10 Annoying People You Know At The Gym

if you’re looking for a sanctuary to work on health and wellness you could be in the wrong place. For example… “The reflection” : the only man to ever give himself mono. The” Look over here guy” WHOO! Let’s go! and the “comeback kid” ohhh! 1,001! 1,002! “the sweat fountain” … This is all yours! and every woman’s favorite the Miss America. Flawless skin, perfect body, no sweat glands! You know your form would be at an utter loss without the spot solicitor! You need a spotty spot? NOPE! Every hottie needs a spotty! Toes to your nose, butt out! I don’t know that means. [man crying in pain] oh, sorry! Watch it we’re trying Instagram here!! Whoa! Way to be assertive, babe! I know, right? Look at you , so strong! You’re so buff! I know, right? At least dance class is a fun place where I can work on my butt and avoid everyone else’s… Oh, and you can’t forget the racer! Heya! They call me the bionic hedgehog. Who calls you that? My family. Anyway… Why would your family calling you that? let’s go upstairs, I mean let’s go uphill. You are barely going uphill… MMM…No. Say goodbye to the gym and hello to fitness at home with NordicTrack. [background music] Hey! Whoo! I’m a lion! Race you uphill! Come on work! Heyah! Wanna race?? I’m a volunteer fireman. Heyah! It’s you and me babe! Heyah! I twenty-five percent more testosterone… than who?… A Puma!

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