1-Minute High Protein Tuna Patties

1-Minute High Protein Tuna Patties

what’s up fambam and welcome back to
another video in this video today I’m not gonna say this week’s video because
you know I’ve been on my YouTube grind and not more than one video a week so
I’m pretty happy with that so this is just one of the videos of this week if
you haven’t seen me before hello and welcome to my channel here on YouTube my
name is Charlie vanilla and I make lots of videos about sauces junk but mainly
in the same domain and if you want to know more about me it just go click down
below on my name and my face in today’s video I’m gonna show you guys how to
make one of my absolute favorite recipes now I know there’s loads of recipes on
the internet and you need all these ingredients and they’re just complex and
you watch the video and you’re thinking to yourself I’m never gonna make that
well the health of this video isn’t going to be like that for you because it
only requires three ingredients three ingredients I don’t know how it could
get any more simple literally you probably have these in your house you
need one egg you need one tin of tuna and you need some oatmeal now you can
either buy flour like oatmeal flour is what we’re using for this recipe you can
buy that or if you just have outs all you do is whip them in a food processor
and bam or blender whatever these tuna patties they’re crispy on the outside
okay and they’re chewy on the inside they’re warm they taste like they give
me the feeling like I’m eating warm creamy mac and cheese okay and I’m not
I’m eating tuna patties complex carbs are rich in fiber and
therefore more satiating because they take longer to digest they’re also not
stripped away of their important vitamins minerals fiber and antioxidants
making them a healthier choice over simple carbs such as white bread and
white pasta the coats are high in fiber and protein
they will keep you fuller for longer making them a great food if you’re
trying to lose weight omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats
which means that our body cannot make them from scratch we have to get them
through our diet niacin is a B vitamin that keeps your
digestive system skin and nerves functioning it’s also been shown to help
reduce harmful cholesterol levels vitamin b12 helps your brain function
aids and creating new red blood cells and it’s necessary for DNA production
and to help your body create usable energy from your food the fact that tuna
is low-fat anti protein mixture and ideal food for both building muscle and
losing fat as it’s a low-calorie food and it’s filling because of its high
protein content regardless of the mercury levels in tuna a key study found
the participants who reported eating seafood including tuna at least once a
week were less likely to have hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease including amyloid
plaques in their brain eggs regarded as a complete source of protein as they
contain all eight essential amino acids which we cannot synthesize in our bodies
and we have to get them from our diet iron carries oxygen in our blood and
plays an important role in immunity energy metabolism and many other
functions in our body exa Hynde choline which facilitates
brain development in the fetus and newborn and it helps her memory function
as we get older one egg per day will provide 20% of a pregnant woman’s
choline requirement time their population educated keep in my shot I do
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from Allah forgive me what – yeah

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  1. kathlangridge Post author

    oh gosh i made these today… changed them up a little- used about a quarter of the flour, and had them as open faced sandwiches on thinly sliced whole wheat bread with smashed avocado and green onions…and the cottage cheese on top. unreal!


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