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[Music] hello I’m coach Kozak from a spit and this is my 10-minute share workout for seniors this is a great workout to get your heart rate up and build strengthen your entire body for your chair I recommend you use an office chair that’s nice and stable opposed to sitting back in a recliner there’s no equipment required but if you’d like you can either use a very light pair of hand weights or a couple of water bottles depending on your fitness level you may not even need to use weights at all I’m gonna do this entire routine with you let’s get started okay you’re going to start with the light warm-up and whether or not you’re going to use any hand weights for this workout during the warmup I want you to go ahead and set those to the side okay so the first thing we’re going to start with this is a light march in place nothing special try your best to coordinate your opposite arm and the legs working together give a little coordination going as well as moving strength get your heart rate up and make your long tour ball at the same time and three two one and break next start with your hands at your side we’re gonna do a fly your arms nice and loose and try to bring the arms up to parallel with the ground it’s not a race so don’t feel the need to go really fast we’re just doing this for 15 seconds nice and relaxed who’s sending up little shoulders and three two one good okay that’s very similar we’re just gonna work on a different plane start with your arms on the front of you we’re going to open your chest up stretch your chest and then close it back and call this a chest clap and here we ran through this one for 15 seconds nice and relaxed you’re not trying to race breathe and tired good arms up parallel to the ground and three two one bread good I’m glad that’s one’s a breathing exercise that also works your abdominal muscles so I want you to take a big deep breath in suck in your stomach in and you’re going to hold that for three seconds one two three nine to push down breathe out and push how about your stomach for three seconds push it out push it out two one okay relax we’re gonna do it again and breathe in suck it in your stomach sucking in your stomach like you’re trying to fit into a pair of jeans and breathe out and push it out on your ass push it out like that stomach I can press it up against your pants and relax okay good one more time and breathe in suck in that stomach hold it in hold it in three two one and push out and push out on that stomach two one and break good now we’re going to go back to that marching place very good opposite arm and legs working together just get your feet anywhere from one to two inches off the ground you don’t need that much clearance just make sure you’re getting it up off the ground good sitting up big and tall in your chair the whole time I want you and I don’t want you to sobs for good posture 3 2 1 okay going back into the fly nice and relaxed again shoulders are back make sure you have that your bus screw all the way back in the chair it’ll really help you keep good posture the entire time oh nice and relaxed 2 1 and great now let’s do another 15 seconds of that chest clap arms out and open up big wide and close very good we’re gonna practice that will build me down range of motion all your joints are really help your flexibility and prevent stiffness all over very good and three two one alright hands back you know that let’s do that breathing exercise one more time and breathe in hold hands sucking on that stomach after tight and breathe out push it out on those stomach muscles the stuck muscles working I can’t and last two more times here we go and breathe in keep a good posture flex those ABS and breathe out push out on those ABS you know contracting tighten it up and relax okay just one more this and breathe in hold it on those abs like some flex up and breathe out keep that stomach nice and tight two-one-zero okay good check it out warm up round is over let’s okay for the first string drop see I’m going to use water bottles but if you’d like you can use a couple light dumbbells anywhere from two to three pounds if you just want to use the body and arms that works fine too okay first one I do is a lateral shoulder raise nice and control keeping your arms straight I want you to bring your arms until they’re parallel with the ground keep your shoulders back and your head chest up whole time very good three two one and break next you want to sit hands on collapse we’re gonna do a leg extension we’re gonna alternate one leg at a time bring your legs all the way up bending at the knee nice and control it’s gonna work your quadriceps muscle over your knee all the way up all the way down you’ll notice I’m able to get my leg just about parallel to the ground that’s okay if you can only get yours out to here to start and you’ll notice as you do this your range of motion will improve and you’ll get better at it and you’ll be able to get your leg up high that’s what dream and three two one very good next we’re gonna bend over in our chair keep your head up and grab your weights or Y bottles and we’re gonna roll keeping your elbows in this for fifteen seconds your elbows up as high as you can pretending like somebody put a string on your elbows and pull your elbows back through the spring that’s how we get visualizes very good make sure three the whole time and three two one all right back up in our chair come on back with that light a little raise your shoulders back we’re doing this one for 15 seconds keep those arms straight and I’m going to keep your mind here the whole time to breathe so very important breathe breathe breathe good job and then three two one Ruff’s okay seven wakes down on your left shoulders your back let’s go back through that leg extension one at a time very good not a race nice and controlled movements flexing top of your left quadricep every single time and again trying to increase your range of motion challenge yourself to see how high you can get that leg good to one and great hanging back over to the chin keeping your head up and keep your back straight and now we’re going to pull back on your elbows nice rolls you can grip one for your back muscles that’s not work good good good and five four three two one all right one more time through picket on our chair and we’re doing raise nice and controlled again very important to keep that good posture don’t be leaning back in your chair because just singing up with good posture is actually going to work the core so we’re gonna core work just the whole time just by keeping good posture and great answer yeah let’s do that leg extension once again one at a time very good and breathe a little stretch in the back of your leg on this one that’s good that’s expected just means you’re gaining flexibility make sure you’re not rubbing your legs up they’re nice and controlled movements the whole time all right good and last one and for one more set of the bent over rows keep that head up back straight full time and pull back elbows and five four three two one all right good that rounds oh alright let’s start the next round we’re gonna work on your hip starts and feet your thanks together we’re gonna pick them up open them up and closing we’re just opening those hips and close this is gonna work adductors and your abductors your hip muscles as well as increasing your range of motion very important than strengthening those hips many people loose and mobile a lot too stiff very good more and back to set good next using your weight we’re gonna do a shoulder press straight up straight down if you notice I got a nice floor were using motion where I’m able to finish all the way up top but you might be a little stiff and we’ll give it up about that high that’s okay but every time try to push yourself and try your best give it up just a little bit hotter very good John excellent three two one and great good excellent you set your weights down laughs put your hands together I’m going to twist side to side go for 45 to a 45 not all the way and I want you overextended put too much torque on your back just a nice little twist in good posture work out your core and your abdominals good five grand holds over 45 degrees and three two one all right very good next we’re going back to the hip open and close open those hips and close good posture the whole time you’re doing this and what you do I want you to pick up your feet don’t drag your feet on the ground back before that actually pick them up every single time need to get them up high put just enough you’re not dragging your feet on the ground and last one right good okay go back into that shoulder press all the way up all the way down again nice full range of motion during an excellent job I appreciate you working with me today probably if you’re taking the initiative to get this work done it’s going to be worth it in the long run that’s for sure and three two one rest okay very good same your weights down we’re going to go back into the twist side to side nice and control on this one don’t want too far our you start to feel strain on her back just enough to get a little work in your core and your oblique muscles good job side to side and three two one all right and okay those those hips one last time 15 seconds on wheel all the way close I’m great keep it up and as always we are remembering to breathe good posture straight up and down don’t lean back in the chair and rest one last time to the shoulder press all the way up all the way down very good nice and controlled again not a race just getting as many reps in as you can good job keep it up your doctor is going to be happy when you tell him you’ve been working out that’s for sure and make their job a lot easier good job come on keep it up three two one all right no more loops let’s do our last set of our twist now side to side good job I’m sure breathing and going from a 45 to the 45 excellent work and five four three two one all right one more round to go all right third and final round shoulders are back with an upright row we have all spacing to you now I want you to bring your elbow up every time similar to the one you did in the previous round where you were pretending that somebody’s pulling your elbows over the screen now you do the same thing she’s gonna work your upper back and your track muscles nice and controlled and on this one don’t feel the need II really stretch it squeezes it strain it out of the top just a nice controlled contraction whatever feels comfortable you don’t need to come all the way up and really nice and easy this a little bit forward in your chair with one leg out in front of you straight I’ll keep that we’re gonna do a one-legged bend over and come up bend over about a 45 degree angle and come back up and while you’re doing this you should feel a stretch in the back of your leg this outlet stream every time three two one and switch your legs very good this one works your backside and your hamstrings make sure you have this leg straight don’t try not to have a bend in this very good all the way up every time 45-degree angle and then sit up big and tall excellent just like that and three two one and zero good okay staying out in front of your chair you wouldn’t set whatever you’re using down on the ground we’re gonna do a chair dip all this is is we’re gonna pick yourself up onto the chair using your upper body and back down that’s it you’re not gonna get a whole lot of range of motion pick yourself up and back down if you can’t quite get yourself up all the way you can use your legs a little bit for a little bit of help and back down this might be the toughest one we’ve done all day give yourself up let’s do it one more time and up and back down good okay hand weights so here’s your back and let’s do another set of up right girl good work and as always we are remembering to breathe good job so proud of you for sticking with me today or even taking the initiative workout doing a great job and 5 4 2 1 okay one leg on the front shoulder the back bend over at your waist to a 45 degree angle and back doing that scratching the back you’re late every single time working your hamstrings and your back side and at the same time need flexibility 45 and back up let’s go one more good switch it up excellent work that stretch every single time and come up big and tall one between now we’re getting to breathe keep breathing I’ll tell you what if we get to breathe it’s gonna make this work out a whole lot harder so let’s not forget to breathe very important to remember that nice and controllable breathing let’s go a little more hand weights down and back into the chair dips it is many controlled chair dips one more good good good one more time through we’re almost done stick with me here okay shoulder your back good posture and we’re doing the upright rows for fifteen more seconds very good bring those elbows up high not the hands up high but the elbows up high hands will stay loose underneath good and three two one okay put that one leg out and over to a 45 degree angle and back up big and tall good good good we have less than a minute remaining keep up the good work you come this far you can make it the rest of the way and let’s do one more and switch it up let it go and then over at 45 degree angle and that good job keep breathing and I’m one last one good job the water bottles now and let’s do chair gives United meet your brought the chair that’s okay just press as hard as you can into the chair every time and it will get just as much working everybody has to start somewhere really important that you remember that let’s go one more all right good job you’re all done thank you so much for working out with me today I recommend it repeat this routine two to three times per week for best results if you do that you notice little things like getting out of bed in the morning getting out of your chair will become much easier if you like this workout check out a Spitz website one hundreds of your additional free workouts we have our free meal plans there to gain or lose weight as well as our complete thirty to ninety day fitness programs please do me a favor and subscribe to our youtube channel like us on our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter for the best daily motivation a lotta grab sat by our store pick up a t-shirt or a poster whatever it takes to keep you motivated and on track once again i’m coach Kozak Kumasi and I’ll see you at your next workout [Music]

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