जिन्हें योग की ज्यादा जानकारी नहीं है वो योग कैसे करें YOGA TIPS & GUIDELINE FOR BEGINNERS

जिन्हें योग की ज्यादा जानकारी नहीं है वो योग कैसे करें YOGA TIPS & GUIDELINE FOR BEGINNERS

Namaskaram (Hello), Many people have asked me about how to start yoga from a beginner’s level, when you don’t have much understanding about it. What are do’s and don’ts of it and how to do yoga? So, my very first tip to you all is that at least start doing yoga because persuading mind to begin is the most struggling job. Even if somebody has started practicing then also he may face hundreds of issues like ‘this method is right or wrong’, ‘whether I’m following the correct process or not’ etc. These issues will engross him so much that he’ll get confused and will quit yoga. So, take it easy and focus on the basic things that you know, and have confidence of not making mistakes in them. May be you have learnt well from some person or the videos Though, everyone is doing it but even then only take calculated risk when you follow videos. When you start doing yoga, listen to your body and pay attention on its needs and capacity to handle. even if other person might be instructing to do an exercise 100 times but ask yourself, “can I do that much? If not, how much can I do?” There is no need to worry about the sequencing of exercises in the beginning as it has less importance to start with. The important thing is that at least you have started the yoga. Gradually, with practice, your interest will develop There is no other way out to develop your interest. Second method is to listen the content related to yoga Like you listen to my videos related to yoga regularly. you cannot, anyways, listen to all videos in one go. if you think that first you’ll listen to all videos and then will start doing it some day. That day will never come. as gradual implementation of exercises help body movements even if body movements are very less, still it will be very beneficial in future. Otherwise, you’ll become lethargic thinking I’ve heard enough and now will not do anything. So you have to keep all this in mind. Now, every body part has its specific needs. Muscles require movements, Nerves ask for stretching. Similarly, our brain’s requirement is oxygen. Likewise, every body organ has specific needs. Some require stretching, some running or activity, others may require oxygen. So, overall if you do some mixed exercises you will see very good effect of it on your body Another method for a beginner is that he should go to a mentor to seek guidelines But the irony is that we have very less yoga teachers and professionals around the world who have the right knowledge. Good health is a basic requirement for survival, but we don’t have right people to share our problems. So if you are also facing the same issue of not having any mentor then take small calculated risks. Listen to your inner voice and take some steps. Even if you’ll do it bit wrong for a few days, Its okay. Also do a self analysis your body will give signs itself. If you feel light after doing some exercise then its good If you feel any cramps in neck or back after doing any exercise then its better to leave such exercise. Besides this, there are some basic Abstinence, that you can check along with it, like person with backache shouldn’t bent forward; hernia patient shouldn’t bent backward. Check the action that can harm potentially. For example, precaution to take after surgery or pregnancy These basic rules are necessary to follow. Besides this, don’t get confused in other things and start yoga. It is very important and valuable in yoga to start doing it. Instead of thinking that first I’ll become perfect or if somebody will teach me face to face, then only I’ll do it. Don’t think like this. Just start doing it. Namaskaram (Good bye)

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  1. StarBoy HR Post author

    I'm dialysis patient 26 yrs old.. creatinine 12 aftr dialysis creat 8 hi hota hai.. one year se ho raha h dialysis.. twice in week.. plz help

  2. Lipika sahoo Post author

    Guru ji mujhe bahat sari pimple aur dane ki pb he..kafi salon se hai thik nii ho rahi..mein bahat pareshan huun.plz kuchh upay bataye.plz reply

  3. Neha Mishra Post author

    Guru ji namaskaram 🙏,
    Meri maa ke ghutno aur qamar me bahut dard rhta h . kripya krke Ayurvedic medicine btaye..
    To u fellow viewer if u know some treatment regarding this ..then please let me know 🙏

  4. srmr ajay Post author

    मेरे पैर में डीबीटी था एक लंबे ऑपरेशन के द्वारा ब्लड क्लॉट्स को निकाला गया है क्या मैं कपाल भाति कर सकता हूं
    जवाब जरूर दीजिए प्लीज

  5. Rajeev Raj Post author

    Thyriod me jab Dhaniya ka uae karte h to jab Thyriod normal ho jaye to kya Dhaniya ka use band kar dena chahiye ya Dhaniya ka use karte rahna chahiye

  6. Jai Prakash Post author

    Mai thyrox 150 khata tha. Baad me dhaniya bhi khane laga aura yoga bhi karne laga mera Tsh-lower level pe chala gaya phir mai thyrox 100 khane laga aur dhaniya ,yoga band kar diya .Mera Tsh phir se badh gaya aur mujhe phir se thyrox 150 khana para

  7. Abhijit Dey Post author

    Swami ji ko mara namaskar. Mara age 23yr. Mara spleen problem ha, Splenomegaly.ma bahat parishan ho. Waight bhi bahat lose horahaha.khana khani ki bad, khana nicha cholagataha.motion bahat ataha. app plz kuj solution botao, eya phir eak vido banado.

  8. Virender Kashyap Post author


  9. RAHUL sahu Post author

    Jagah nahi hai ghr pe. Aor barsat me bahar jate nai banta fir gap ho jata hai guru ji. Aap waisa video bana skte hai ky jisme atleast kuch 10 chije ho jo daily kre to normal fit raha ja sake

  10. varsha thakar Post author

    Namste giruji..plz aapka helpline no ..de muje aapka guidence chahihe..bhut question hai Jo aapse bat karni hai

  11. Whatsapp status Post author

    Hloo sir plz rply
    mujhe gas ki bhut jyada prblm hai ….homeopathic mdcn bhut khayi hai pr j thik nhi hoti…mai detail mei prblm btana chahti hoon..bhut tym se aap se baat krne k liye try kr rhi hoonn….pllzzzz rplyy

  12. Rachna Goyal Post author

    Pranam Guruji… My plm is that, jb v Hm koi kam krte h to mere hatho me Bhut jaldi pain suru ho jata h..pls Ap is pe Ek video bnaye.

  13. Naheed Fatima Post author

    Nitiya g meri sister ko thyroid aur fibroids ki waja se 2 time miscarriage ho gia hai.ab wo phir expect kar rahi hai.doctor ne thyroxin Di hoi hai.plz suggest k wo choona limestone sath me le sakti hai?

  14. Jyoti Kumar Sachan Post author

    Guru Ji kya aasan ghass me khade hokar kr skte h ya aasan bhi mat bicha kr hi kare please btaiye 🙏

  15. Swati Jasu Post author

    Sar namaskar cough aur Pitt donon sath mein hai 2 month ka baby hai Uske kaf ho raha hai to uske liye kya karna chahie please reply sir

  16. vaid manjeet singh Post author

    योगी राज जी अनूलोम विलोम से मन की एकाग्रता वडती है

  17. shivali Arora Post author

    I followed ur vatta rog video and it was very useful for me.My health is improving now.thanx a lot yogi ji.

  18. Aditya Gupta Post author

    Guruji please bataya ki Raat mein sone ke waqt LAR (Saliva) nikalta hai to iska koi upai main is Rog se bahut dinon se pareshan hun please is per ek video banaya main aapka aabhari rahunga

  19. SAG SAG Post author

    Swamiji mere chehare ke sirf left gaal pe pimple aate hai .. aisa kyu hota hai .. right side ka gaal hamesha clean n left side pe pimples ..iska kya samdhan ho sakta hai … Female 39 years

  20. FIT ORGANIK INDIA F O I Post author

    Namaskaram Sir parnayam krne ke Bad mujhe kafi kamjori feel hoti hai kya kru kuch samadhaan btaye kripya

  21. priya upadhyay Post author

    aapka phone nhi lag rha h…
    please provide another contact to communicate with you… thank you guru ji

  22. SRISHTI GUPTA Post author

    ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️ namaskaar Yogi ji🙏
    mai bht dino se apke helpline number pr call kr rahi hu par kisi se bat nahi ho pa rhi hai.koi jawab ni de rha.mai vaha ake treatment lena chahti hu,muje bht health problems hain🥺 apka address nahi mil raha naa hi apointmnt.Mai kanpur me rhti hu islye bina adres or apointmnt k aa b nai skti.pls koi contact no.dein jisme bat ho ske🙏🥺 ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️

  23. Monirul Seikh Post author

    Sir ya formula har 1 Kam pa use karna chahea.kuch v sikna k lea a formula use karna he padega.no another way .

  24. Raj Raj Post author

    गुरुजी नमस्कारम
    आप अदिती मुद्रा पर भी थोडी जाणकारी दिजिये

  25. ROHIT RAJ Sonwane Post author

    Guru ji Namaste. Meri Mummy ko Sugar ki Problem hai….. Meri Mummy Eye check up k liye gai thi jaha unhe Sugar test Karne k liye kha gya tha. 25-07-2019 ko pata chla ki unhe Sugar hai… Tab meri mummy ne allopathic medicines lena start kiya….. Parntu ab meri mummy Allopathic medicine use nahi kar rahi hai…. Aap ka video dekhne ke bad 2 din se methi dana Lena start Kiya hai….. Guruji aapke video mein bataya Gaya hai ki ghi aur tel ka prayog nahin karna hai…. Guruji mujhe 2 doubt hai…. (1)….Kya kya hamen ghi aur tel totally band kar dena chahie…. Ya FIR hamen without oil khana banana chahie life time …… Aur agar tel use karna ho to konsa tel use kare Jo safe ho….. (2)….. Meri Mummy ka wait bhi dheere dheere kam ho raha hai please guruji kuchh upay jarur bataye mai Aap k jawab ka intazar karuga……….. Meri mummy ka current blood report current blood reports:- Fasting plasma glucose – 163, Post prandial plasma glucose – 223, HBA1C/Glycated Haemoglobin – 7.7, Creatinine – 0.6, Total Cholesterol – 258 ( HDL cholesterol – 44, LDL Cholesterol – 149.15, Triglycerides – 463, non HDL -C 214), BP – 140/80, Wait – 56 ..…. Guruji mere jo 2 doubts hai please unko Clear kijiye ga… Guruji agar Aap apni tarf se koi Salah Dena chahe to please jarur bataye…… Main aapke jawab ka intazar karuga Please 🙏 🙏🙏🙏

  26. Surbhi Kulshrestha Post author

    Swami ji main kuchh dino se gym jaa Rahi hu par isse mera face thin ho raha hai body pe filhal koi effect nahi hai to pls aap mujhe ye bataye ki kya yoga karne se bhi aisa hoga?

  27. RAVI ROSHAN Post author

    Sir yoga ar ayurveda hume swach rahna sikhata hai phir jadatar bade yog guru bade baal ar dadhi kyo rakhte hai ye to swachta ki nisani nahi.

  28. M G S Post author

    Hi sir can explain about autoimmune disease n how it related to Uveitis I suffering with this problem… How to get rid of it. Thank u


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