Полная Настройка Xiaomi Mi Band 4 II Какие функции? 5 нужных Программ

So good there is a bracelet. Like fitness. But on the hand they wear everything. Do I need him at all? What can he do? To take or not? And how to set it up when
Will I buy it? Tube 234
Hello everyone, you’re on the channel Benefit No, today I maximize
I will tell you in detail how to set up fitness bracelet mi band
four. Quickly, briefly and succinctly. In the end I will tell about 5 useful
programs for it for disclosure all its possibilities. Let’s start. You ordered a bracelet. Got it. Revealed. Take out everything you need. Before starting all the settings
first thing you need do and that constantly
I forget to do – charge bracelet. After all, if it is discharged
during the first connection consequences may be
the most pitiable. Further lays all
what was in the box except capsules of the bracelet itself
away. Come to the phone. Download for android
devices in the playlist, And for ayos in the Apple Store program
Mi fit. Register in it. Turn on the phone bluetooth. Turn on geolocation. Come in mi fit. Click on the plus in the right
top corner. Choose a line with dapis
Bracelet. Agree with the fee
data. And here we do not forget – your
the phone at that moment should be online with available
by the internet. Here you have patience. Put the capsule on the screen
phone, or under the body phone and wait. In my experience the phone
will see the bracelet only with 7 times if they find you
each other means earlier you are very lucky. After that begin
various bracelet upgrades. It will take about 20 minutes. The bracelet will update the firmware,
fonts and their internal device drivers. Now the bracelet is ready for
launch. But we are not yet. We need to set up mi
fit If you have not done so with
the very beginning. Click in the bottom left
corner tab profile. Then click on the icon
your profile. And drive in all the data about
currently, age, height, weight and the floor. It is necessary for
recommendations and calculations bracelet. Such as calories and distance. Next, exit the menu,
go to the setup menu bracelets on my fit. The top row of the dial. Tab dials – main
device dials, in the tab my dials
custom dials. Including animated. And remember that any not original
dials increase your energy consumption
bracelet at times, not all but many. Immediately for those who noticed
that the bracelet screen goes out in 3 seconds it’s at
This moment does not change. Send out Next unlock tab
screen. Need to your
phone automatically unlocked next to
bracelet. If he is in the zone
action bluetooth. There are tr. The distance option to choose from. How much is close by
or far away you can only guess. But the maximum action
Bluetooth when working with the phone with bluetooth 5.0 30 meters. Next tab – incoming
call. Bracelet not only can
vibrations that you yourself it is able to customize,
then show how, but also show contact information. Which is calling you. Next event tab
– in which you can register reminder text and set
on him a vibration, but also to register repeat reminders to the necessary
days Another tab alarm. And it is clear that you can
turn on as long as you like but the main feature
here is that under each alarm clock you can do yourself
prescribe vibration. And on the bracelet itself you are free
can activate and deactivate alarm clocks without calling
the program. Next comes the notification tab. As always give all the permissions
mi fitu. And in it you define from
what will you get notifications, and in what mode.
only valid when off the screen. And will the bracelet vibrate
wherein. The next function is my favorite
– reminder bracelet about warm up if you are strong
sat down. Priceless feature for sitting
work. Next is the notification function.
about receiving incoming SMS. Another chip. function
bracelet vibrations when triggered alarm clock on the connected
phone. And at the end of the main settings
– notification of the goal. Gone as planned
– The bracelet will inform you of the chosen by vibration. Next, go to the main
menu. Here and
• give the following settings. Through my fit you can find
bracelet if lost but he is visible bluetooth. Press – find a bracelet
and it starts to vibrate. You can turn on visibility mode
mi band, feature detection, but it will be serious
his battery Be sure to choose
hand on which you will wear, for correct
pulse count and steps. Next, activate the function
auto power on bracelet and when you lift
wrists. With the mode of its work. Here the next is very
important definition function pulse measurement frequency. Better to put once a minute. For more reliable data. And set the notification
about exceeding. Thresholds Which you yourself can
to install. The following is the activation of the night
mode and its adjustment. To adjust the bracelet
at the appointed time rage under you. Next melody search ??? Further activation work
the program itself mi fit in the background. How to do it and why
described in the program. In short, it is necessary for uninterrupted
receive notifications. Next is the setting
items displayed on the bracelet. If you do not need the weather
and training. You can just remove them.
from the bracelet menu. Like other icons. And leave only the dial. Next are the settings
weather that will show your bracelet. And here special attention
on what you can choose any city and not only
the one in which you live. Next is the lab
and its interesting is hidden in it ability to. Namely, work only
when you enter a password. Here you can change it.
remove or install. Next new restriction feature
connect to other programs. As I understand it, it appeared
for several reasons the main one is if
you will be stolen from Vasya activated function. Consider they got a brick. More than this bracelet
what is tied to be not can. Next, the minimum data
About my band 4. Button to check for updates. Software version
And Bluetooth Address At the bottom there is a button
disable. It is needed for painless
binding to another device. That’s all. By the way who is not signed
subscribe to the channel stable jokes. Biweekly draw
mi band 3 and onor band 4 for Like subscription and koment. And now I still play
3 band 4, all conditions in video description. We leave in the settings
mi phi. Set the activity target
and desired weight for those who is connected to my fit
also smart scales. Adding Mi Fitov
friends We expose behavior tags,
in which I do not really believe. To remember your bracelet
your actions and could them later counts himself. Add a chat account
and google fit who has them. We send to whom not laziness
bracelet error reports. We allow you to
mind analyzed. In the settings we set
units of measure and check application updates. With the app almost everything. You should be aware if
you decide to use bracelet paired with phone
with sports loads Since there is no GPS in the bracelet
And in the phone there is, in addition to pulse sleep analytics and
there are 3 main weights activity counting functions
with track. This is a hot run and cycling. On the screen, the phone will have
put your pulse together in the map and other indicators. Especially as I think
by bike. Although walking is also a sport. Go to the bracelet itself. Main menus for Chinese
version of the bracelet. It is on the lock screen
swipe left payment through mi pay Swipe left means inclusion
to control the player. Sometimes it slows down
but overall comfortable. The main screen will be
information that will be Subscribe to the screensaver. Usually time steps date. The second is the default
status. There steps are calorie distance
notifications. Screen touch. Next comes the pulse. Real Time Counting
activated by tap. Next come the functions
workouts. What exactly are you now
see. Separately, I want to note
what is the function of swimming in open water is not. And add that pulsomery
counts the pulse adequately only up to 160 beats per minute. Next comes the nonsense. And chest pulse meter in
it does not attach. Next comes the weather. Currently and at 4
day ahead. The following are notifications. And an additional tab
which is also required need to go. It has an activation button
Do not disturb mode. • Manage alarms. Music management. Stopwatch. Timer. Function of finding your
phone – click if there is a connection with the bracelet
and he will twang. Silent mode. Ali pei Select display. Screen brightness settings
which 5 pieces Reboot
Reset settings and information that’s all. And now quickly 5 programs
which you will definitely need. To work smart alarm clock
download the program notifay end fitness There basically everything
there is. Crawl will understand. Smart alarm clock on it
very easy to turn on. For third-party watch faces
Download several programs. This is prog mi band 4, and may
watch face. From them you can unload
ready dials to yourself in mi fit and install
on mi band. The third is Chinese
prog whose name I can’t speak
I will leave it in the description. And the video with how simple
make your own firefight yourself unload later. Fourth program which
you need and let some and duplicates the functions of the first,
mi band 2 funtionion button. All you can do
button of your 4th band you will recognize it. And the fifth is X-Smar alarm
– extremely useful thing for programming functions
your bracelet. Namely separately smart
alarm clock And let almost all
the functionality of these programs incorporated into the paid version
notice and fitness. As they say – divide
and everything will be free. Who has questions?
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Mifo headphones 5. Device yes or no benefit
no will answer! Good luck and good luck to you dear

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