👙 👙 Fitness Girls Glutes – FIBO 2017 – Best Booties | Köln

👙 👙 Fitness Girls Glutes – FIBO 2017 – Best Booties | Köln

hey guys so we’re here at people and we will make a little contest about the best glute in people [Music] we are from high and we are making a contest yeah a bit [Music] I competed yes it was nice but yeah just cool down okay okay ah let’s if you can win okay okay this time gzip oh so close four five really great Thank You romantic he’s handling it of course you will have a bright because you deserve it so before you oh my god you want you tell me we are making a consensus do the bureau rescue all of you Hey Baby do customers Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] maybe you can’t we may be but I have to do it but I don’t know if I show them or I don’t have to shut up Wow and Brandi thank you I think sorry students of the price oh yeah you’re not physically super gone oh you know what if you want to be my views you should go to my Instagram Sarah buckwheat says this nigga my stuff good glue [Music] always be and I think you were okay we have right cause of you we are making a key the contest so if you can pose and run a food hold on close down well no yeah and forward here we have a pride for you because you have command of what perhaps [Music] you do Thank You Madeline yet [Music] you know before you don’t we thank you yeah so here you deserve it though we will give you a bright bright and for you with a plate a nose yeah [Music] you have a great body though we we give you a price yeah easy for you with a play [Music] come on so you work very hard for that so you will have a bribe Wow Congrats really really nice body and we will give you a price okay that’s it for you yeah we are playing that if we are hearing at vivo just about the best cute you know people okay okay [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you very much you have really nice body thank how to work out there so we will give you up right stop are you okay thank you thank you any much for you thank you very much Oh thank you very much an excellent body so we’ll give you a bright top for you [Music] thank you Maureen we’re making a little contest about the people okay I am researching the best views in people I’m not you know yeah okay so what am i a zoom a little pull down and just you wait you with you okay I can’t make it yeah we can maybe [Music] [Applause] and we are sure that you are our winner so we are like you’re our best we have to deathbed begin bro marine hahaha how to make yeah

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  1. bienenpaps t Post author

    vor 25 jahren fuhr ich auf die fibo weil ich definierte 55 cm arme und typen die 400 kg kniebeugen konnten , sehn wollte !
    und heute ? fährt die jugend dahin um sich an karl ess und irgendwelchen youtube muschis aufzugeilen …weit sind wir gekommen !


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