Наушники в фитнес-браслете ! II Lemfo M1 – Брать или забыть?

So immediately and dramatically. I do not recommend
this product. I can’t advise. They even bloggers
marriage is sent. I have an ear was dismantled. Someone
magnetic platform killed. But at school I wore like
some very cool kicked with buttons. I think
some were like that. So these ears watch too
the most. Yes, and you asked – I I will tell you.
Tube 252 Hello everyone, you’re on the channel
there is no use today will be aggressive criticism.
And as always, I will briefly tell about the product – which bought
many teenagers and more will buy. And it has its own
pros. Although cons at times more. Yes, and in principle
you know mine well attitude to the brand Lemfo.
I used to be angry that they give out toys for goods
now it amuses me. How much would you give for
ears / watch in their 12 years. Yes even if they worked.
I would have a lot. So this time too much controversy.
And now 10 reasons why do not buy children
teenage things for adults uncles and aunts:
1 package. I always start from her And many scold me
for that. But the goods must meet expectations
even by packaging. Of course chinese china Not quite
gloomy. Casket made pretty safe. But
say what’s intact I can not. What came to me
you see for yourself. One earphone was just falling apart.
it of course then pasted. Not very neat. But glued.
Although this is to do it trash. I didn’t buy it for five rubles.
2) Price – 2900 rubles for Ali upon delivery from china. what
in dollars around 45. And cheaper can not found. And here I would do
not a big distraction – if you follow the link
in the description you can read reviews on this product.
Which there are several hundred. And considering that all Russians
bloggers criticized This product is in full
the program is rather strange read from real buyers
that the clock is much smaller what they expected to see.
And the main claim is marriage. Besides the rest of course.
3) Sound. Positive even in the reviews about the sound
not found. There is no depth at all the sound is flat. Bass minimum.
But the volume knocks out rut and no noise with that
that the width of the scene is just ochumenny. Probably it
from the fact that I am not audifil, and because I have preferences
– earbud headphones. Not they are not as good as eirpodsy-
who on call the benchmark by sound. But I’m sure
what if you don’t have a musical Education – and you listen
pop sound will come to you like And me. He is not correct.
But clear. Like it’s parametric graph.
No smoothness. Like a saw. Better describe affordable
language can not. Sharp, without a hint of aftertaste.
There will be an opportunity appreciate it. An interesting sound.
In the beginning I thought that the full trash – but it’s like headphones
with bone conduction. It is just dry. So stop.
Otherwise, think that I have them I advise. Ears do not advise.
Only for children! Like a toy. 4) Colors from that seller
to which I gave a link to choose 3, blue black
and poisonous red. In fact on the box indicated that
there are still blue pink and green. Out of the strap when
hand pulling capsule by the way pretty quickly
crashes. Strap material silicone. 5) Weight with ears inside
and the strap is only 44 grams. Without ears 38. And it seemed that
dimensions will imply great weight. A strange feeling.
6) Program to use fitness bracelet am kang.
Downloadable by cue code. Functions in it you yourself
see. Like the bracelet menu. For the hundredth time I repeat the measurement
pressure is just nonsense. Pulse thinks is normal only
at rest. Steps considered normal. On the great steps did not count.
It is impossible to swim in it. Sleep counts. Strange that they
don’t do an update at all firmware as was version
1.0 remained. There are clever alarm clock, it is written that
smart – but this is unlikely. Reminders. Search for a device.
No reminder activity. In profile as
always give all the data About Me. Vibro weak.
Although in such a device as I think sleep is not possible.
7) Dimensions of 33 mm hours on 20 mm to 62 mm. And if by comparison
with my band they look huge then next to the stratos
about them no longer say so. About the same amount.
While I’m with my chicken weighing 76 kg per 182 cm of height
on a thin wrist, wild they did not show up.
8) Bluetooth version five zero. What headphones what bracelet
connect to devices lightning fast But with headphones
In addition to sizing, I was tortured. Right and left earpiece
did not want to connect. In this case, the instructions
did not help. At random got to the point of dropping
you can hold them when they are in a capsule
for 25 seconds. Take out and then they will connect. Maybe someone
This information will help. 9) Standard power cable
non-standard magnetic long perverted. Lefmo me
it seems sooner or later will hunt me down for revenge
for bad reviews. But soullessly they do everything. Deep
disregard. Ideas are great. Realization to fall in love.
So I started again. 10) Strap. Regular silicone
strap. Decent such. With chrome mount for
5 kopecks. Ears in spite of strange construction in
ears hold up well and do not fly out. Screen in the sun
readable. But not very good. Under direct rays nothing
will not see. No svaypov not. Management as in the second
Band – One button. On screen time steps distance
killokaloriya pulse pressure block charge and poppy address.
Screen resolution of 240 on 240 points. Pretty sad
such a screen. Battery on 110 max. Promise autonomous
work order of the week. What I very much doubt.
And I’m not going to check. If you use your ears – live
maximum day I summarize today
– that I bought this product for review only on request
subscribers I’m not in tom age so
throw money away. But if I had a nephew
– I would buy them for him. Let be is played. I understand that
the channel is watched by different people and of course if you buy
better devices for yourself buy fourth mi band
for 2000 rubles, and si wai, anomoibadses or yew ai
4 for 1000 rubles. And for 3,000 you get all But you and so
know that. My job is to show you what kind of beast. First
For my reviews, I will say how much I would give the device ten-ball
scale, these ears / bracelet – four. To implement
such an idea is good. This is the beginning. I sure that
the younger generation will interesting. But if you them
until bought – do not buy. Here is my advice to you. Write
in comments on what else to do review, if possible not
lemfo product or i will leave into a gloomy depression. Subscribe
with bell in description There is a list of draws to the video.
On Sunday there will be a draw first mi band 4 on stream.
Stream at 20.00 Moscow time. Theme simple – midge goods for
houses. What am I using and what is it worth buy. Next review
will be on the wire ears. Thanks for watching. Device
yes or no no good will give answer! Good friends to you!

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