it though.

  5. Kray Zee Nat Post author

    I was wondering if this workout can help flatten your belly.. I have a lot of extra fat on my belly and it starts having lines when I crunch my stomach..

  6. kira kira Post author

    I want to ask a question …I have belly fat I want to have a flat stomach and lower region
    I don't want to target for abs so ..
    Is this excersise helpful to me
    Please emi reply?

  7. Sumaya ipad Post author

    Hey emi when u make an other video like this plz can u also mention how many calories it burns and can u also put a extreme diet plan like EXTREME DIET

  8. armieestrong Post author

    omg my abs are so weeaak XD i had to do an easier version of each exercise get through the time! but thats okay i'll be able to do the actual exercise with practice!! wooo!

  9. sophie x Post author

    i’m starting this and doing it for around 2 weeks. i’m starting off at 124.6lb and my ultimate goal is 100lb 🙂
    day 1 – shit i felt the burn, a few exercises got me resting for around 5 seconds in the middle before starting again but it honestly felt so good when it was over and i know this is gonna be beneficial.
    day 2 – i fell asleep at around 7pm so i didn’t have time to do it 🙁
    day 3 – it was defo easier than day 1 but my muscles were still sore so it made some activities harder such as the bicycle (that actually made me wanna die) but after it’s done it makes me feel so much better abt myself
    day 4- i haven’t done the exercise yet but i weighed myself when i woke up and i was exactly 123.0lb !! i just did the workout and it was definitely the easiest it’s been. i still struggle with a few tasks mainly bc i just cant do them😂 but i always give it my best shot

  10. Alise Liiva Post author

    So.. I will do this workout for one week, every day.. and I will update every day on this comment, so pls GIVE ME SOME MOTIVATION AND LIKE THIS COMMENT💗💗

    My weight – 59 kg
    My height – 166 cm

    // I eat healthy and don’t drink sodas, eat fast food or something..

    instagram: @alisseyy_.

    Monday (day 1) – I feel so good after this workout, really 😍😍 maybe one moment I felt like I’m dying – I’M ALIVE 😂

    I did this workout for 1 week and I see pretty much results💗💗

  11. Meredith Auchendale Post author

    Hi Emi! I'm a 15 year old girl who recently sufferred under depression and anxiety. One of its causes is my physical apperance. I was ashamed of myself. But thanks to you and your inspirational workout videos, I get to improve myself. Thank you for being an instrument to help me recover. I have changed, tho not as sexy and gorgeous as you, I can say that I changed. I hope you post more videos to enlighten those people like me. I hope you stay humble and jolly coz it's one of the things I've loved with you for being so realistic unlike the others who seemed to do workouts without any trouble at all. Stay fit! I love both you and Chad! 💖💖💖

  12. karina correa Post author

    Me: comes out in my room red and sweaty
    Family: what were you doing?
    Me: nothing.

  13. mikymiky0v0 Post author


  14. Pollulits Shilena Post author

    41 90 degrees leg raise
    27 reverse crunch
    14 legs elevation in 4 strokes
    24 crunch kicks
    19 leg raises
    46 ab bikes
    10 leg circles (clock wise)
    10 leg circles (other side)
    30 slow x – mountain climbers
    30 single leg lifts
    62 scissors

    enjoy 👅

  15. Safiya Ahmad Post author

    For all the people who scroll through the comments to see if this works, you have come to the right comment 😂
    Day 1:
    I can definetely see my abs getting stronger – six pack coming. This result for the first day might be different for me then you because I already have a light 4 pack but for the first day this definetely brought it out a lot more.
    Day 2:
    This exercise is still very hard for me but I am trying my best to go strong. I can definetely see I am loosing a lot of belly fat and gaining muscle. When I flex I am surprised to see I have abs! This workout is hard but worth it. (P.S. I am 13, if I can do this, you can!! 🙂 )

    Will do updates :))

  16. Marisse Castaño Post author

    I love this workout. I underestimated this the first time I tried it lol.

    How many reps are recommended for this workout per day? Or is it okay to do it everyday?

  17. Cath ‘’ Post author

    I felt the burn in my legs of this third workout day !! Could I continue or just relax ?

  18. Thùy Trang Tạ Thị Post author

    I found your videos accidentally. After, I definitely wanted to try it. Yes, I did. Your exercises are so effective and interesting that I can't stop till the end of videos( Although I don't understand English as well, I still try to do). Thank you so much!

  19. Claire McLaughlin Post author

    Hey! I struggle lifting my legs all the way to 90 degrees… is this a flexibility issue or a strength issue? If anyone has experienced this/knows… let me know! Thanks!

  20. Rebecca Yang Post author

    Thank you so much Emi! I did a combination of lower belly fat, small waist and HIIT workout, I lost 5cm from 81cm to 76cm on my belly!

  21. Im Jia Post author

    I have a serious question for anyone who can answer: how do you breathe? I’m serious I always hold my breath by default and have top every 8 seconds 🙁
    EDIT: IT’s a week later and this workout is amazing guys don’t give up and you’ll get it!

  22. Philip J Post author

    This is really the best ab workout I've found.. the commentary makes the world of a difference!

  23. Nimra chaudhry Post author

    Thankyou sooo much it helps me a lot thankyou
    I want to ask you a question ppl said that u dont have to do sane exercise everytime is it true?

  24. Don’t ask Post author

    Why aren’t you uploadinggggg??? I’m dying to get a notification for a new video from youuuu!

  25. Julie Post author

    I am doing that everyday and people told me that I have a flat belly and a smaller waist👏 thanks emi love your workout

  26. Kisa 7 Post author

    Meh, I’m going to try this and keep you up to date:



    Day 3: hurts slightly less and I can tell that my stomach is becoming very slightly flatter. Probably because I’ve been doing an intense run everyday as well

    Day 4: oh, it’s not that bad anymore

  27. Victoria O Post author

    omg after a month doing this, it seems it's paying off, of course not as I would like but It's paying oftt!

  28. mariyamf_f Post author

    Thanks to the exercise videos you make i am finally starting to feel proud of my body.
    Thank you for everything<3 P.S: congratulations on your engagement!

  29. Katie Alexandra Post author

    Guys, I literally got abs in 2 days I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for a quick summer fix and also eat really healthy a week before vacay do this every morning and one other one at lunch and 2 more at dinner

  30. Milzi Mui Post author

    Hey Emi❤️❤️
    Can you make a video about how to lose water weight and bloating because i think my main problem is water weight and I have no clue how to fix it😂

  31. Vae Vae Post author

    i’m gonna do this once everyday and keep y’all updated..

    day 1- was really hard to get through but ofc no changes
    day 2- i wasn’t sore even though it burns but still no change but it’s gonna take a while for it to reduce the fat😃
    day 3- still not sore but i think i can tell a little difference

  32. Judith Ma’ilei Post author

    How long has it taken for someone who has done the exercise to lose all the belly fat?

  33. willow dream Post author

    day 1: Age 12, Height 160cm (5ft 3inches). Weight: 47.2 kg (104.2 ponds). waist: 60.9 cm (24 inches)
    please dont judge, I know im fat thats why im exercising.

  34. aleena baig Post author

    I'm gonna try my 30 day process ksksks

    Day 1: I can 100 percent feel the burn. I took alot of breaks too oops. I ended up skipping 2 exercises but I did most of them. I'm so sore omg

    Realizing I never updated-

  35. ARMY_ With_Luv Post author

    Okie so im gonna be doing thia for a week and ill keep yall updated! I also will be doing 30× of every work out instead of 45 seconds. Btw i started today

    Day 1: okay so today was hard i kept taking so many breaks but i did get through it eventually i can also feel the burn in my legs more than my abs so i need to breath better

  36. Emi Wong Post author

    I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  37. Trầnn Vy Post author

    I really lost a lot of weight thanks to your exercises. Thanks very much! Always follow you and support to you

  38. eternally164 Post author

    OMG i can’t even carry up my legs,what’s the best technique for the beginners?😃

  39. _azlina_ 08 Post author

    Oh my I can’t believe I just completed this exercise and I can feel the burn now wahh it’s so satisfying to actually feel the burn. Thank you for this video!❤️

  40. Asli Omar Post author

    I literally I’m 67 kg I am really trying to get abs And I love watching your videos because they said you’re amazing and they are helping me to lose weight I’m so happy that I found this work out for abs Thank you

  41. galaxsy unicorn Post author

    hi emi can I do like 4 workouts videos in one day so I wake up and I do one workout for legs then for arm's then for abs or I just do one for 1 weak and next for next week


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