10 min Full Body HIIT Workout – FAT BURNING No Equipment | 10分鐘超燃脂全身間歇訓練 – 無需器材訓練

10 min Full Body HIIT Workout – FAT BURNING No Equipment | 10分鐘超燃脂全身間歇訓練 – 無需器材訓練

What’s up? What’s up welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to film my 10 minutes full body hit workout for fat burning So we all want abs well at least I really do [and] f workout themselves are not enough you want to build a muscle but at the same time I want to get rid of the layer of fat on top of it for the apps to Pop so Cardio is extremely important this workout I do it at least once a week, and I always think that a shot workout is better than no workout So even if you’re super busy that week you don’t have time. This is just 10 minutes even though It’s only 10 minutes, but it really makes you sweat. I sweated so much during this workout A Hit is high-intensity interval training. It is extremely effective to burn body fat especially the lower belly fat right here It’s a complete body weight exercise. All you need [to] [smet] you can do it anywhere it only needs 10 minutes of your time So no excuses [guys] okay, so in this workout We’ll do 10 exercises each exercise lasts for 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds in between sets It doesn’t sound too bad right okay? I’m going to give you this heads up right now This is going to hurt really really bad. You probably be cursing me During the whole 10 [minutes] because every time when I do it I curse myself Why do I put myself through this, but it’s going to be worth it. If it doesn’t hurt It doesn’t work right so grab your mat and let’s get to it Let’s start with jumping jacks It is a great overall body exercise to warm up your body Get a blood flow into your muscles and get your heart rate up So it facilitates a fat burning process for the rest of your workout Start with standing position feet together arms by your side Jump with your feet apart and at the same time bring your arms above your head quickly Hop your feet back together and lower your arms back to your side Continue this motion at a high speed to increase the intensity will do this for 45 seconds Five more seconds to go three two one Rest for 15 seconds you can use the time to drink some water catch your breath check your phone Which is my favorite thing to do you should be sweating a little bit by now with your heart beat up Okay, ready. Let’s go again three two one [sight] [plane] rotation start with a high plank [position] hence right below your shoulders feet apart at shoulder-width to stabilize your body Turn to one side extend your arm up to the ceiling look up to your fingers then rotate back down to a high plank Turn to the other side and Repeat the same motion Remember to keep your core tight make sure your hip is not sinking when you rotate your total to the side just change your cardio Your upper body and [your] core straight Keep breathing. [it’s] hard. I know don’t fall [well], it’s time to rest. Look at me playing with my phones again. So really bad habit guys and then this burpees Start with ten smile on your shoulder chest on the floor push up through it fuck [jim] by bringing your feet close to your hands Then jump up hands above your head drop [back] down kick your feet back then lower your knees first then chest on the floor push yourself back up again and repeat this motion for 45 seconds [I] Absolutely hate burpees it never felt so get me out of breath But I do them as part of my workouts at least two to three times a week because [they’re] extremely efficient to work your entire body Burn those calories and get all your muscles Arms [chat] squats glutes hamstring and core Muscles stronger even [just] 10 of these non-stop can already get your heart pounding in your breath quicker And it’s rest time again And get ready for the fourth exercise commandos They’re tough but at least there’s no jumping here, so it’s like a short break well except for the arms Start at elbow planks and release your right forearm and place your right hand firmly on the floor Directly below your right shoulder push up onto your right hand fall Immediately by your left and the same pattern and get to straight arm plank Then return back to elbow plank position by releasing your right hand and lowering onto your forearm before doing the same with your left hand Keep your abs tight So your hips are stable repeat this exercise for 45 seconds your arms shoulders of social right now I know. I know trust me as I’m filming this I’m cursing myself the whole time hang in there Yes, and it’s our favourite rest time again Let’s move on to half burpees. [don’t] be fooled by the name How babies are not easier than fou burpees first climb both feet on the floor slightly further than shoulder-width apart? We’ll start in push-up position and jump your [feet] in towards [your] heads Keep your hands firmly on the ground line with your feet Just outside your heads, then jump mere feet back returning to push-up position and again repeat this for 45 seconds Fucking ten more seconds to go get a few more in don’t stop Time to rest. We are halfway there don’t give up only five more minutes. Go hang in there drink some water and let’s go again [ah] Sober reverse lunges this actually sounds much harder than it actually is but basically it is back lunge for stepping back to the opposite side First stand up straight and place your feet above shoulder width apart This is the starting position then take a large step backward with one leg crossing it behind your front foot Lower your back knee towards the floor while keeping your front shin perpendicular to the floor Keeping your back [straight] and your [chest] up push yourself up to standing Often it with the other side and [repeat] the same motion. This is a great addition [to] your normal Exercises because it uses the opposite that rational forces that we don’t normally use in a regular lunge What? Now take advantage of this 15 seconds rest the next exercise [is] a total color Jump squat it always gets me out of breath in just 10 reps So there head up and your back [straight] stand with your feet shoulder width apart Then keep your back straight and your chest up start by squatting down just like how you do it in a [regular] squat Once your upper thighs are parallel or lower to the floor jump straight up into the air as high as possible When you touch the [floor] again immediately lower your body back to the squat [position] to complete one rep and jump again [you] can switch to a squat if you feel like it’s too much jumping for you you Rest rest rest. Don’t worry no jumping in the next exercise Opposite arm and leg race. This is [a] fantastic core exercise for both your balance and coordination First position your hands and knees on the floor making sure your palms are under your shoulders and your knees are under your hip Extend one arm forward and at the same time lift your opposite leg behind you bringing it to hip height Remember to tighten your core in order to keep your balance Return to the starting position and repeat with your opposite arm and lick It’s only 45 seconds. Don’t worry. We’re almost there That wasn’t so bad right now get ready for the last two [push-up]. You can do the regular push-ups if you want to challenge yourself or you can scout it down to knees push-up [I] cut into 45 seconds of regular push-up non. Stop myself. So you’ll see me resting in between first get into a high plank position Place your hands firmly on the ground directly under your shoulders Lower your body keep your back flat tighten your abs and try not to let your butt drop Your body should remain in a straight [line] from head to toe draw shoulder blades back and down keeping elbows tucked close to your body Do not have your arms wider than shoulder-width keeping your core engaged Exhale as you push back to the starting position if you need to you can switch the knee push up by dropping to your knees But remember to keep the rest of your body straight and tight Just like a regular pushup if you feel like you’re dying right now me too as you can see it’s oh You’re not alone rest if you need last minute three skater this exercise Definitely [requires] some coordination if you have never done it before so don’t worry if you’re a little bit [confuse] the first time you do It you can start them at a slower speed First give you a core and back tight leave to the right with the right leg bring your left Foot behind you keep both knees bent then hop to the left bring your left leg to the front and your right leg behind you Continue to alternate between sides and once you’re getting more familiar with the movement Speed it up to a high speed to increase the intensity and make it more challenging Last few more seconds to go guys keep it going don’t stop now We made it you You should be super proud of yourself if you made it to here if you liked this workout Give me a thumbs up so more people can see this video, and what people can do it see you guys So today, I’m going to fill my 10 minutes My script, so why am I wearing a cap today? It’s because the past week I just got my brows tattooed the cantonese is called [peu] mate It’s really popular in hong Kong right nap apparently you’re supposed to look movie ugly the first week [there] extremely thick and dark color Right now so I thought I’d been a bit so naturally I don’t have that much brows And I feel like every morning the one thing that I got to do even if I’m in a hurry [I] must draw my brows before I head out so phil Macy And I thought [I’d] get this project to thing and try it supposed to last you for like [3] to [5] years Well, let’s see. I’m so scared that [we] [can] still look like this I don’t know But I will keep you guys updated if it’s [souls] like this in all my videos from now on you’ll see me with a cat you

100 comments on “10 min Full Body HIIT Workout – FAT BURNING No Equipment | 10分鐘超燃脂全身間歇訓練 – 無需器材訓練

  1. Adenine Post author

    -Day 1: couldnt finish. I'm unable to jump bc of my ruined knees so i only did half of the workout.

  2. worthless trash Post author

    I love doing your workouts in the morning but this one… Damn it was hard! Think I'll keep doing it until it gets easier.

  3. Phương Thảo Post author

    Hii Emi I'm from VietNam . i found your workout and i love doing this every morning . I do 4 times haha. Can u tell me how many calories this workout burn ? Love u 🤩

  4. FRESH AVOCADO Post author

    I said to myself wow this is gonna be hard and when she said i think your gonna curse at me then i said nah then while doing it i shouted fuck you emi!!!!

  5. Dorothea Becker Post author

    Im gonna do this for 1 week.

    Day 1: it was so hard!!!! Needed to take some extra breaks
    day 2: same as yesterday. it is so intense!!
    Sorry that i stopped…
    Now i have time again
    Day 1: i… am… sweating… so… much…

  6. Salome Vermaak Post author

    I did the first 2 properly then nr 3 and 4 was me resting after every 5 seconds and then I decided to just watch her do it.

  7. Ashley Bandura Post author

    Great workout! Given the quick transitions, it would be good if you set up the next exercise (or just list it on screen) during the 15 second rest so that we know whats coming up next before the 45 sec timer starts. Thanks

  8. Amie Pau Post author

    As someone who has gained relationship weight went from a 110 to a 135. This HIIT workout helped me so much. On Monday, I weighed myself and was 134.8. I did this workout and ran on the treadmill for one mile for four days and I am ALREADY down to a 128.4. In addition, I did do intermittent fasting, during the 8 hours I could eat I ate everything I usually would eat just no greasy food or coffee. I also did not see my boyfriend during this time which may have helped haha. But I HIGHLY recommend this workout as it has done wonders for me and I can't wait to continue to lose weight and reach my goal of 115!

  9. Scarlet Bailey Post author

    Can you start explaining the next exercise during the break?
    I can’t do the exercises for full 45 seconds because I have to see what you’re doing.

  10. miss havisham Post author

    I've been doing this (and the 20 min hiit video of emi's) for two weeks and I've lost 1 inch from my waist and half a stone from my body weight. My slight cellulite has started to fade too. I seriously can't praise this video enough, or urge you to do it more!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  11. 죽을래?! Post author

    Xo aún no estoy preparada para este entrenamiento, voy a buscar una app para principiantes porque literal quedé sin aire en el primer ejercicio y cuando llegó el rest no me dió para descansar y tuve que pararlo y respirar por un minuto :'v

  12. Ece Öyken Post author

    Can someone recommend me other moves for burpees and half burpees. I have some back problems.

  13. Olivia McLennan Post author

    Been doing this daily for ~ a week now and it gets easier guys! You can do it!

    Edit: and by easier, i mean my burpies still look like a flailing fish

  14. Emi Wong Post author

    I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  15. Shriller Post author

    Did these at 4 am, had to be quite at some parts since my family is sleeping, so I did Mountain climber for the ones that require jumping. It works just as well and I’m sweating rocks. Good luck everyone!

  16. Tinh Linh Post author

    I love you so much. Your exercises are amazing for beginners like me. And your encouragement voice helps me a lot. Thank you. So many thanks for you.

  17. Grace Eun Ji Post author

    Gosh this is the most intense workouts i’ve ever done!!! Especially Commandos and jumping squats… hope to get used to them someday. Thank you for making me work out with you !! 😀

  18. dulset bitch Post author

    this is by far the hardest 😭 i lose count on how much i gave up but i finished im so happy

  19. Taehyungs Potato Post author

    forever my fav hiit workout <3 quick, easy, simple moves that everyone knows, and gives a good burn!

  20. Oli Post author

    Emi …..you are the hottest woman on the YouTube channel. And, your exercises are awesome. Your boyfriend is so lucky🤣

  21. Kay Ess Post author

    Although you did provide a list of the exercises at the beginning, I’d suggest also reminders of the next exercise during the rest periods throughout the workout.

    Otherwise, good workout.

  22. shirell katz Post author

    Question: is it normal for your body to go up and down up and down in weight? Whenever you eat a meal (this is probrably a stupid question)

  23. Sufi Hafawati Ideris Post author

    I have follow these exercises. But tbh the hiit exercises didn't increase my heartbeat level. It only reaches 124 per minute. My body needs 140 bpm in order to burn fats for 10 minutes. So it's no relevant especially when she sit and plays hp. Technically, it will reduce her heartbeat. She should keep moving. The aim for hiit is to remain high bpm in 10 to 15 minutes to burn fat.

  24. forever angels Post author

    Does anyone do this more than once? I'm a runner and I try to do hiit 1-2 times a week in between days and I wonder if you can do this at least one more time or if that would take away from it being hiit? It's a really good workout and 1 time kicks my ass but I wonder if 10 minutes isn't enough but that could also be disordered thoughts about exercise..

  25. LauraLeigh Hughes Post author

    1 like one day of workouts

    Any motivation because kinda wanna fall asleep right now so I guess I will like my own comment first. I will be posting updates

    Day 3: I haven’t been posting but I am getting better but I don’t notice any changes yet😪

  26. tooot 66 Post author

    How many times a week should i do this i heard it’s not good to do cardio alot so please tell me how many times should i do it per week

  27. Elysha Ismail Post author

    Should i do it? I wonder……maybe i should just in case…..so I will update you guys after 2 days every week. By the way I'm trying it out for 2 weeks. Support meh!😘☺I will start tomorrow cus it's like 11pm something here so yeah…

  28. viviana castro Post author

    I can now relate to all the comments lmao. It was a killer… i just finish doing it, but i will do it one more time but this time faster. And yass thank you advertisement lmao

  29. K Kauffman Post author

    Gosh! I am out of breathe! Great video. Very clear instructions, excellent videos, great tone! It is a workout! Even though I only could get so many done on some of exercises and more on other exercises, it is motivating that in time will do entire sets of each!


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