taystee mukbang tastes a mukbang yelling
me oh let me raise this thing up just a little bitch hey everybody feel like keeping on black
y’all hey everybody welcome welcome welcome to tasting my fame tasting my
fame tasty tasty mukbang tasty mukbang eats y’all I’m thinking about something
I just forgot okay yeah I’ll taste these here today
I’m hungry just the first meal of the day I got leftover pizza look let’s do
it thumbnail I got leftover piece of some corn dogs
and let me go get my little I don’t have no mustard y’all and that’s what I like
to eat with it but I got something else I will clean a couple of things
I met y’all up ahead Oh some ranch dressing let’s see let’s see who in the
house who I could give a shout-out to y’all I just y’all know I appreciate
y’all I love y’all I just got a phone call from a wonderful person one of my
youtube family members and they just call me to let me know that they love me
and I all started crying y’all sometimes if God for somebody on
y’all heart just pick up the phone and call them yeah I don’t know what they
going through they might really need their funk oh yeah I just want to thank
y’all for letting me know y’all let me use I know somebody love me somebody
loves you baby mmm yeah my voice is gone I’ve been
doing all this time let me see let me see who in the house
okay jazz in the house me put on my glasses cuz your girl Casey Nitin honey
um jazz hey ripping Fitness hey Gina hey chasity and keeping it real what’s up my
be greedy’s Gina my Michelle now the we got the van back but it might
not be fixable oh hey pasty hey Williams hey Shekinah okay Shekinah how y’all doing today
y’all let’s pay up gray so I could eat five god I thank you for this food I’m
about to receive your blessings you love your kindness your mercy and your grace
in Jesus name we pray a man hallelujah this is a famous
sandwich and salad sauce it’s kind of like a mustard a mustard base so we
don’t eat this today since we got no mustard I steal I think we got no
mustard the first Bible something tastes good mmm-hmm anybody wanna bite open wide say
mhm mmm do y’all have a James coming island
we gotta live it I do not eat hot dogs or corn dogs they’re awesome but a
couple of times a year I love to go but James Comey on give me a corn dog with
some Tartars and and a frozen lemonade that’s what I
get when I go to James Caan out mmm-hmm hey Brittany and there’s a girl
– shut up how y’all doing Hey and Tony young Oh Lord yeah I got
some broken glass what is broken glass come from oh my
goodness I hope thank me see it’s just joy I got some broken glass what did
that come from yeah I need to be careful I wonder was
it from here hey Tasha how y’all doing
yes mr. keema I hope you feel better I love hey girl you didn’t have them you
can have to make a new attempt just cuz you got a new phone yeah we drunk an
apple juice today I still didn’t just steal me my water last night oh you forgot your password hey that
Nicole how y’all doing thank y’all for joining me 1773 people
in the house make sure y’all thumbs up the video we gonna get to our topic of
conversation as soon as I get some food in my stomach mm-hmm what’s y’all doing
today which I’ll do you today how was the weather what you ate did you do some
Christmas shopping today did you do some Christmas shopping to them yeah what’s today’s date
I think it’s uh four more days to my birthday when is my birthday yeah I almost took myself I was thinking I
might miss my own birthday party I don’t even know what my birthday is today is
the 24th so it’s four more days to my birthday I’m on my own birthday party
yeah yep Tasha say I got me a iPhone X I am about
to get an empire Oh congratulations I guess when I get when I grow up I’ll
give me an iPhone a new iPhone one day when I grow up account mmm Italian beef
here in Chicago trying to say got the buy one get one special mmm is it on the
new iPhone how much fake house buy one get one hey Antonio buy one get one special and don’t matter
what iphone you get home did you get the latest one that must have kind of strong
a thousand dollars that’s a lot of money I put thirty down no I got the eggs like
is that the latest is that a latest model the ex is it like the iPhone 7 819 Hanako surprising with AT&T the newest
one on contract is like $25 a month hi I was gonna take you to pay for ten years
I think they look so cool but I’m really bad with technology for being 18 hey
miss Cathy hey Emma y’all somebody playing music I’m gonna
have to mute for a minute let me see I might have to mute Tichina say thumbs
up the live yeah thumbs up a lot if you haven’t already I concur Kiwanis say hey taystee I love
your show no matter how depressed I am now cuz a financial situation right
before Christmas can’t do for the grandkids but your show cheers me up all
the way from Montgomery Alabama oh there’s Otis Lee this is sweet hey
there Kurt how you doing Kurt oh I’m doing fine you sittin here tryin
to put some food in my thumb that mustard is was strong me huh hey Tasha
I’m feeling a little better yelling yesterday was kind of homework yesterday
was a little bit hard y’all yesterday was a little bit hard but y’all the
blessings of God really are new every morning when you feel weak he is you got
to let him be your strength and he’s got to keep your faith in him so that way
when you do get weak he can strengthen you I had to lay in the bed last night
and just cry out to him and just pray and just turn this situation over to him
turn the van over to him turn the people or the person who did it over to him and
even turn the other people over to him that is doing wicked and evil things
towards me I just had to turn him up what’s a god job Hey Kiwanis AR that means so much to me
you read my message thank you I always read the messages unless there’s
something crazy I kind of read it first it makes you I need to read it aloud god
bless you have a happy birthday and a happy xmas in a safe new year now let me
continue listening Oh to Shama say are there any Texans in the house
Texans fans Alisa Gail said yes so y’all tonight’s topic what is the topic of
tonight y’all B loves life and KC connection fan o
that was supposed to be fans let me make the connection let me make the
correction okay so the title is tonight be loves
life and cake you see connections three fans threatening me y’all if y’all have
been in some of my lives y’all have seen these people coming for me y’all have
seen them leaving ringing comments calling me on my name and I feel like as
a content creator some people become celebrities and just like with Nicki
Minaj and Clark lady I feel like when you
become famous you have a responsibility to send a message to your followers that
it’s not okay and it’s not cool to take matters into your own hands on my behalf
I don’t want fanatic subscribers where they will go do something crazy to
people hurt somebody causing bodily injury or even go to that person’s
channel and attack them verbally and threaten them I don’t want those kind of
subscribers you guys and I try to keep my subscribers in check and I let them
know don’t go to nobodies Channel don’t go to nobody Channel don’t go over there
leaving comments don’t go over there bashing them don’t go over there
threatening them and I feel like when you get to a certain point is to me it’s
sad that I feel like some people know that their fans are gonna fight their
battle for them and that’s why they don’t say anything but in doing that you
are when you see your fans threatening somebody’s life and wishing somebody did
it I feel like the content creator or the celebrity should step in and say I
love my fans I love my fanbase I appreciate y’all so much but what I will
not do and what I will not support is you guys thinking it’s okay to hurt
someone thinking it’s okay to destroy someone’s property thinking it’s okay to
tell someone that you’re gonna kill them thinking it’s okay to tell someone that
you wish they died and didn’t wake up in the morning like I would never let my
fans I would never stand by and let my fans do this to anyone I don’t care what
the person is doing to me I don’t care what they doing to me I would never
stand by and see my fans telling somebody I hope you don’t wake up in the
morning telling somebody we know you live it we’re gonna kill you I just I
can’t fathom that I can’t fathom you sitting by watching someone’s life being
threatened I can’t fathom you sitting by silently and not saying even in the
video I have to make a whole video about it but just letting your fans know in
the video hey you don’t even have to let them know what’s going on specifically
but just letting your fans know that oh and I know y’all love me but I did I
don’t want you to go destroy someone’s property or steal someone’s property or
kill someone or make someone think that they need to look over their shoulder
because of me that means that you are okay with people worshiping you and
putting you on higher pedestal then you need to be on that’s dangerous stuff you
guys that’s dangerous that is so dangerous let me see what
y’all hey Terrance hey miss Gloria I was
wondering when y’all was oh they’ll in the house they’ll be on that link for me post a link for me let me see Miss Kitty
and oh no at all my mods up in here praise the Lord thank you Jesus hey Smith Texas Warren today they are
ten for five now that’s good hey Brittany I guess I’m live to talk about whatever
I want to talk about this is Abby loves hot topic mcvane Channel Jan’s got her eyes open it’s 102 viewers
in the house hey 117 not jazz Britney say Vanessa I hope you bless tonight I
love you you see you tomorrow I have to go to
work now get up at 6 a.m. in the morning bye Brittany I love you too sweetie
four treats to say I would never say that in one period Tammi say hello tasty
bill say hi family I am in the place hey Belle ribbit says be loved encourages her
stands to go out and bully and intimidate people who disagree with her
agenda she sends them out and goes ghost I don’t know if she’s sending them out
but I will say this if I seen my subscribers or my fans wishing someone
dead I would say something about it I would send them it I would just say
something in them in a mug bang out you don’t have to make a whole video about
it but you could let people know I just think that is so irresponsible of the
celebrity when people get big and they see their fans threatening other
individuals lives I think that is so irresponsible of the celebrity because
if you don’t say something no you cannot control people’s actions but you can say
something and hopefully it will help the violence and the anger dial back just a
little bit you’re gonna have some people that are not gonna listen to you
but you need to keep driving their message home and letting people know hey
we’re not like that my fans are not like that I’m not like
that I don’t want my fans to be like that I just think we have a
responsibility to let our fans know I don’t want you doing nothing crazy I
don’t want any of my fan it’s any of my mods going over to anyone’s channel
telling him they hate them telling them they’re gonna kill him telling him they
wish they they don’t wake up in the morning no I will say something I will
say something to my fans and my supporters and I’d be like hey no that’s
not acceptable that’s not acceptable you that is not acceptable somebody say y’all please get Lashon hey
that uh lifestyle it doesn’t what I’m trying to let y’all know is it doesn’t
matter what I say about someone or what somebody says about me there are people
that are saying mean evil wicked things about me I would never send my mods I
would never see my subscribers to go and hate on that person and if my
subscribers and my mods did it on their own
I would I would see something about it I would say something about it just like
I’m saying something about this I would let people know hey that is not whatever
beef I got going on with somebody it’s not worth you wishing that someone was
dead it’s not worth you threatening someone’s life it’s not worth you
damaging someone’s property I would definitely speak up about that and I
feel like we have a responsibility the bigger that we get to let our followers
our subscribers and our supporters know that that is not cool and it’s not okay
and I’m just saying that’s my story and I’m sticking to it hold on yeah I might be behind on
comments hmm yeah I’ll start telling people they
mean ain’t nobody else gonna see their comments they could say whatever they
want it doesn’t matter even if this is what
I’m saying yes she can address them and you’re
still gonna have some people to still do a thing but you but for the majority you
need to let you need them no I you have to take some accountability and some
responsibility at some point you shouldn’t want people to be fanatics for
you it don’t matter what a person does or say is thank you Smith it doesn’t
matter what a person does or says you guys they don’t deserve their life to be
threatened it doesn’t matter what they say and for you to uh people make the world
go round but we should not promote violence we should not promote violence
y’all don’t talk back to people that are saying mean things don’t talk back now
don’t say anything to them cuz when you make a comment to them you make me have
to delete your comment cuz nobody is gonna see their comments so don’t talk
back to them yeah I don’t talk back to them please
you’re making me have to delete your comments hey miss kitty got her eyes up um Chelsea it doesn’t matter what I say
I do no one should be threatening my life no one should be wishing me D it
doesn’t matter what I say I do nothing that I can say with my mouth that is non
threatening to a person deserves for me to be threatened and if that’s the way
you feel time you’ll come it’s gonna be limited on this page you don’t yeah yeah
this look just a gossip channel we got something about me love life every day hey Christy Christy say it is not right
I will report them to YouTube Smith say I just follow you on Instagram
Thank You Smith bail said cash app tasty anything it will help yeah somebody talking about somebody or
reporting when somebody does not constitute anyone threatening their life
if you think that that is okay it is something wrong with you
it is something wrong with you – Shoshanna say happy early birthday tasty
thank you sweetie one more days to my birthday I might end
up forgetting that isn’t the birthday tear it’s a Smith do you make bonnets why you ask that question Terrence someone needs to kick you oh really now that is sudden else don’t watch your
mouth Terrence then got the West a mouth they
don’t they go home you shouldn’t even told him to watch their mouth you should
have blocked that right away block so y’all I just want to let y’all
know I all of my supporters I appreciate y’all I love y’all so so so so much but
but I’m gonna let y’all know I don’t know where this broken glass came from I
wanna let y’all know no matter who y’all see make a video about me or no matter
who I make a video about I never want you to go and hate on those people I
never ever ever want you to go and do any harm to those people I never want
you to even think or wish any harm to them please if you love me please never
ever wish anybody did never ever say evil wicked things to people the best
thing you could do for me is pray for me and pray for them that’s the best thing
you see that they need that they need the Lord
I mean pray for them but don’t ever go do anything to hurt them please I pray
that you do not do that your freedom is not worth you retaliating against them
my freedom it’s not worth you retaliated against them in their life is not worth
you I mean there is they this this this stuff is on YouTube is not that serious
that you should wish anybody D it’s not that serious
no matter what a person will say about you it’s not as serious that you wish
somebody did so I would hope that none of my subscribers would ever do that hey the UH Texas made food and tell me
you’ll say what in the world yes I’m gonna ask you a question how is
Texas I’m okay on this end oh he said no oh I’m sorry was
misinformed so somebody said no one threatened me
everybody in the life who have seen people coming here and wish me dead wish
I would die say something threatening towards me
raise your hand raise your hand have you seen somebody coming this in my lives
and sake and wish me dead raise your hand I’m about to put my hand wait
where’s my hand let me raise my hand up raise your hand up her eyes open miss
Gloria put her hand up Olivia put her hand up Smith say okay
Oh Taryn say you think that’s in his glory say Terry she think that sent a
memo sent him oh you thought they may personalize the Burnitz Pam put honey in up so there are a lot
of people that are in here that have seen people come in my life eyes and say
they wish I didn’t wake up in the morning I wish you go to sleep and you
don’t wake up in the morning or they all say things like Oh be careful we can
find out where you live it and all of that stuff just it’s not worth you
taking somebody’s life or threatening him I’m not a scary person I’m not a
fearful person you could tell me whatever you want I’m not gonna be
looking over my shoulders I don’t care nothing that you do or say is gonna stop
me from doing what I want whoever stole van
you’re not gonna stop me from doing the in life you’re not gonna stop me from
doing anything that I want to do you hurt yourself more than you hurt me by
stealing my vein bail got her hands up Tasha said God not happy with these
people in the world they are crazy in everything you shouldn’t want lot like
y’all be loves life have over 2 million subscribers about the hit 3 she
shouldn’t want her subscribers to threaten nobody life I wouldn’t sit by
and watch that I wouldn’t sit by and watch somebody tell somebody I hope you
die I can find out where you live it be careful I mean no I wouldn’t a bigger
you get the rope more responsibility you get to try to keep your fans in check
and let them know it’s gonna be people who hate me it’s gonna be people who
talk about me it’s gonna be people who make videos about me there it may not be
in a good light but it is never they never deserve for you to threaten their
life they never you can say what you want to say as a person about them but
you you can’t threatening life that’s just unacceptable period that is
unacceptable and I would relay that to my subscribers that is unacceptable
that is unacceptable do I know y’all see I know y’all love me and I know y’all
see people making videos about me it is unacceptable to threaten anyone who
makes the videos about me it is unacceptable to harm or injure anyone
because of anything that they say about me or anyone else that is unacceptable
your freedom is worth means much more to me than you to go hurt somebody and to
get even with them we are turning those people over to God and letting God judge
them that’s the at the end of the day so somebody have a problem with anything
that I do it and say and they trust God they
need to turn me over to God and let God deal with me you got a Fincher Christmas
shopping tomorrow have y’all finish our Christmas shopping who finished their
Christmas shopping yet nobody bidding I say they finish their Christmas shopping
who finished Christmas shop yeah I finished mine cuz I ain’t got nothin to
do you could still say something and you
could still say something regardless of whether or not somebody might listen to
you everybody might not listen to you but somebody might listen to you
so I would just say something just to make sure I would just say something
just to make sure that nobody that that I could stop anybody that I could I’m gonna continue to make videos about
me loves life to the cars come home this is a be loves life Hot Topic channel so
I’m gonna continue to talk about her so you guys should know that by now I
already said that yeah I got to go to the bathroom I’ll be right back I’m
gonna take my phone with me I’m reading your comments you you okay you’re on my back let me dry my
hands off okay let me read some of y’all come inside sei sei which for Christmas miss for Jesus say I want an air fryer
and a sandwich press tishanna say to see another Christmas till chelsa say peace
for the world she said I want to wake up me on Christmas Day to be blessed to see
many many more a man Nicole say bill money would be nice Terrence say a new game system what kind
of games you like to play Terrence Oh Lord let me put my phone on the charger
yeah I’ll be forgetting that I’m forgetting to remind me the torch stuff
I’d be telling ya torch stuff y’all do don’t do it yeah I’m gonna have to fire
y’all y’all slacking Terrace a shooting James now hey Cedric I was wondering
where you was said you should have came when everything was fresh and hot we got
pizza and corndogs I’m gonna try to cook tomorrow y’all we need a home-cooked
meal what am I having pizza and corndogs
apple juice and tinkin thinking I guess I said that right yeah I once as you look to the bathroom
I go do whatever I need to do y’all don’t get that at home what’s that
love your drinking cup thank you thank you I’m surprised nobody else copied it
off YouTube fiber in the juice well y’all food this is my first meal of the
day so it does that to me every time I thought you my first meal of the day
this right I’m gonna have to go to the bathroom the night of work so who like to watch Christmas movies
have y’all watch some Christmas movies yet this year like what is your favorite
Christmas movie what is your favorite Christmas movie hum along in the Grinch I love home
alone which one we’re talking on one you like the best humming on one two how
many home alone movies was it I think home along wine was my favorite somebody
else a che say home alone Lele say home alone in the Grinch say say one of the
best one is the best Alicia say too is the best and what
other uh what other movie I like what’s the one about Christmas about what’s the
name of the one where the person be having the nightmares and they wake up
and it’s the grit the Christmas past Christmas future and Christmas what’s
the name of it that movie a year with one of Santa Claus a year without Santa
Claus I never seen that one before I’ve never seen that one before a
Christmas carol it’s the Polar Express I don’t know if I seen that one either a Christmas story it’s Sheriff yes Polar Express is a great one
I don’t think I ever seen holy Express the Scrooge steer here just got done
eating what’d you have for dinner chastity I know it was something good
miracle oh yeah that’s the one I like Miracle on 34th Street that’s the one I
was thinking about yep that’s the one I like Miracle on 34th Street and what
about the one where Eddie Murphy isn’t that a Christmas movie – the one with
Eddie Murphy uh when they switch what’s the one where they switch places or
whatever the ghost with the Christmas carols It’s a Wonderful Life Trading Places is that a Christmas movie barbecue barbecue crispy chicken and
corn on the cob have you watched chef peepee before is
that a Christmas movie bill is posting my cash app if anybody
wants to make a donation I do have a PayPal account and a cash app no I never
seen that movie before that’s the movie where they switch with Eddie Murphy I
think it’s a Christmas movie no they say Trading Places is the one with Eddie
Murphy it is against AI like Charlie Brown
Christmas – Alicia say anything on homework this time of year yes I love me
some homework how many of y’all crying y’all gonna make me go watch some movies
tonight y’all how many I’ll cry on hallmark movies can you please can I
please get a hand up and please let me know that I’m not the only one that cry
on hallmark movies can’t mighty raise their hand up if you cry on hallmark
movies ah please don’t let me be alone and they’re home alone one hallmark has
the most awesome Christmas movies Cedric say do you think do you like the
Christmas with Charlie Brown I don’t know if I like the Charlie Brown
Christmas movies lately say yeah that’s what I’m talking about
okay it’s called trading places yeah look I don’t understand what y’all
come in saying I’m gonna delete it if I can’t understand it
miss kitty say this man holiday I never seen that ooh chasidy got her hand up
Shay got her hand up Lele got a hand up say sadly I cry I’m
glad to know I’m not alone I will be boo-hooing like a baby they are also posted my paypal thank you
Bill I appreciate you bill you could talk to us
you could have be joining the conversation bill just posted every
night and being Tammy’s a hallmark is awesome and to shimen say I like Charlie
Brown Xmas so y’all give me a suggestion i’ma go see if I can find a movie a
Christmas movie on YouTube tonight so what movie y’all want me to watch so I
can cry tonight so I could go out tonight I like a Shauna’s new Christmas
movie what’s the name of it this man holiday is good too but the
second one had my say had me said when his wife died I never seen that movie
this man holiday don’t worry about them ugly old fans would you like a home mini for Christmas I don’t
understand that question my boo here I’m listening who is your boo you got a boo
you got a boo Bell barely let us know she had a boo y’all miss kitty say
welcome to tasty must name eats please like share and subscribe thank you and
give the video a thumbs up or thumbs down either way when I turn my eye
around the it comes up miss kitty say Oh Belle hey boo
they all got a booyah we knows it now look what kind of boo yeah y’all tell me
what movie y’all want me to watch tonight chance to say a Christmas a
Christmas winter song that’s the name of a movie I don’t think I ever heard that I’m not sure little I’m not sure I don’t
even know what that is Sean say home of brave that movie says home of both BOV Bale say he said hi he whoo Belle got up
he we didn’t know better I had no he when this happen pail say say yes Google
mini is a great gift for your mom what is the Google mini Achilles a best man
holidays okay I’m gonna see if that’s on you to marry me for Christmas merry
merry me for Christmas I never heard of that either it premiered yesterday okay
all of the hallmark movies are free on YouTube okay let me see y’all let me
look at so y’all say best man holiday let me see I might watch it I might
watch the movie with y’all right now okay yeah I found this man how big let
me see if I can find my ear clubs I might watch that now yeah let’s watch a
movie together you’re gonna watch it movie with me best man holiday I never heard it is NEC
which I’ll say I’m have to go get my other phone so I could reach out come in first and second tasty first and second
would okay yeah and then we’ll get another phone so I could reach our
comments you you
um oh yeah buffering okay yeah I’m uh I really liked the
comment to read the comments on here but going on how to seen y’all do new
iPhones have a a check for your headphones okay yeah let’s watch i’ma
watch this man holiday ooh they got a lot of ads up in that movie
yeah they got about a hundred they got about a hundred ads up in now yeah I’m
gonna pay for that I’m gonna pay for watching this movie yeah I might’ve seen this before I don’t know that man this uh what’s-his-name is that
Taye Diggs I like him with his hair cut shade I don’t like them with hair I don’t like uh do y’all like what’s his
name what is his name I don’t like him as an actor they woke up in the bed together kitty what kind of earbuds you got I can’t find any that I like honestly you
can’t find any work okay maybe let me see if it’s another
one I don’t know if there’s gonna be a good one to watch hold on yeah I don’t know I kind of find one with
better sound this one have less ads in it one-fifty bhisma wireless earbuds Oh Apple earpods 150 hey that Erica with the air part I don’t know nothing
about no air part what is the air part y’all I don’t know about all this new
stuff coming out cuz I ain’t got no money for it so I don’t even know said you say some headphones because
$200 worth I don’t think so yeah seafood seafood what what you’re talking
about miss kitty what is everybody cooking for oh I
didn’t see that question – Shanta say what is everybody cooking for Christmas
she says Sifu teres what you cooking chasidy safer
Gaelic we’re gonna grid and homemade salad I think I’m gonna doing my seafood
boy y’all if I feel like it I don’t know yet to China it’s what you got your eyes open for cooking wind for Christmas they too
Shama say what is everybody cooking for Christmas Erica say my brother is gonna make gumbo
yeah a lot of people eat gumbo for Christmas
no idea yet honestly tears you better get busy for New Year’s I’m making
Cornish hands and mashed potatoes I might not cook for Christmas because
I’m gonna cook for New Year’s so to play some real some collard greens baked
macaroni and dirty rice where you live as Cedric and some pinto beans I’m
cooking a gumbo shrimp chicken sausage okra rice ooh where you live it and
crackers on the side girl sounds good said you sound delicious
everybody coming to your house Cedric you better make sure you have enough Oh Cedric say Louisiana hey Cheryl how
you doing miss Gloria was miss Gloria we both say it the same thing so shut up chasidy say to Shana I want
some gumbo child I want something everything y’all talking about can I
have a little taste a everything you never had gumbo before – uh Tasha your chest hurt uh somebody said get you sometimes miscarry watch though shooting down what
is Miss Kitty don’t miss Kip what are you doing said you say to the people who ain’t got
no money yeah I better do like I did last year I was to hold a witness for
one day one year so I celebrate uh miss boys say love God you never had
gumbo girl it’s good gumbo and grits I thought that’s what she was about to say
this glory and that would be good gumbo and grits Miss Kitty what’s going on
please like the laughs what’s going on Miss Kitty Cheryl say that’s funny Cedric Cedric
said gumbo is good I used to I used the big shrimp
y’all ever had gumbo and grits this movie don’t look interesting to me yet
y’all I might have to find another movie some people try way too hard
hmm to China say me to Cedric Alyssa girl say gumbo on top of rice yummy
Oh Miss Kitty you trip in the day said you said I was born in New Orleans
I done had every type of gumbo she ever say I love gumbo to shyness a thumbs up
the line please miss Gloria say yeah is Gil I have to have rice what is this
girl miss kitty what is going on I don’t know what’s going on with mysterion she
treatment if chance to say I agree miss Gloria he was gonna say Amy and me too
miss Gloria said you’d say I am with miss Gloria gumbo don’t taste the same
without rice y’all making me back to go in the kitchen and cook me some shrimp
and grits miss miss glory say whatever it is key
to getting him I don’t know what’s she doing last about what he got going on
over there Miss Kitty you fight no without a day Wow Miss Kitty what’s
going on tested to say kidding you okay she’s on
my – – what jazz say I love rice and it’s wheel with combo jazz everything
all right you settling in yet Tara say I’m a gumbo you never had gumbo
Terrance Oh Lord you need to get somebody to make you a
good gumbo said you say you don’t know what you
missing Tara’s gumbo in in with that Louisiana Hot Sauce make you wanna slap
your mama but if she black be careful cuz she might slap you man I need to
make my tasty sauce yeah – Shimon say aye I cook a good seafood
gumbo every Christmas miss Gloria say everybody can’t make no
gumbo said you say I don’t like the seafood
gumbo I don’t like the seafood gumbo that much they could eat at my church
one time it was all it wasn’t all of it maybe Radian seasoning right I’m not
liking this movie y’all I don’t think I don’t think they showing it right yeah this not a good maybe there’s just
not a good version of it it’s not mm-hmm I can’t watch this let
me type in Chris movie okay yeah yeah you know one y’all didn’t
say The Legend of Frosty the Snowman y’all didn’t say that one y’all didn’t
say Beauty and the Beast Christmas y’all ever watch Beauty and the Beast
Christmas on hallmark what about okay home alone and home alone – Santa Claus
is coming to town Cinderella Christmas The Grinch best
Christmas Christmas around the corner Mary Libby Christmas elf earnest save Christmas Christmas
princess Carol Christmas carols Christmas let’s watch that one yeah let
me see the other movie they found that right it’s just not it was it look like
they pieced it together it’s Cara’s Christmas a new movie okay
yeah I wanna see this one oh this one the back is gonna be missing yes Carol Christmas is a good yes it’s
new Crystal’s say a sure thing I like
Charlie Brown Christmas Kitty study type in Christmas movies I just did he was
gonna say Charlie Brown Christmas to shyness a real talk
Crysta say everybody can’t make gumbo that’s true and you can have and you
have to be careful we come gumbo because everybody don’t clean their crabs and
chicken and other things good girl Miss Kitty what’s going on over there girl
you got the hammer yeah what wasn’t what Miss Kitty got going on you is kitty say to – what I like what’s this later name this
planning Carol’s Christmas Carol I like her she’s a good actress kidding I’m
going to watch that movie tonight I’m watching it right now y’all kitty is about to move stuff around can
you say Kimberly Elise oh that’s her name Kimberly Elise is she now y’all I
always thought this but I don’t know if he’s true is she uh what’s the lady name what’s that lady name she’s if she
Sicilies Tyson’s granddaughter moving furniture and jumping fences
Gloria I got to talk to you later to find out what’s going on Google it tasty
lol Google what Yahoo Google it and tell me is uh if she system is Tyson’s
granddaughter no she played T te incentive off but if she said kiss Allah
says I think I always thought she was Cicely Tyson’s granddaughter I ain’t got
no more phones available to do no googling yeah so to say I did – I
thought that was her granddaughter cuz she’s a good actress like Cicely Tyson
y’all to me Cicely Tyson is the best actress of all times
like nobody don’t beat her in my book nobody and this girl to me has the
quality of Cicely Tyson no that is not true she’s she displayed the room no but
I’m talking about I just I just always felt it in real life she was her
granddaughter her acting style reminds me of Cicely Tyson that’s a beautiful
house she doesn’t have kids I googled it whole
Cicely Tyson don’t have kids what is Terrence talking about so to say no Cicely Tyson doesn’t have
kids any kids really Cicely Tyson never got married that woman is a beautiful
woman yeah I love me some Cicely Tyson miss kitty said Kimberly Elise has to
keep children and her husband has passed on really I didn’t know that Cedric says
she made 95 on December the 19th oh no wonder we get along I’ve no one that I
love her so much 95 wow that’s amazing she been married
just didn’t want no damn kids I’m surprised she didn’t want no keys she didn’t she been married okay I miss
kids say in 2005 Maurice Oldham Maurice Odom I don’t think I know who he is how
did he die Miss Kitty I’m glad you I don’t know about stuff
because y’all shoul informing me I’m learning something today Cheryl says
she’s um a and what support I can’t pronounce their word
Oh Sagittarius said you’d say tasty do you
watch the haves and have-nots yes I like the haves and have-nots but I don’t have
cable y’all if they don’t put it on YouTube I don’t see it is glory you say I was gonna say Cedric
and the heifer is oh whatever has to say goodnight everyone love you
all pray for me yes has to be a shaman say I love the
house and a half nights said you say it’s coming back on in January you know
white shot Jim and Catherine yeah I remember he shot Jimmy Catherine that’s
Oh Lord he is crazy al see Tyson miss kita say a massive blood clot
shortly after the birth of the second daughter oh I need to look up and see
how they look did she ever get remarried I said you’d
say I heard they was the you heard how you heard chesty uh he’s gonna say night
chastity love you I said you’d say that damn watts is
crazy I hope the police shot him he didn’t have to do Catherine like that I
don’t understand why he’s so mad at his mama
I could see him being mad at the daddy but I don’t understand why he’s so mad
at the mama taystee I want you to watch and tell me
what’s going to happen on yeah but I don’t have cable so I don’t always get a
chance to watch taco say is she okay is hokay Oh miss can you say who buttons I was
talking to chesty because they didn’t want him to do drugs
she was finna send him to another rehab and he didn’t want to go I know but I’m
talking about he got a hatred for her like that’s a longtime hatred yeah I’m moving taco what you tell me
I’m watching a movie and talking to y’all at the same time tako say oh you watching you watching Oh
were you watching the movie Cedric say I think because though a
while back somebody raped Wyatt and she knew about it and didn’t do anything
oh really that that’s a to shyness a diary of a Mad Black Woman is a good one
too yeah I think I seen that before I probably go in Akron on this movie
young y’all get to see me cry whoo there boy got some thick eyebrows I
love me some thick eyebrows taystee I mean this lawyer you say that
Wyatt they raped Wyatt in jail or to shimon say real talk she ever said
Cheryl said I like all the Tyler Perry movies I don’t I really don’t like none
of his movies it’s a shyness Amy – who said you’d say
this was before he went to jail miss Gloria Oh Tammy say Lord I tried I’m
tired of seeing you cry y’all terrace made me cry tonight he called me before
the live started can y’all believe Terrance has something nice to say and
he told me he loved me y’all Terry’s told me he loved me y’all what it really
must be Christmastime she’ll say I haven’t seen me overall the
oval I heard it is good don’t have cable it might be on YouTube yeah yeah I don’t
think when y’all want to see something go look on YouTube and see if it’s on
there this boy you say oh really Oh Cedric Krystal say you really don’t
like Tyler Perry while no crystal say ah Oh Cedric said the first lady is crazy
that whole family is crazy you know her daughter jumped out of a moving more to
cut motorcade what that sound crazy I’ll share would say yes they do have a
lot of things on YouTube too shaman say diary of a Mad Black Woman is one it’s
on a bounce channel 11 or 12 right now okay
and she’ll say I’ve never heard about said you say everything everything be on
YouTube just gotta watch it a day after it airs because YouTube deletes it yep
I’ve been watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta on YouTube lately on it be on
the same night several say locates us Cedric
yeah I’ll be finding a lot of stuff anytime y’all hit me talk about a movie
I watch I’ve seen it on too yeah this is a good version of this
movie if y’all haven’t seen this movie y’all need to watch it the video quality
is so clear just Thomas a thumbs up the live said you say you shouldn’t download
this app called little tasty you get free movies I used to have it they
didn’t play I didn’t see in enough movies for me y’all they didn’t have
enough free movies I said you say you should okay I said
you say they got Beatty there now okay what are you watching tasty uh what’s
the name of the movie I’m watching Carol’s Christmas I said you saying y’all gettin quiet on me is y’all
snoring miss Gloria you snoring over there I really know well I would say
Bale was snoring but she got company so she not snore yeah my talking to me it was the girls side I’m sitting here
just listening yeah y’all stop talking to me I was reading the comments and
watching the movie at the same time you feeling any better today with Liz Gail okay yeah we was a worried about you
last night see how many jobs do you have you oh I just scratch myself everybody just
stop talking all of a sudden in this view when they went I think they fell
asleep what time is it 11:20 they mr. fell asleep Tannis a who sleep y’all sleep y’all
stop talking to me hey you Munda no I haven’t seen that hey Jess Jess did
you tell me how you settled in earlier I forgot I didn’t see the old response excu to say I am at the airport however let’s say I slept all day I’m
adjusting to the time change and the weather what is the weather like in 20s ooh no snow so far oh it’s no
down there oh now I wouldn’t move there girl what’s wrong with you what’s wrong
with you jet yeah in the 20s oh no baby you got to come back to you stay Oh live a little what you mean I don’t
need to go when those snow it to live a little risa say was that was the name they gave
you Reese’s what you talking about Oh Reese’s was the name they gave me
that’s the oho Jeremy that’s a long name so you like the snow jazz miss kitty what is really going oh girl
I need to talk to you jazz say hell no lol not to drive
however seven years are just to a bit sickly indeed very well so I’m going to
enjoy the next step in my life okay girl I’m all with you enjoy the snow I’m
staying right here I don’t know jazz they got blocked a hater a hater i’ma call you to chat she said why is
that I’m good she realizing Mo Money
don’t be mo happiness flora what you doing sleep I’ve been wished my way back to my real
life Tammis mmm-hmm losing what Tam tell us
what are you doing Miss Kitty say yep yep what what is
y’all talking about I’m about to end his life cuz I know about talking to me I know the rest of may not saying that
the first we was having a good conversation Cedric was talking his
glory was talking everybody snowing that they went to sleep so to say tasty not like tasty not like
me I’ll be skipping all through the movie oh no you got to watch the movie
Cedric are you doing laundry night y’all stop talking to me I was about to end
alive I’m like nobody talking to me to shut us a thumbs up tonight thank you
Christina so to say we are watching you watch the
movie but I feel won’t try to talk to me I can do both ah come on start asking
y’all 14 ones attention and now JC block them they may what movie you’re watching Carol’s
Christmas said you could say 53 people watching and nobody saying nothing
y’all better speak lol gag on speak them troubles ain’t gonna speak miss can’t
got her eyes open misskaddy he telling the truth can I do a cooking live I will I think I
might make the bee loves not to be little sauce to tasty sauce I need to go
to my peel box yeah i’ma go to mine feel about some Miss Kitty saying welcome to tasty
mukbang each please like and share and subscribe everything fine Kristy Jess I tell them
Cedric however that’s normal only ten few talk the others are jizz on lookers asserting say they trolls trying to see
what tasty are saying so they can do so they can go report he’s a your brother okay surgery Jesse okay yeah yeah I’ll be responding to them
trolls cuz I won’t cuz I’m over delete they come in and
block them anyway she say I’m not a genie you can’t keep
wishing for other lies Oh send you back what’s she doing with
an angel what is going on and their Queenie a channel we’re watching Carol’s
Christmas I’m watching Carol’s twisting with and I’m chatting with child is the
movie good so far I never seen it yeah y’all go watch it on YouTube because
this is a good if error is pretty don’t know what happening with you when you say what is everyone doing for
Christmas I’m about to cry I’m gonna start clean sheets on my my
bills my deals she happy she got bills so to say Lord I ain’t know it was 12 I
got a little Church at nine good night Cedric I love you see you tomorrow oh yeah I’m gonna cry I’m gonna cry oh don’t cry a limitation like my tissue yay yay yay that was out right y’all it was the
best movie but it made me cry you ain’t got no rhythm oh my battery alone okay yeah I love you okay yeah I yeah I’m gonna end this live and miss
easy I’m gonna in this live and I’m gonna talk to y’all later
it’s going on 1 o’clock 12 14 I’m gonna talk to y’all later
I love you out thank y’all for tuning in and keeping me
company I’m probably gonna watch it another move tonight I don’t know what
I’m gonna do yo I need to go wash some clothes and I need to do
bye y’all thank y’all for watching taste of nothing but vain tasty tasty look a
bang teets yo bye anybody want to talk to me
call me

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